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How To Lucid Dream In 5 Steps! (WILD Tutorial)

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Lucid Dreaming is when you are aware in your dreams and can do whatever you want. Today, I will teach you how to preform wake induced lucid dreams (WILD) in 5 steps. MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF_gxHcSIPIyCV31oa1wWpA?sub_confirmation=1 WILD lucid dreaming is known as more of a trickier technique and takes more time and effort to master. However, with these simple steps in the video you should be well on your way to achieving WILD lucid dreams. There are 5 steps in the video. If you want more lucid dreaming tutorials and videos about the topic, please SUBSCRIBE to the channel and leave a LIKE to show your support. Lucid dreaming is something I'm really interested in, and I plan on making a whole lot more videos on how to lucid dream for beginners and stuff like that. This method is a bit more advanced but if you want beginner tutorials on how to lucid dream, let me know. I have some other videos planned on different, new techniques that are very effective and easy to learn. LUCID DREAMING SITES: https://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/ https://www.luciddreamsociety.com/ http://www.lucidity.com/ https://luciddreambot.com/ Check out the above websites for more information on lucid dreaming. Again, if you want more tutorials on lucid dreaming methods and stuff like that, please subscribe! Thanks for watching, and good luck! :) #WILD Lucid Dreaming
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Explore Lucid Dreaming (6 months ago)
This is my first video, I hope you enjoy! (My apologies if the music is a bit loud... I’ve added captions and will fix that in my next upload.) Lucid Dreaming is really cool and on this channel you’ll find lots of techniques and ways to achieve lucid dreams every night, brought to you in simplistic and entertaining video. I’ve been lucid dreaming for a few years and would love to share my experiences and methods with you! If you subscribe, you’ll be notified whenever a new lucid dreaming tutorial comes out! :)
FIR3SSUPR3M3 (5 days ago)
I did what you said but before I entered my dream it felt like something pulled me and I woke up
Owen plays (6 days ago)
Explore Lucid Dreaming I’m trying it on the weekend by meditation, waking up at 4 my rem, them focusing on the patterns on the inside of my eye lids then trying to see them in detail and if there is arms and you can move them you are in and do a reality check
Fluffster (7 days ago)
Really helpfully video but how long does it normally take to have a lucid dream for this method
larry miller (1 month ago)
@Explore Lucid Dreaming Hi. First of all, love your short but instructive tutorials. And the background videos and music , are wonderful. And right up there with Daniel Love's, in my opinion. But I was hoping to get one clarification, on your wild technique. Do you go immediately into the technique, upon waking? And without moving your body , ( like as in the Deild technique)? Or do you first get up / stay up for awhile, and then return to bed, to proceed with the wild attempt? Thanks and look forward to your reply!
Explore Lucid Dreaming (6 months ago)
+Jackvxll I lucid dream a few times a week but am working on achieving them every night. I plan on uploading weekly tutorials on lucid dreaming, in a clear and visually appealing style, to help people master it themselves!
Shadøw (15 hours ago)
160k subs is the most I've ever seen on a lucid dreaming channel. That's 1/10th of a million. It seems like more people than ever are getting into lucid dreaming
Mom Gay (1 day ago)
Umm, dude, I tried lucid dreaming I had zero control. And demons were behind me whispering things. So I decided to wake up by closing my eyes. It didn't work. This is were the scary thing happened. I preformed all of the reality checks I knew since I had a little bit of control in that dream. Everything was fine. But when I thought it was time to go back to normal dreaming. I woke up on the roof. I don't know what would've happened if I didn't wake up. Please tell me that it is not lucid dreamings fault. I really wanna succeed. Oh and I can't remember my dreams, I saw your vid. But still. I cant
Slayerlando07 (2 days ago)
This guys channel growth is crazy great videos dude
Shmok Malshin (1 day ago)
while sleep paralysis can i close my eyes so i wont see if there is a scary thing cuz i really dont want to be scared to sleep or traumatized
Star Feather (4 days ago)
I actually have a natural timer to where I start to wake up and move around in my bed and fall back asleep. During this period, I tend to remember more of my dreams than outside. =^.^= When I was younger(maybe toddler, early childhood stage), I would have all these vivid dreams(well, more like nightmares) that tended to repeat themselves often. Eventually, I got to the point to where I would be able to somewhat alter the dream to escape it, but it always failed :P Now, I would remember those dreams in my current dreams(they are starting to combine together for some reason) and try to alter the 'path.' In a sense, I guess I have already been lucid dreaming, but I can't take full control. There were small instances where I was able to, and it was pretty amazing, but it's very rare. xD
Supercrazy _gamer8 (4 days ago)
I tried it but then I felt like I was floating and then I got all tingly but I got too excited so I woke up
Duffy x3 (4 days ago)
I actually think i taught myself how to lucid dream in my dreams. Idk if im right since i dunno anything about it so i would greatly apreciate some advice of an experienced lucid dreamer. here's the story: I often fall asleep with my pc on and youtube running. Sometimes i can still hear the youtube videos while i sleep and i can kind of form my dreams after the stuff i hear.(but im not included in those dreams. i cannot interact, i can just kind of visualize all the stuff going on in my own imagination) After that i started to experience a different kind of dreaming. Dreams where i cannot control the place where will be dreaming neither the people i will dream of. I can fully interact and talk/do what i want but i cannot change anything. A couple weeks later i started to find out how to fly in my dreams. I always need really strong winds so i can jump up and glide in them, sometimes i find myself so high in the skies that im kinda afraid (scared of heights irl) but i pick up speed anyways and go full crazy mode. Sometimes i crash and wake up but i can "continue" the dream right where it stopped when i fall back asleep. I started to figure out that if i'm missing wind to fly, i can simply create it just by "wanting it". But somehow i lost my dream control in the last weeks. i can still control the stuff i do but i cannot change the way that the dream is playing out. I always find myself in dangerous situations and i can feel how my body is physically reacting to panic situations in dreams (holding my breath, holding on to my bed etc) It's super weird heres an example: I dream of me being a spiderman like guy and im swinging around the city. i dont want to start swinging since im afraid of heights but my body simply starts doing it. While i swing i can control where to land or wich direction whatever, but i cannot stop to swing and being afraid. If anyone can hit me up with some help or experiences you made i'd be rly thankful! cheers!
Baby_Byul (5 days ago)
I had a dream I cracked my phone and when I woke up I was glad it wasn't cracked 😌
Blake Erie (3 days ago)
Baby_Byul same lol
tree (5 days ago)
Can you tell us aboit a lucid dream that youve had. I'm curious wether they can be scary or completly fine. Also I love this video I cant wait to try it
Kyle Fish (5 days ago)
How many nights does it take to get a lucid dream? I've been keeping a dream journal and doing reality checks for 4 days, tried mulitple techniques, and have yet to have a lucid dream. I will say though that i am beginning to remember more details about my normal dreams.
uzzumaki fairus (5 days ago)
I also dreaming about a werewolf sneaks into my room while i paralysed and he kidnapped me trough the forest and i realized ive been lucid dreaming and i ask him where is the way of my home and once he told me the way *THE ALARM WAKES ME UP AND IM TRIGGERED ABOUT THAT AND I STILL DONT KNOW THE WAY OF HOME*
Solid Salad (6 days ago)
do your eyes need to be open?
Tenzin Gonpo (6 days ago)
hey, I watched this video and did it. it happened
Alanah Horsten (6 days ago)
Im terrified of making myself scared in a lucid dream! But really really want to try😩🖤
Anti-Andreas Kirsis (6 days ago)
But why can't i sleep half of a day?
xXlSAVAGElXx GAMING (6 days ago)
I just see all black when I go to sleep
maddie aldrich (6 days ago)
Yeah ok so my best friend used this tactic, had a lucid dream the first night, and spent the whole time roleplaying as her WCOC. Lord help me but IM TRYIN IT
Rey the Furry (6 days ago)
What's a WCOC?
Aj Portillo (6 days ago)
Help needed. I wake up at 6 am and i still haven’t went back to bed and it 8 am. I have been doing the finger method,counting, and repeating “ I will have a lucid dream” I can’t seem to fade into the dream
TEA (6 days ago)
Aj Portillo try this for a few weeks because doing it every few hours will make ur brain used to it. So when ur asleep ur brain will do the method and realize that you are in a dream. If that doesn’t work try doing other methods
Just some weeb (7 days ago)
Me:Yes now I can lucid dream and become a god Sleep paralysis:I’m boutta ruin this mans whole mentality
Just some weeb (4 days ago)
EpikRexz lol if that was true tho also I’m not sure you know what the scp foundation is but it’s some community type thing and there’s a scp that’s invisible until you put on some 3d glasses btw scp’s are anomalies or otherworldly creatures
I-Obby (6 days ago)
EpikRexz omg
EpikRexz (6 days ago)
What you see is real but not in this world, it is there even when we are awake they see us we can not see them unless sleeping paralyzed.. lol jk
Enchanted Gameplay (7 days ago)
Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night and then fall into a half kind of sleep and still experience dreams but they're just like my normal dreams I can't control anything and I can't really interact with anything and the thing that's keeping me from fully waking up is my eyes are closed if I open them I'm out of the dream and I can't come back
Denzell PlayZ2194 (7 days ago)
I think i somehow got step 3 once and i think i felt like i was getting pulled
Denzell PlayZ2194 (7 days ago)
That only what i remember
SomeHand Sama (7 days ago)
i could never enter a lucid dream before though i tried hard but today i took a nap for about 30 minutes, woke up, and went back to sleep, went riiight into a lucid dream. i didnt know it was a dream at the start but i randomly did an RC and i was shocked it worked!! how can you explain this? thanks!
Tristan (7 days ago)
But after I wake up from a lucid dream, I get depressed because it's not real
I’ve heard of lucid dreaming but I never knew you could learn... I’ve always sort of had a tiny bit of control in terms of story I want my dreams to be (which I think is pretty cool by it self), but being able to learn how to be in full control is pretty cool... I think I’ll stick around this channel for a while :) Also... your voice sounds sort of like the guy from Fresh (he reads off of reddit)
Gavin Guy (7 days ago)
Do we keep our eyes open or closed during the sleep paralysis state
TEA (6 days ago)
Gavin Guy you can open your eyes but everyone has different “side affects” like some may leave the paralysis if they open their eyes and some might still be in it. I heard someone opened their eyes during it and it just made it worse. But don’t worry it’s different for everyone. Just reassure ur self that, you’re dreaming, you’re safe.
M th (7 days ago)
What a success right?
Yunissimo ‘s (7 days ago)
Omg 1k subs in litteraly 30mins
Natxchi (7 days ago)
but im so scared of sleep paralysis its so scary i open my eyes and i closed cause its super scary how i can avoid this pls help.
TEA (5 days ago)
Natxchi everyone has different ways of getting out of it
Natxchi (6 days ago)
okay thank you but why everybody is deferent you said?
TEA (6 days ago)
Natxchi during sleep paralysis just repeat these sentences: “I’m safe, I’m dreaming.” Try not to open your eyes because it will make the paralysis feel more real and you might not feel safe. A few people get out of the paralysis when they open their eyes. Everyone is different so maybe try the 2 options
succ4vbuck (7 days ago)
You sure did explode in just 6 months. Congrats on 100k subs! :)
Fendijett (4 days ago)
Fr it's crazy
Ava Johansen (7 days ago)
never had lucid dream before gonna try with wild..
Skye Horsley (7 days ago)
I wanna try this but I have a hard time focusing and I start imagining things that happened earlier that day I need help anyone??
Danial Ouiss (8 days ago)
I still see your shadow in my room
Cringe Nation (8 days ago)
Me: iM sO eXcItEd To LuCiD dReAm Sleep paralysis: hi
HackingIsEasy (2 days ago)
Deal with it, its not scary at all
Plarage (4 days ago)
Random Username738271 (8 days ago)
Whenever I set an alarm to wake me up later, I literally can’t fall asleep. I feel like I won’t sleep in time and I’ll mess up the alarm and won’t wake in REM. Anyone have suggestions or know how to solve this?
Trent Kulik (8 days ago)
One time lucid dreaming I lived my whole life got Married had children was really rich then I woke up and when I found it was a dream I was shocked
Victor Valentine (18 hours ago)
@Artem Sayapov Yeah, even normal nonlucid dreams can last pretty long.
Artem Sayapov (4 days ago)
They can last that long? Or are you referring to inception?
Frosty Blue (6 days ago)
I'm dreaming of I have a celebrity merch and until now i'm still trying to find it.
Jtheplayer (8 days ago)
Wait how do you get into sleep paralysis
TEA (6 days ago)
Jtheplayer you might get it entering the lucid dream. Anyone can get it at anytime(of course when sleeping). You can prevent it by relaxing and not sleeping at the back. If u sleep straight and on your back there is a higher chance you can get sleep paralysis.
uphigh Studio (8 days ago)
Ze Lo (8 days ago)
Am I able to get up and move around to turn my alarm off? Please someone answer I need to know. Please
Slayor777 (8 days ago)
Think I almost did this kind of woke up and could not move but felt like a was moving and felt like I was on my bed before waking up and in the real world
kbeit (8 days ago)
Wait so do you keep your eyes open?
TheSmartCauldron (6 days ago)
Do you HAVE to set an alarm to wake yourself up a few hours after you go to sleep? I am sharing a room with someone and don’t want to wake them up, but I want to experience a vivid lucid dream. Edit: I have five likes but no answers. Can someone please answer my question?
TheSmartCauldron (5 days ago)
Puffy so like have headphones on all night?
Puffy (5 days ago)
@TheSmartCauldron headphones
TheSmartCauldron (6 days ago)
Puffy that could possibly wake up the person I share a room with.
Puffy (6 days ago)
@TheSmartCauldron or train that device you're looking at this reply to wake you up
BoomBang1811 (8 days ago)
Are there any differences in the quality of the dream, like is a Wild lucid dream better than a Mild or is one more likely to work (after you practised it for long enough) than another? Really curious about this, would be glad if sb with experience could answer my question :D
Liam V (4 days ago)
The differences with techniques is mostly that one works better for an other you won’t get a happier dream if you use like mild instead of wild (sorry for bad english)
Q Series (8 days ago)
Would it work if I sleep really late (pretty tired) and go onto a lucid dream without the wake up early part?
Billy Joseph Cabayan (8 days ago)
So i do have a lucid dream last week and i see a beautiful girl but i feel scared so i force my self to wake up but when i wake i still see your shadows in my room can't take back the love that i gave you....
MCPlacek (8 days ago)
When I was like 5 or 6 years old, I was really interested in my dreams and I was always eager to experience a new one. Lucid dreams would come to me naturally, sometimes I would even be fully aware as soon as the dream started. Once I even did a WILD intuitively in like 10 minutes. Later on I wasn't as good as before. Then I rediscovered lucid dreaming and started practicing. I really enjoyed flying above the mountains and exploring the dream world. I recently lost motivation, but now I'm ready to come back and practice like never before.
Neuos.t (8 days ago)
Have you ever tried to overlay a dream on reality? Its hard to do but try looking at a wall and imagine a square on it and do your best to "see" it. The way i think of it is like actually seeing the wall but also convincing yourself that the object is there. It works best in a dark room of course. Im sure at least someone has tried this! Well have fun and good luck with you lucid dreaming!
Chernika Lopez (8 days ago)
I’ve had a Lucid once though I’d rather not say
Chernika Lopez (8 days ago)
YouTubeYabba (9 days ago)
I've been lucid dreaming for so long without knowing
sewim studios (9 days ago)
I have never get an lucid dream but when you have it do you feel how long you have dream? Okay my english is bad.
void er (9 days ago)
I sometimes know that I'm in a dream but have no way of controlling it so I suck at lucid dreaming
void er just imagine stuff in back of u
MatVee (6 days ago)
when you going sleep repeat i will lucid dream and u can control in 50%
Charlie Simpson (9 days ago)
Man your channel has blown up, less than 100 subs here, 7 months later you’ve almost hit 100k!!!
Misaki Chan (9 days ago)
My sleep paralysis demons like BTS lmao I woke up with it and I immediately heard the song Go Go playing
Terrence Oatis (9 days ago)
Yo sleep paralysis is is the demon shadow possession jutsu 😂😱😂
Andre Vidal (4 days ago)
Yeah no kidding. We need to get rid of Shikamaru.
Pixie (8 days ago)
Terrence Oatis lol
TheBobinator (9 days ago)
Zap to the Extreme
This stuff is cool
blooperss (9 days ago)
I’m bingeing these to make my chances really high lol. I’m really interested in getting this to work. I think I’ve been lucid before, but it might’ve just been the whole point of the dream, because it was like I was trying to escape the dream world, so I’m not sure if I actually knew I was dreaming for real. Also, this dream was awesome! It was like a fully fledged movie! It even had the all is lost moment, from what I remember. I was losing hope, and the people who were on the adventure with me (yes, there were even people who were helping me) were like, “No man! You can do this!” And so I continued on. I remember when I woke up, I was like, “YES! I’M OUT! I DID IT!” Looking back on it, I kinda wanna see those people again, but I don’t know if my brain could make them, since it was a long time ago and I don’t even remember hat they looked like. I do remember one of them was a small (maybe pink, but I don’t r member) thing that flew... I think... anyway, I’m really interested in being fully lucid!
Next Meme (9 days ago)
Does this work for like seeing a person who i’ve lost? or will it be different
Chris (9 days ago)
lucid dreaming is like watching a video on yt, but u can change things in it
xd Leo (9 days ago)
Can i lucid dream if i go to sleep at 1-3 in the morning
Liam V (5 days ago)
Victor54272 i’m pretty sure you can’t because you don’t have a rem stage at that moment
Water Sheep (7 days ago)
Ok thank you
Gabriel Valdes (7 days ago)
@Water Sheep same lmao
Leaky Pen (7 days ago)
@Water Sheep yeah I will if I remember!
Water Sheep (7 days ago)
Tell me what you find out plz it’s 1 am rn 😂
x.MSTMND .x (9 days ago)
Lol! This was made on my B - Day
Caleb Reynes (9 days ago)
i have to say you dont have much subs but i feel like in the near future you will be up there in no time i love this channel already and ik ill be here for awhile
Steven Spamer (9 days ago)
You channel is epic and it is blowing up I started watching last night and you had 52k subscribers and now you have 74k
Gabe Productions (9 days ago)
Your channel is only 6 months old???
Brooke Tate (10 days ago)
I love this channel so much but I really need to know it the sleep paralysis isn’t scary because I hate ghost voices and things I can hear but can’t see I’m also afraid of dead things I’m also 13 years old
TEA (6 days ago)
If u really can’t take it anymore just breath rapidly and fast then you may wake
Pepicek (9 days ago)
Just think of good thinks, and try to remember, that they are not real, that they are just made up by your own mind
Brooke Tate (10 days ago)
And the dark
Brooke Tate (10 days ago)
I’m terrified of sleep paralysis
Alex Turlakov (10 days ago)
Tnx man
Henri Egger (10 days ago)
I love your work
Xenon_Ninja (10 days ago)
I am often in the hypnagogic state at about 3 am so I will try waking up and trying this
MGHyperGamer (10 days ago)
Elmo Lecklin (10 days ago)
Lol this shit dont work
WolfvesGame 04 (10 days ago)
Im nervous that it wont work but ive got hope that it will
DarkDimensionZ (10 days ago)
Bro! Ur channel grow so fast when i first see tyis channel 22k to 37k to 47k!!!!
WolfvesGame 04 (10 days ago)
Im kinda nervous for the sleep paralysis if i make it there. But im gonna face it and tell myself its not real. The only thing is im extreamly ticklish and if someone touches me i cant stand it.
rudolfs jansons (10 days ago)
WolfvesGame 04 same!
Michel OwO (10 days ago)
Hello, i am a beginner at lucid dreaming. I’ve watched few of your videos about it and they’re really good! Can’t believe you’re already at 46K subscribers that’s crazy. But anyway, i’ve been wanting to try the WILD technique but whenever i try to stay calm at night and don’t move any muscle on my body, i always have the urge to swallow, move my tongue or for some reason the spit in my mouth forms more and mor. Is there a way i can prevent that? Do i have to ignore it and keep my mind focused on the breathing? I’d appreciate some feedback,thank you
Mixed Music (10 days ago)
Michel OwO same
Gun Nut (10 days ago)
I never see anything. I just end up sleeping and waking up later and remember parts of some dream. How do I actually feel like I'm there?
Eon Plasma (6 days ago)
Use a dream journal to write down those little snippets of a dream and eventually you will remember them
Hazelfox (9 days ago)
This is why I have a digatal dream journal
Pepicek (9 days ago)
@King_doomfist Yea like I had some plans, and it happened in the dream, but I couldn't control it.
King_doomfist (9 days ago)
You actually do feel like you’re there but you don’t remember that feeling you should checkout his video on remembering the lucid dream it helped me
rudolfs jansons (10 days ago)
Gun Nut I have the same problem
Canadian Brennan (11 days ago)
Sleep paralysis is scary af, wtf.
Jake Chong (11 days ago)
42274th sub
Annie Park (11 days ago)
For some reason, this method has always been intuitive for me. In fact, I've tried the method where you go to sleep and somehow wake up during the dream, but that has never worked. This method seems to work any time I go to sleep. My problem, however, is that when I start having dreams or being in the sleep paralysis state, those dreams only last a couple seconds--not even long enough to find out what's going on! Then, when I start trying to create my own dreams from there, those two-second dreams keep interrupting what I'm trying to do. It seems like the best time for me to do this is while I'm still mostly awake, since I have more control then and am less likely to slip into total unconsciousness.
M. T. Redmann (11 days ago)
Am I allowed to shapeshift? I really want to be a vulture and do awesome dives.
Ellie Lamb (4 days ago)
@Carlos Jiansley I think he mentioned it in one of his videos
Carlos Jiansley (5 days ago)
@Ellie Lamb how do you stabilize it?
Ellie Lamb (5 days ago)
@Carlos Jiansley Oh sorry
yesbut actuallyno (5 days ago)
you can do anything
Carlos Jiansley (6 days ago)
@Ellie Lamb because im still learning to, just found out about it haha
Rajae Elmnyi (11 days ago)
It worked idk y but I was dreaming I was in a F22 A Raptor is that normal
Rajae Elmnyi (6 days ago)
@Frank woods yes
MatVee (6 days ago)
i controled my dream first time. i dont know how to fly but i will try to jump from a building.
Petteri Haikonen (10 days ago)
@Frank woods its sometimes hard
Frank woods (10 days ago)
Can you control your dream?
Meme Master (11 days ago)
I have important question is this good for deppressed pepole?
Canadian Brennan (11 days ago)
Most likely get sleep paralysis.
THE_ DESTROYER_52 (11 days ago)
U have higher chances of going into sleep paralysis also being stressed and sleeping on your back
Nar Band (11 days ago)
Meme Master it should be, I guess you can escape what is making you depressed, or see what is causing it to fix it
Bleep Bloop (11 days ago)
Im afraid of turning the lights off when im sleeping. Is it still okay though?
Gol D. Roger (12 days ago)
I want to do this but im aftaid of the sleep patalisis demons
Lgbtq. Pride (9 days ago)
Same, lucid dreaming sounds super fun but honestly, I couldn’t cope with sleep paralysis
EpicPorkchop81 (10 days ago)
I saw one before but it just turned out to be a shadow that my mind made a body out of.
ArmaxHere (11 days ago)
Funny to hear the demons scare the Pirate King
giselle nunez (11 days ago)
Gol D. Roger it’s all in your head. they can’t hurt you. you got this!!
Emily Hardesty (11 days ago)
Gol D. Roger same
gabriel santos (12 days ago)
is there a way without putting an alarm?
statelierlouts (7 hours ago)
@A Somali guy no one like that
A Somali guy (7 hours ago)
@statelierlouts sleeping too much is actually not good for you my dude.
joku poju (6 days ago)
@Conner_The_Esquire also if I have to wake up let's sat 7am I can I don't know why but I just can be like "I want to wake up tomorrow 7am" and then when I open. My eyes its 7am
joku poju (6 days ago)
@Conner_The_Esquire if no one wakes me up and I don't have anything to do I sometimes just sleep alot
joku poju (6 days ago)
@Conner_The_Esquire yeah
Danrosbelt TV (12 days ago)
I'm afraid dude is there really a sleep paralysis in this technique?
ღFluffyJeonginღ (10 days ago)
@gabriel santosdont you have to move your muscles when you want ti get out of sleep paralysis
Danrosbelt TV (11 days ago)
@Bala Sharma i'm intersetd yoo
Danrosbelt TV (11 days ago)
@Bala Sharma xD
Bala Sharma (11 days ago)
Bro I have seen your comment in another one of this guys videos
Danrosbelt TV (12 days ago)
@gabriel santos i did that rn its 5 am and i fking moves alot cuz dint know my best position is and i almost fall sleep when my cousin turn on the washing machine it distracts me , man my cousin always do that can i try lucid dream ?
Matt Doherty (12 days ago)
Should I combine FILD with WILD
Amalgam Core (9 days ago)
thats how it works, you do the same thing but with fild you move your fingers and in wild you dont
Sahil Kherani (13 days ago)
How to deal with frequent urge to swallow? Your videos are amazing!!!!
Michael121boi (9 days ago)
Wdym by this, like while you are transitioning from sleep to lucid dreaming? If so this means that the lucid dreaming process is working so just try to ignore it.
Timothy Karlsson (12 days ago)
I'm just dropping my comment here in hope someone answers this, cuz this is a huge problem for me :P
TriCold (14 days ago)
Dude.. Good fucking job!! Jan 2019 until now and you have 10k subs? Holy shit good job keep it up! Edit: i subbed, tomorrow ill tell you how it goes!
TriCold (12 days ago)
@Explore Lucid Dreaming thank you for the video ^^
Explore Lucid Dreaming (13 days ago)
+TriCold thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoy the videos <3
TriCold (13 days ago)
It worked :00
Cory The Lucid Dreamer (22 days ago)
I managed to do wild when I first went to the bed long ago but the dream was short and ended quickly I yelled "Stay awake!" In my head to keep my mind awake it's not worth doing it when you first go to bed.
Afro God (1 month ago)
Is lucid dreaming harder to do if you have high anxiety and/or depression?
Afro God (2 days ago)
Guess we'll never know.
Sam Gill (11 days ago)
Actually i would like to know about this as well since i have high anxiety at times, especially when its my first time doing something.
TheRedGamerFPV (1 month ago)
This was something I was wondering too! (I have a lower ADHD thing but I feel like it is a higher ADHD thing cause I always am getting off task and everything
Rootb (1 month ago)
I have been practicing staying still and calm in bed before I even start attemping WILD. Ive kinda always had trouble simply breathing "smoothly" when laying down like this, everything is so quiet and so my heartbeat interferes with the exhaling. But anyway, I've been trying to focus strongly on my breathing/meditate while staying still, and I'd say I've gotten fairly good at keeping the breathing steady even after laying still for a whole hour which is a really long time to be so still and not get frustrated. The only problem i encounter now is when my brain is giving signals (urge to move etc), my leg would eventually twitch no matter how hard i try to avoid it. Does this become less of an issue when actually doing WBTB? Again, so far I've only been practicing staying calm and still, not wbtb.
Explore Lucid Dreaming (1 month ago)
+Rootb if your brain automatically causes you to move, don’t worry and don’t think about it because it’s just checking if you’re awake. You’re very close! If you do a form of WBTB where you’re not required to enter a dream directly (ex. MILD) you won’t have this problem.
A Rezerd the mage (1 month ago)
I might try this, thanks. wait this is your first video? what a good one.
Thomas Geerligs (10 hours ago)
@A Rezerd the mage ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
A Rezerd the mage (1 month ago)
ok. Thats a long one.
Rootb (1 month ago)
@A Rezerd the mage If you mean "can i do something to get into a lucid dream right when i hop into bed before having ANY sleep", the answer is that's a bad idea. Let me explain: When you start sleeping, you go through stages. Lets say there are 8 stages. You begin sleeping you are at stage 1. You keep on sleeping and get to stage 6. Now you wake up and if you fall asleep again, it doesn't reset, it continues, so you are still at stage 6! Stage 6 is going to have a lot more complex and longer dreams. Trying to have a lucid dream at stage 1 is not only going to be very hard since you haven't slept yet, but also stage 1 is going to last very very short. So yea thats a very bad idea. But if you mean "do i have to set am alarm at 4-5am" then the answer is no. You could attempt it when you naturally wake up as well. You can also if you are very dedicated to it, do a lot of reality checks(and/or other things like writing down dreams) in real life and that way you become lucid before even waking up. It depends on what works for you, different things work for different people.
A Rezerd the mage (1 month ago)
Can anyone tell me about a technique that doesnt consist of sleeping first? If it exist.
Cotty KPW (1 month ago)
Hey man nice to see honest advice🙏😇✌️😜🇬🇧I have managed to float around my bedroom, walk around also and I've tried door and window handles, an they feel solid!! Haha! Trust me I was definitely in lucidity! My problem is how do I change the room I'm in ? So I can travel? Because I'm stuck in in my bedroom about 15/20 times in the last 4months and I'm puzzled on how to make my scenery change? Is it just thought? I am sure it is, I tried thinking with my eyes closed after separating from myself but that woke me up and now I think I have to impulsively just fire a location if imagery in my mind, eyes open and hopefully I'll be in a spaceship with my new found friends The Palaidiens🇬🇧🙏😇✌️😜🇬🇧❤️❤️❤️❤️👻⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
A Rezerd the mage (1 month ago)
Open your door. Expect it to go to the place you want. If there is no door then imagine one behind you.
Divine Ice i (1 month ago)
All you gotta do is believe, then imagine it, and try even saying "change the scenery to (whatever you want). I havent had a lucid dream yet, but Im pretty sure this is how you do it!
Connor RK505 (1 month ago)
How long does WILD take before oyu start dreaming? (in average)
A Rezerd the mage (1 month ago)
more than 15 mins for me. also, *you
Minty (9 days ago)
What if I were to see something terrifying during my sleep paralysis... or hear something? Should I just keep my eyes closed.
Explore Lucid Dreaming (1 month ago)
Yes, and think positive thoughts. Know that you’re in control and that you’re very close to lucid dreaming.
Talukder Raiyan (2 months ago)
How do i deal with Sleep paralysis monsters?
watch Jojo please (1 month ago)
You should remember that they're fake, it can help you alot when you know they're not real
Explore Lucid Dreaming (2 months ago)
+Talukder Raiyan just think positively and close your eyes, try to enter a lucid dream and visualize good things. You can always wake yourself up from sleep paralysis by breathing irregularly if it’s too much.
FluffyPurpleUnicorn (4 months ago)
You mentioned something about smell. I’ve been welding for the past 15 years, plus learning in high school in my dads auto shop. Not a whole lot of people that I’ve met know about this, but welding will take away your sense of smell over time. I’ve lost mine, it’s 100% gone. Do you think that I’d be able to smell in a lucid dream? If so, I’m trying this right away. I took my nose’s ability for granted.
Explore Lucid Dreaming (4 months ago)
+FluffyPurpleUnicorn yes, for sure you can smell in your dreams as long as you’ve had that ability before. People who became blind can still see in their dreams, as opposed to being born blind and dreaming in complete black. As long as you’ve experienced the sense before, you can dream it.
mysteries of humanity (4 months ago)
Finally someone that makes short videos with great explanation and keeps it simple for everyone to understand! i subsribed and im super exited to lucid dream!
Explore Lucid Dreaming (4 months ago)
+venomsilke thanks for your support, and good luck!
Goat Farm Productions (4 months ago)
*oh yeah yeah*
Amalgam Core (9 days ago)
oh yeah yeah
Metta Peach Head (12 days ago)
Oh meh meh
Thomas K Bills (4 months ago)
Oh no no

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