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Lucid Dream Induction: My Trick For Making WILD Easy

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https://lauritzmq.blogspot.com/ - Personal Development, Consciousness and Health I tried to explain the way that I succeed with the WILD-Technique. I hope it makes sense. These topics are never easy to talk about. Those are very individual experiences and words often do not match what really goes on in altered states of consciousness. And english is not my first language :P Hope you still can take home some insights. If you try it out, please let me know how it worked out for you. Please give me a thumbs up and share it if oyu know someone who is also interested in Lucid Dreaming.
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Dreaming Tools (15 days ago)
I have created a guided, full body relaxation video, made with the intention of inducing WILD. I would be honored if you would check it out and give any feedback. Thank you! https://youtu.be/oUMzWniF5a4
jan solarevic (22 days ago)
thanks wizard
GhostInATopHat (1 month ago)
it seems like you are in one
Mellow (1 month ago)
Nice park, nice talk. Thank you.
Fynn Oldenburg (2 months ago)
You hear you very German on.
FreieLiebe (3 months ago)
hey der dunkle lord hat dich nicht töten können nur eine narbe auf deiner stirn hinterlassen. bei mir auch stay strong peace
delf lol (4 months ago)
was sure you were French lol I'm... crazy accent
mary rosato (6 months ago)
What is the 'wird technique' ????
Benjamin Flood (2 months ago)
Wild* Wake Induced Lucid Dream (A transition from the waking state into a dream state without losing consciousness)
Reachingfor12thDimension (6 months ago)
@Conscious Explorations also, check out the CIA's investigation of TMI's Hemi Sync GV!! https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5.pdf I wonder what the classified parts say. :P
Reachingfor12thDimension (6 months ago)
Actually this is the exact method I use for AP. Yes, after 3-4 hours, one does realize sleep is not coming, and in my case, neither is sleep paralysis. So, one of 3 things happens: you'll fall asleep, you'll have a lucid dream, or sometimes you'll AP (AP happens more easily to those who try daily for AP and meditate- It may even take years of practice.) Great explanation of this technique! I eventually realized this (seeing fleeting images, etc.) is what happens while falling asleep after MANY hours of trying to AP.... it made me understand why dreams can be so strange and random. btw, Hemi Sync Gateway is what kickstarted my AP. *every now and then, check ebay for a digital downloadable copy someone sells for 40$... i use lucid leaf, bc the red pill has Huperzine A, which increases memory and wakefulness during dreams. I use Mitch Albom's NeuroDreamer light/sound mask, and it definitely works for LD...and no i don't sell these. Good luck, don't give up! I've also had several life changing spiritual experiences that don't fit into a category. It's all worth the work. gained some "psychic" abilities from the work as well. <3
Camden (4 months ago)
mary rosato No problem.
mary rosato (4 months ago)
Ok, now it is clearer. Thank you.
Camden (4 months ago)
mary rosato I believe he was talking about how many people, when they try WILD, fall asleep unconsciously (because they are too tired) instead of consciously. You have to be conscious in your dreams to have a lucid dream.
mary rosato (4 months ago)
Hi, Cadmen, thank you for the replay. In the video, the boy tell about a mistake people made trying Wild: can you explain this to me? Thank you!!!!
Camden (4 months ago)
mary rosato A summary of what he said: To WILD, focus on body sensations and try to bring your conscious body into the dream from there.
Dim Chris (7 months ago)
Like if he's hot.
WagonWheel (9 months ago)
Wow, that is actually very interesting!
Ben Wilson (9 months ago)
you might be astral projecting
a shitty love song (9 days ago)
No bitch theres no such thing as that
A Rose By Any Other Name (11 months ago)
Your eyes are beautiful, no homo
Glen Smith (1 year ago)
This is basically the same technique foe astral projection. When you go to bed hold your awareness up to the hipnogogic which is the border between sleep and awake. Dip in and out of sleep being careful not to fall asleep and given time you will enter the void. The void is where you can no longer feel your body and your thoughts have calmed down { no monkey mind chatter } This is followed by techniques for producing the vibrational stage and on to projection. Im wondering if what you are perceiving as lucid dreaming isnt in fact an astral projection into an astral realm. Food for thought.
It is astral projection only when you believe in it. There is probably no qualitative difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection. I never had the feeling that I permanently left the dream-state and found myself in some other real reality. I always know that I am dreaming.
Yvonne Hall (1 year ago)
Tried this and it worked first time. Not only did it work, but it was so stable and I knew I was in a lucid dream straight away. I didn't even need to do a reality check. Lasted a long time. Have been lucid a few times but never for as long and never has it been so stable. Thanks
mary rosato (1 month ago)
+Mellow it's very kind of you! Thank you very much. You are the only guy explaining the method clearly to me. Thank you.
Mellow (1 month ago)
+mary rosato Hope you don't mind me jumping in. He said to turn your mind to the sensations of the body again and again as you're going to sleep. Keep returning to it even if you're really tired or find yourself distracted. He says it's an easy way to become lucid.
mary rosato (6 months ago)
Yvonne, I don't understand spoken English: please, can you write in a few words how to practice this trick? How did you it? Thank you.
Nice to hear that it worked for you. Go from there and develop your lucid dreaming abilities further. It's a great source for spiritual insight.
ConsciousLiving (1 year ago)
This actually worked for me. But I think I got startled because I got into a dream scene so quickly and I believe I moved my physical body because of it.
mary rosato (6 months ago)
Hi, I don't understand spoken English: please, can you write in a few words how to practice the trick told by the boy in this video? Thank you.
+ConsciousLiving keep practicing. You are on a good way👍
CrazyBass Hero (1 year ago)
Man hört das du aus Deutschland kommst
slutforgarou (1 year ago)
love ur accent lmao
Mc Terch (4 months ago)
german accent i'd say
Jens Tiefschneider (1 year ago)
Interestingly I figured out this way of WILDing by myself some days ago but instead of focussing all the time the whole body I switched after a while on focussing my right hand only. Then the hypnagogic images started and the hand dissolved. Suddenly I was inmid of a lucid dream.
+Jens Tiefschneider yes your can find your own Anker to focus on. Just so that you retain enough awareness throughout the process of falling asleep. Many things can work. Good luck with your practice!
Cristian Alin (1 year ago)
The WILD induction is working if I try it at 22:00 or 23:00? Or it's need to be practice in the REM moments?
+Cristian Alin its best to do it when you wake up during the night
Gibson Johnston (1 year ago)
Alan thank you so much! I finally understand why it was so hard to fall asleep when I was performing the WILD.
mary rosato (2 months ago)
+Akash P thank you. I wanted, also, to know by Gibson Johnston why he wrote 'I finally understand why it was so hard to fall asleep when I was performing the WILD'..... I know to understand obout it....
Akash P (3 months ago)
+mary rosato you focus on your body during the wild process it makes it easier to stay concious and makes whole wild process easier
mary rosato (6 months ago)
can you explain to me too, please?
Xia Qingyue (1 year ago)
awesome video. +1 sub from me
xXLunaSunXx (2 years ago)
Ah... I love the comments section
CaptainJJz (2 years ago)
I love the place where you are, it's beautiful.
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
+CaptinJJz it really is. Looking forward to the summer though. As this place is deeply covered in snow right now ;)
Nejka Reiki master (2 years ago)
this sounds more as an out of body experience! Im doing bouth so this is for me the full blown OBE!😊 and thats great! Namaste
Nejka Reiki master (2 years ago)
CaptinJJz how many LDs,APs or OBEs you had that you now that this is only a dream? And its far more than only a dream if you experience an vibrational state and see or feel youre astral body lifting up and ending in youre own room wher you sleep in-that means that he had an etheric projection-its more dense that an astral,lower in frequency and vibration..thats why people get stuck in earth plane..higher planes of existance are over etheric realms over astral we had budha etc.When shifting youre concsiouss from the waking to the dream stata you just dont experience such and drastic shift (of body and spirit) in an earth plane..I dont want to argue now but I am really long in this practice,have frends and teachers who are doing bouth and they will agree that this is a projection of an astral or ethiric body in earth plane. But its true that lots of experts even now that are so many obviouse diffrences still has a hard time seperate LDs from an OBEs..I am reading now a great e book Concsioness beyond the body and there you have in deeps writen the diffrence and similariets between Lds and obes..namaste😊
CaptainJJz (2 years ago)
Nejka Lovšin It's not Astral Projection or anything like that, it's just a dream.
pascalisthenix (2 years ago)
are you from germany?
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
+Tyrookie nice. Your first lucid dream will probably be one of the experiences you never forget. It worth working towards. For me it was helpful to think a lot about lucid dreaming before going to bed.
pascalisthenix (2 years ago)
AlanWattsIdeas yea i just started an english channel as well.. never had a lucid dream i wish i would finally get that.. subbed you :)
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
yes. You as well? ;)
pascalisthenix (2 years ago)
awesome video ive been trying to achieve a lucid dream for ages, i will definetly try this. +1 Sub for you really good Content i think :)
Megan T (2 years ago)
You seem like the male version of me. Our interests in consciousness and dreaming- very cool. Going to watch your Alan Watts videos. Thank you for your tips on WILD dreams I've been practicing lucid dreaming since I was in high school when the only info I could find was online- Stephen Leberge Lucidity institute, his instruction on dream recall remains the same from 20 yrs ago and it still works!! I'm 39 and have dreamed journals, stacks of them. I noticed that Lucid dreaming is like a muscle if you don't use it you lose it. My latest interest are WILDS. i had gotten to the point now to because I had learned to have a WILD that anytime I meditated I would immediately have visuals. Plots scenes while being awake and I promise I'm not crazy. I have not tried to have a wild in a long time until just recently. It's been so long I'm having trouble with that transitionary stage that you had mentioned where I'm holding onto my consciousness so much that I can't drop into a dream . I'm going to try your technique if you have any other suggestions let me know. Peace and happy dreaming!
Reachingfor12thDimension (6 months ago)
Yes! It is like muscle-use it or lose it! I didn't think of it in those terms but yes, it's like that. Transitioning into these images is very difficult to do without slipping completely into a dream. Reality checks, dream signs, and diaries are important, and the r. check alarms I use irritate my husband! It takes discipline, but the work is worth it. You should check out a channel called Evolution Avenue. Great videos and comments. I got this link from their comments!! https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5.pdf
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
But I am curious about what a female version of me looks like though :D
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
I wish you all the success with it. And I agree with your statement about LD being like a muscle. I always have times where I loose interest and then I do not practice and it takes me weeks or month to get the skills back I once had. Sad but true...
Yasser Yasso (2 years ago)
Megan T hi
Rainbow Rayana (2 years ago)
are you swedish :)
Kolla En Snigel! (2 years ago)
Gona try this tokighet
TheChickenChaser (2 years ago)
Dextah (2 years ago)
I lucid dream without doing WILD at least every other night and am able to stabilize and make the dream last 10-15 minutes typically. I succeeded with the WILD method on my third attempt, but when the dream formed and I entered it, it was very unstable. I typically yell and command my dream, "CLARITY NOW", but was worried if I opened my mouth in the dream that I would open my mouth in real life as well. It was a fragile state. And just that thought alone caused the dream to collapse. I feel like I am too aware of my body and surroundings when using the WILD method even after entering the dream. Any tips?
Kendra's Vlogs (1 year ago)
Dextah Try not to do much, just roam around there knowing it’s lucid once the dream feels more stable then try doing simple things and go on from there!
Glen Wuthrich (2 years ago)
You may be onto something here. The couple of times I have managed to WILD successfully it's been once I've been lying there soooo long and given up and just tried to loose consciousness and go to sleep. Then all of a sudden I realised I was seeing something. But everyone is different so I wonder if this "switching" method only works for certain people. I'm curious, do you experience vibrations or hypnagogia when transitioning into a WILD? Because I never have.... Whereas others that can WILD successfully all seem to describe those sensations (but don't describe "switching")
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
Yes I get those sensations when I WILD successfully. When I don't get it, I think I loose consciousness along the way but gain it back later. Those sensations for me are usually feelings of being pushed around, thinking into the bed, being pulled back, etc.. At the beginning it was scary but now that I already know it I look forward to it, because it is slightly different each time and an interesting experience.
violinkittie (2 years ago)
I've been trying to lucid dream all summer. So your method just involves focusing on the body until dream state is achieved?
mary rosato (6 months ago)
Please, can you explain to me this... 'But then you need to make the switch to forget about your real body and let go into the dream state without loosing consciousness.': I don't speack English, I need an easier explain..... Thank you.
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
+violinkittie At the Beginning you focus on your body yes. But then you need to make the switch to forget about your real body and let go into the dream state without loosing consciousness.
LamentoAbsurdo (2 years ago)
Danke. Ich werde das mal versuchen.
darkspartan86 (2 years ago)
that park looks so peaceful :)
xxlov3deathxx (2 years ago)
+ Alan ... Well Im Happy, I Want To Say, You Should Visit It More Often Before Trump Centigrade The Whole Country With Nukes. And The Last of It's Memory To Visit Would Be In A Lucid Dream :)
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
It is really a nice place. Just been there again ;)
xxlov3deathxx (2 years ago)
Haha, Ya No That's Perfectly Fine :) Just Please Don't Be Skeptical And Be More Open Minded.... I Sit At Work With 2 Guys Who Are Skeptical As Fuck... And They Only Believe In Science... So, Have You Tried WILD METHOD?
OnlyAsianNoob - (2 years ago)
xxlov3deathxx im just here to have fun and tell jokes and laugh in the comments xD im pretty dumb
xxlov3deathxx (2 years ago)
Nah Ok I'm Sorry :/ I Don't Wanna Hate No One... I Just Came Here To See This "Method Being Manipulated A Bit" ... -thinks- ... It Was Nice.! Sorry One Again! And Your Right! It Would Be Sweet Not Only On What You Said But Perhaps Being Lucid ASAP, And Bring Cool Skills Back To Reality :P Why Pay Some White Guy To Teach You Karate In About 5 Years, When You Can Lucid And Learn Faster Then Ever (Matrix) Lol...
shelley isom (2 years ago)
Don Juan told Castaneda to intend dreaming and to look for his hands in his dreams. This worked for me. Now I don't lucid dream anymore but I'm dreaming awake most of the time (which feels like you are dreaming all the time but without being asleep). I think this is a natural progression on this path ...
Megan T (2 years ago)
shelley isom I believe and know it is a natural progression on the path as well. But if you lose interest, it can fade. For me anyway- my interest has evolved back to lucid dreaming- as it has throughout the years. Each time I begin again it takes a while to get the hang of it-but not very long. I think dream recall is what I have to get used to again. I have a feeling I've been lucid dreaming for a long time but I just can't remember it. Peace
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
+shelley isom oh that sounds interesting. So you realized life is a dream? And you can feel it now when awake? What is beyond the dream. Did you also get a sense of that?
Frequency Garden (2 years ago)
We should run a YouTube channel together
Ietse Piens (2 years ago)
Have you done astral travelling?
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
I am not sure if there is a real difference between lucid dreaming and astral travelling. But I have not experienced all of what some astral travellers tell that they experience.
SugarGliderDude (2 years ago)
so this channel is about you now then? not alan watts??
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
+SugarGliderDude good question and I might even make a video about this. Ultimately every recording by Alan watts is already available. So for a long time I was thinking about how to go on from here. And I think it is most helpful to share what years of listening to Alan watts and applying his philosophy might develop into. I just wish to share my experiences on this path. Maybe it is easier for some people to relate to this when they see how it can be applied in everyday life.
seesnap (2 years ago)
Gonna try your idea hope it works and I don't mess it up. Thanks
mary rosato (6 months ago)
Hi, I don't understand spoken English: please, can someone write in a few words how to practice the trick told by the boy in this video? Thank you.
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
wow congrats on that. Having a successful WILD on the first try is quite rare. Now stick with it and try to get it to work on a consistent basis. This can greatly speed up your inner growth. ;)
seesnap (2 years ago)
Actually got this to work last night first try. Realised I was lucid in my dreams it was awsome BUT some building work was being done and the hammering woke me right up. I reckon I got 3 mins. I was so annoyed grrrrrrrrr gonna try again tonight :)
haku (2 years ago)
what does WILD stand for?
haku (2 years ago)
+AlanWattsIdeas oh I see
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
+Haku wake initiated lucid dream. So you go into the dream state without loosing consciousness while you fall asleep.
Big Ben Junior (2 years ago)
What happens in your dream when you become conscious of your dreaming state ?
Mellow (1 month ago)
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
+Big Ben Junior the most fascinating things can happen. But when it happens to you the first time it is like an enlightenment experience in itself. You will stand in your dream in total awe that this level of realness is possible. And from there you have many possibilities. Now you can control what you dream.
Werdxp (2 years ago)
how long did it take for you to get it to work?
JustinRM (2 months ago)
mary rosato When waking up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet or after your alarm and going back to bed again, try to feel the sensations of your whole body. After a while, focus only on your hand or just let go and drift off to sleep, this will put you in a dream where you’ll notice you’re dreaming.
mary rosato (6 months ago)
Hi, I don't understand spoken English: please, can you write in a few words how to practice the trick told by the boy in this video? Thank you.
Werdxp (2 years ago)
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
I learned this be accidend so it worked at the first "try". But to learn it so I can now reproduce it somewhat reliably took several trys over two weeks.
Wallie Wallie (2 years ago)
That is a smart idea! :O Going to try this out
OnlyAsianNoob - (2 years ago)
DerpGamerProductions lol yep thats me
Kolla En Snigel! (2 years ago)
Jondatorials 550 damn I see you everywhere XD
OnlyAsianNoob - (2 years ago)
Conscious Explorations (2 years ago)
Good luck and let me know how this works for you! ;)
shakeshock (2 years ago)
I used to use meditation while going to sleep. During meditation I would tell myself what I wanted to dream about. When I was meditating regularly the result was perfect. Back then I would meditate twice a day for at least 15 to 20 minutes. All It is your brain waves are droping from alpha( meditative state) to Theta( dream-state). Lately I used Idoser and worked too but I still prefer meditation.
MehdiRaza (5 months ago)
shakeshock why would u even come here in first place, if u have already command on lucid dreaming technique ? Any reason ?

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