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Step By Step Guide to WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming)

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The requested WILD tutorial. This tutorial follows the Stop Drop and Roll techniques for the WILD method. You do not need to enter sleep paralysis to achieve WILD but you do for this technique. Yes I know that the audio is a bit messed up. Hopefully a new WILD tutorial will be made better. Don't forget to check out the links below!! Website: http://www.gizedwards.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gizedwards Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gizedwards Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GizEdwards/posts
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Giz Edwards (1 year ago)
Just as a warning to those who are watching this in 2017+ | This video describes the Stop Drop and Roll technique. It is the technique I used to achieve this WILD. However it is a really bad technique to use. I am currently in the process of making a better video for WILD. If it is made I will link it in this thread. My recommendations are that you do not follow this technique shown in this video. However you can still watch it as you will learn what not to do. Asides from the info of the stop drop and roll all of the other pieces of information are pretty spot on. Thanks Folks
Kraft Work (3 months ago)
Mental Insanity (4 months ago)
How bout 2019 muhahaha
Drift_er (11 months ago)
Giz Edwards i
Andreas Devig (11 months ago)
Gnu Gamer (1 month ago)
You look like the blond no skin on fortnite
Phoenix Bloom (1 month ago)
TYSM! trying this out now!
Ema Hax (1 month ago)
The ‘’eye thing‘‘ is wrong, our eyes move even when we dream
Max Obregon (1 month ago)
you go dude
impractical indian (2 months ago)
Brother please say everthying clearly otherwise dont make videos your voice is lower than the background music cant hear anything clearly
Connor RK505 (2 months ago)
isn't that WBTB?
Blissful Patio (3 months ago)
Please please answer these questions if you can.. Question 1- I am trying to practice WILD and AP both ,but even after youtubing /googling, as well as actually trying them from 2 months ,I am having some queries.So, I do know lucid dream (wherein we are aware that we are dreaming) and Astral Projection (OBE into Astral Realm) are both very different from each other.But I am here comparing the "Steps" to follow for a lucid dream WILD technique and Astral Projection and trying to know where they are different. So my questions are that if I follow these steps - 1-After 6 hours of sleep and wake up in Rem 2-Relax yourself and listen to binaural beats ( this is Optional ,some people do it without any music) And then focus on breathing and try to avoid thoughts ,but if they still come atleast not focus on them ,maybe do counting (basically Step 2 is be in m?Meditating state ) 3-when the body reaches sleep paralysis (body is sleeping ,mind is awake) and then the body vibrates or any other sensation 4-than after that if I will focus on hypnogogic colors behind eyelids that will lead to forming a dreamscape and then if I start feeling the images , I shall merge into the WILD dream But the question is for astral projection if follow the exact first 3 steps and after that ,instead of following step 4 above (of focusing on hypnogogic colors and dreamscape) and instead (after feeling vibrations) if I follow an OBE exit method like imagining myself climbing rope in my room (or any other method to get the astral body out) I would astral project?? So is that where we can draw a line and differenciate between the steps to be followed for WILD Vs AP ? As only Step 4 is different and first 3 steps are exactly the same !!! Question 2- Also in WILD lucid dreams,do you guys feel vibrations and then dreambody separates from physical body and your dreambody floats to the dream location.. (As in AP the astral body separates and floats near physical body in Astral Realm) or you are just there in your dream after the dream starts forming?? I feel WILD is just like waiting for the dream to be formed and then trying to be in it ,as soon as it's formed.. Please share your valuable comments
LucidDreamer 780 (4 months ago)
OMG thank you so much! I've always wondered why I could never use the wild technique. I've been clenching my jaw this whole time. It's been like 4 or so years since I started lucid dreaming and all this time that is why it hasn't worked. lol
Wizardmemes Animations (6 months ago)
Hey please could you check my recent video on the WILD technique thanks :)
Phase101 (7 months ago)
Nice video. You may also want to checkout my lucid dreaming guide at my website www.elitelucidity.com or on my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ASubconsciousJourney Thanks. Brandon.
_ruben_ 17 (8 months ago)
Hardest technique ever
Sesko Keksic (8 months ago)
I was laying in my bed for 3 hours still and nothing hapoened except for blood stoppage in my arms and legs and numb feeling
Nick Andersen (10 months ago)
Very entertaining tutorial Giz!
Anton Ek (10 months ago)
i tried this last night it felt weird i could move i opend my eyes and i saw weird stuff but i could move
Maddie Casper (1 year ago)
I tried the wild. And the method i was taught was to lie still and to ignore the body wake up test the brain sends you. And after a few min of being uncomfortable you will start to see light and colors begin to form imagies but dont hold on to them allow them come and go. Until you see full scenery and images. You are now lucid dreaming.
Quick Lemon (1 year ago)
who else is stuck on step 1?
Caroline x (1 year ago)
thanks! I've done this before successfully but last night I tried and couldn't get into dreams. Just weird vibrations and noises.. I googled it and everything's about OBEs...but I just want to WILD. Notsure where I went wrong so thanks for your tips!!
Avitus (1 year ago)
I've always been terrified of sleep paralysis, any way to get over that fear?
Meen Man (1 year ago)
I woke up at 4am naturally and I actually had a dream I wasnt lucid This is my 2nd try
wildmxn (1 year ago)
I always feel like I’m sinking into my bed when I’m on the hallucinating step, and then I’ll start to zone in on a certain image, and then my neck will start to feel like it needs to move, or it starts to hurt. At this point I’m SUPER close to a lucid dream but my brain forces me to move and then it restarts the process for me
Twisted Kid (1 year ago)
Has anyone every tried WILD(Wake induced lucid dreaming) while on a substance like DMT?
FrostFoxBeats (1 year ago)
Fucking nigga stop changing the camera angle like u weird news journalist
Senji The Crow (1 year ago)
He lost me at sleep paralysis. i occationaly have that its not fun at least for me everytime it happens i feel an evil pressence or something and i start hearing horrible voices while im completely paralysed so i cant even look around to see what it is. Has this happened to anyone
DeAngelo Fletcher (1 year ago)
Which one do I do because tipharot says ignore the roll over signal but you say roll over
Apracity (1 year ago)
How can u seen shadows moving if tour eyes are closed at all times
L Petillo (2 years ago)
youre too close.
Hal Cat (2 years ago)
Did this work for some people?
johnpaul sobremonte (2 years ago)
best method is RILD (Randy orton Induced Lucid Dreaming) 1 step: keep starring at WWE logo and wait for Randy orton to knock your head off.. 2 step: lucid dream.. easy
Christopher Beards (2 years ago)
JiMz CFW (2 years ago)
yea and i manged to slip into a lucid dream. Man it was the definition of fucking crazyland
JiMz CFW (2 years ago)
OMFG. I did this and in sleep paralysis it wasnt even scary it was funny asf a bear was dancing infornt of me singing HELL NAWWWW. I guess my brain is retarded(and i am 13 0_0)
fuck face (2 years ago)
Someone explain to me the "stop drop and roll" is It what I do right after waking or after waking and getting up or whaaa??
not symbols (1 year ago)
LINCOLN Waldner I'm not 100% sure to me, but it has to do with manipulating signal strength while lower relaxation levels.
Christian Bell (2 years ago)
As a lucid dreamer and WILDer I can say this advice is 100% spot on, you just need to hang on to a thread of conciousness as you sleep, notice how you feel when you dream, and how you feel when you fall asleep. It's better to fail a WILD by falling asleep than by staying awake, and TRYING, it will get you nowhere. You just have to let it happen, I found doing MILD was helpful to learn before WILD.
You mentioned Sleep Paralysis and I'm not trying this already lol. I think I'll do the DILD because I've done it twice before but I got too excited and woke up :,(
Thermal Vidz (2 years ago)
Can someone tell why I don't get a roll signal.
Krystalic Slill (2 years ago)
I just had sleep paralysis 2 times in one day first one i heard a click I could move my fingers then I got up then I woke up then I knocked out and when I tried to move it looked like the wall was glitching and then there was this constant eeeeeeeeeee I need help
Matt (2 years ago)
Does anyone have any tips for keeping your eyes still during this
Korbin Broderson (2 years ago)
how do you get out of repeating days / false awakenings ive been lucid dreaming for a month now. and suddenly its hard to actually go into a lucid dream most of the times i try i just wake up on a certain day like Monday and think its a normal day . but when go too bed i wake up again on Monday again . every time i try reality checks i sometimes realize im in a dream so i try calming down but then after calming down i just continue like a normal dream would
JAN JAN (2 years ago)
is it normal to hear like a train sound or a explosion sound if you enter sleepparalysis?
G a y (2 years ago)
I absolutely want to try lucid dreaming. But, the whole sleep paralysis scares the shit out of me. Hearing voices, noises, my name being called? That's terrifying to me. Should I just get over the fact of how scary I think and just constantly assure myself it's just hallucinations?
Shaan Ajaz (2 years ago)
Dream Seeker (2 years ago)
I once stared at these images appearing for so long I started seeing things like spiders climbing.. I was so scared
GC Corbin (2 years ago)
This such a load of junk science shit.
GamingComet (2 years ago)
Glen Corbin WILD is one of the most scientifically backed techniques out there.
Sandy Fordham (2 years ago)
It's all so true what he's saying
Jason Shox (2 years ago)
mirkkuffs (2 years ago)
"Places races objects strawberry laces." No seriously, he actually says that.
caz457 (2 years ago)
I get sleep paralysis regularly but struggle to create a lucid dream from it - I generally end up laying there for ages enjoying the hallucinations/floaty feeling. I will use these tips next time I have SP. Thanks
Kevin (2 years ago)
I am trying WILD for 5-6 days. I've reached to the part where everything gets brighter but my eyes starts blinking. How can my eyes blink when they're closed? Was I close to sleep paralysis? My eyelids little open by themselves and I can see my hands relaxing on my belly If I look down with eyes closed. Today I created a situation where I needed to be aware while sleep, I was blinking eyes even with my eyes closed and then I thought maybe it can be a dream so I performed a reality check and failed again.
jeff (2 years ago)
jesus christ that fucking music is killing my ears.
Victor Condurache (2 years ago)
"Please Swallow it Now!"
CinnamonOats (2 years ago)
ur not even funny man.dont try to be please.just get on with the damn video.
Joseph A (2 years ago)
Keep in mind this was 6 years ago, his humor has changed so much. Just watch his recent vids they are hilarious.
Obito Uchiha he's pretty funny in a sense.
CinnamonOats (2 years ago)
ok Kip this video is informal but he tries tooo much to be funny
Joey Kemp (2 years ago)
Obito Uchiha exactly, so annoying smh
Makki Duper (2 years ago)
This is CANWILD...
Yolem Swag (2 years ago)
Should I breath through my nose or mouth
Pacdev (2 years ago)
I like this guide. Very well explained dude!
Nejka Reiki master (2 years ago)
what if Iam use to sleep on my back and dont get the roll over signal to roll on my side? Cos if I understand corectly you do 3steps and then do the WILD on youre side? The longer you resist the urge to roll over the better but eventually you do and at that point youre so tired you get sleep paralysis real quick😊 Correct me if Iam wrong☺ and I will be glad for the answer too,tnx!
wahyu rifai (2 years ago)
why is my dream seem so blury. not quite detail ..and how to improve it
CaptainJJz (2 years ago)
wahyu rifai If you feel your self slipping, try rubbing your hands together or doing a reality check, and for last resort you can fall backwards, But this can cause a false awakening or a different dream
wahyu rifai (2 years ago)
+CaptinJJz okey captain ill try it... and one more question, How to stay long in lucid dream? Last time i did it was about 2 or 3 minutes
CaptainJJz (2 years ago)
wahyu rifai Say loudly " I DEMAND CLARITY! " Or rub your hands together.
Niels Hoof (2 years ago)
i was perfectly relaxed and could see colours with my eyes closed but then i heard some kind of alien noise and it really scared me
morgana (2 years ago)
I'm back question is... What am I doing wrong? I go to bed, alarm woke me up in the middle of a dream, then I slept on my back while doing stop drop and roll, stood VERY still for half an hour or so while looking at the moving stuff (whatever it was called), I fell asleep, woke up and I felt heavy and I hallucinated some object above my head like I had stopped myself in the middle of Sleep Paralysis... What gives?
morgana (2 years ago)
Adding to my playlist for later. Thanks man. I love the demostrations too. I'll ask any questions I have tomorrow.
toet toet (2 years ago)
Everytime when I try this technique, it somehow does not work. When I'm totally relaxed and calm, I feel like my body is asleep, but then I hear a very loud kind of buzzing in my ears and my body starts to shake like I'm electrocuded by something( not shaking but feeling like there is electricity going trough my body). And then it suddenly stops and I can start all over again. Anyone felt this same shit? And can one of you explain if this is good or bad or if I'm close to lucid dreaming? ty
Blue Beetle (2 years ago)
toet toet My heart races the first time I tried wild. After that I got used to it and remember to breathe and relax. But wild is still hard to do, I'm still practicing
Rene (2 years ago)
Never open your eyes. Once you are in the dream, you wont need your physical eyes.
Martin Chiplakovski (2 years ago)
toet toet you're about to astral project wich is much harder then lucid
RetaliationGuy (2 years ago)
So I have to still close my eyes all the time when doing that and when do I open my eyes ?
Storm trooper (2 years ago)
toet toet hey bro, yes you are very close, and also yes it is normal to feel the shaking it happens to me to! And also the buzzing.. normal, it sounds like you get nervous when you feel the shaking and you think about it to much... when you hear the buzzing and feel the shaking just relax and not think about it.. Try counting your heart beats in your mind and focus on that. Hope this helps
joshuasbandit (2 years ago)
I had my first lucid dream in my memory, the other day. And I giving wasted it. I could've taken over the world, but I decided to watch a video on my phone. Like every. fucking. day.
MyLazySundae (2 years ago)
Hey mate, can you please remake this video? it's a little hard to follow as you are a being a little to expressive and its distracting, also the music is god awful and gets far too loud. I only say this because I've seen your more recent videos and they were far more watchable and enjoyable and I know a lot of people can benefit from learning these steps.
Some Girl (2 years ago)
Can I do this in the evening or at night, instead of interrupted sleeping?
Zalient ZRB (2 years ago)
So would it be impossible for someone like me who has a twitch in my eyes
Jake Oltmans (2 years ago)
so do you roll over or resist?
Ifah Rofifah23 (2 years ago)
Dude, the music's too loud and you whisper
Gabe (2 years ago)
So, I have this problem when I try to do WILD. Sometimes, like last night when I try to do it, my mind makes up it's own dream and I get sucked into it and I can't control it and I loose consciousness. Even when I wake up and move around, when I try to get back to sleep, it happens again. What is going on, and how can I stop it?
Blue Beetle (2 years ago)
Martin Chiplakovski astral projection? I have the same problems too! I just can't stay awake enough to be aware of the dream. I can't control the story of my dreams I just followed it.
Martin Chiplakovski (2 years ago)
Gabe Johnson that's astral projecting
Ole Gunnar (2 years ago)
When I did this, I happened to hit the snooze instead causing me to wake up again:/
LuNaTiC GR (2 years ago)
Plz help. I get to the part that I someone says my name and then this scares the ahit out of me and I wake up. How can I stop this. And i didnt understand what happens next. Should I open my eyes as soon as I see the images and then I m in a lucid dream?
KaBooM (2 years ago)
yes it is easier and better
LuNaTiC GR (2 years ago)
the thing is that I reach sleep paralysis, I see some colours, lines, images, faces and stuff while I have my eyes closed, and then I hear someone calling my name and that scares me so much, my heart beats really fast, i dont watch the images anymore and I cant sleep. Btw I should wake up at 3-4 am to perform wild?
KaBooM (2 years ago)
I havent got to my second first lucid yet. But 2 nights ago i got sleep paralysis and couldnt move. Just stay calm and keep your eyes closed and think of happy things. You got this
LuNaTiC GR (2 years ago)
ok, thanks
Aidan H (2 years ago)
ahh, I see. I was trying to do wild when I initially went to sleep and then also when I woke up. Didn't know why I was getting so tired.
Ciaran (2 years ago)
How much of this do you still agree with and what should change?
Random Egg (2 years ago)
did you say to keep your eyes closed
Linguistie (2 years ago)
I cannot find a way not to swallow saliva... Any tips?
parkourpeople (2 years ago)
+GizEdwards the video stops you swallowing but it does not stop the urge
Giz Edwards (2 years ago)
yeah try this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hljU1TQxmKk
French kitteh (2 years ago)
When he said "don't cross your feet" I was like "oh shit I'm crossing my feet right now" and then he said "or lock your hands" and I questioned reality cause I was fucking doing that too... In the same position as the guy...WTF
gummibears27 (2 years ago)
Is it normal to experience leaving my body when I do a WILD? Because 9 out of 10 times when I've done them I leave my body. Is that a dream? Or an actual obe? How could I know?
Rene (2 years ago)
This is astral projection. It is quite real. I have done both Lucid dreaming and astral projection. If you can not manipulate the environment and you can see your body, you've most likely astral projected. In lucid dreaming you are still in your body experiencing the construct of your subconscious mind.
Gabe (2 years ago)
gummibears27 obes are dreams. When you obe you should be able to move your dream body around. If you can't, imagine yourself sinking into your bed. I hear that works.
Rico (2 years ago)
From what i've heard some people "jump" from reality to the dream by imagining they are being pulled upwards, floating, flying ect out of their body. It's safe to say if you leave your body you aren't experiencing reality BUT you should be careful, the most important tip is to observe and slowly start interacting with the the dream, that is to watch, let it unfold maybe smell the ocean or whatever there is, hear the sounds, maybe feel what's under you feet and gradually you will enter the dream. The more experienced you get the easier it will become.
Robby Mcrobrob (2 years ago)
doesnt sleep paralysis freak you out and wake you at first?
Robby Mcrobrob (2 years ago)
on what?
Jhekskls Kspsnsj (2 years ago)
that depends
Bharath Arav (2 years ago)
i dono y , i feel like to hit smash ur face
Fxbian (2 years ago)
instructions unclear got myself stuck in a washing machine
nitay arava (2 years ago)
is it that easy?
Glenn Quagmire (2 years ago)
Will this one work? Instead of doing Stop drop n roll. Set your alarm to automatically dismiss itself after a certain amount of time. (30 secs or 1 min time-out, depending on how heavy the sleeper is.) When your alarm goes off and u wake up, dont move or tense up at any point as u wake up so your body renters sleep paralysis quicker but keep your mind awake. Will it work? I've tried it but im a heavy sleeper and i didn't hear my alarm. I haven't successfully pulled this off.
Darwin Dazzle (2 years ago)
2 Things, First of all when do you start closiong your eyes and can you swallow?
Maxi Nita (2 years ago)
He did say swallowing is a roll over signal
Jake Bewely (3 years ago)
Jake Bewely (3 years ago)
At one part of the video he says DON'T and I thought it was funny
Yeet (3 years ago)
@Jake Bewely What do you mean?
Jake Bewely (3 years ago)
+Sheepdog_ he says it in the video
Yeet (3 years ago)
Why not?
Ghouls Play (3 years ago)
hello... i started trying to lucid dream about a month ago...and my first lucid dream i realized i was lucid dreaming and looked at the dream character next to me and said i dont even know you...this is a dream isnt it... and as he was sitting on my left and i couldnt see his face... only from the neck down is what i could see... and i started to feel alot of pain on my left arm...the first thing that came to mind was he was testing me to see if i could stay in the dream...i was able to control the pain it faded away and stayed in the dream...and instantly started trying to manifest things and it started to work but then i "woke up" in another dream...was a little annoyed and i "fell asleep" almost instantly in the dream to become lucid in that dream within a dream... almost instantly... and started to manifest things... but then woke up in the dream then woke up in real life soon after as i had to go somewhere... recently i fell into what i call a lucid set which is i took a nap and became lucid then woke up in the dream again and fell back to sleep to become lucid again within a dream inside of a dream... and this happens over and over...hence the term..lucid set as in a set of lucid dreams all at once... and i remember in the last dream... i was just...sort of going crazy i mean i was atleast 90% lucid... and trying to manifest things and do alot more almost as if i was training to get better and manifesting and controlling things in my dream at an alarming rate... and i kept seeing this dream character that was me... yet i didnt know it was... and then at the last few second i became 100% lucid...and saw him and i said you my sub conscious...arent you...he smiled and i woke up... but i can kind of recall him yelling at me... and i remember his exact words were "its not all about creating or manifesting" i know he said more than that but i just cant remember more that that could someone help me understand this?... also i had my first lucid dream maybe a couple days after trying but seemingly me being lucid only works when taking a nap or something
Luka (3 years ago)
You can't you will roll over and we'll Nope
CosmicSubliminals (3 years ago)
This technique is patched :'(
Jack Schuyler (2 years ago)
Nah you gotta go back to the old software, 2.0.14 Then reset the brain, I like the taser method, but that's just me. Then, as soon as your brain is rebooting make sure to check your firmware and software. Now all that's left is a slight adjustment to the cone and rod cells to get a higher quality image And presto, you can use the hack
Mike T Hip Hop (2 years ago)
Loopy Plays I
CosmicSubliminals (2 years ago)
@Loopy Plays I know right
Jhekskls Kspsnsj (2 years ago)
Darwin Dazzle (3 years ago)
At What Point Do You Colde Your Eyes?
Darwin Dazzle (3 years ago)
Are You Not Supposed To Swallow?
Aidan H (2 years ago)
Rickard Alback (2 years ago)
No you should not :)
CreationArtNation (3 years ago)
Thanks this video was awesome but it was hard to understand with your accent and low voice
slap_my_hand (3 years ago)
i like building brocks
Oliver Mead (3 years ago)
should i have my eyes open or closed? i know it probably sound obvious, but i really don't know
Oliver Mead (3 years ago)
thanks, figured it out through a couple of nights of testing
The Bus Driver (3 years ago)
Sinici :3 (3 years ago)
Can you turn tour lights when you wake up?
Dogman690 (3 years ago)
wow never knew what the weird circle things I see when trying to sleep were called. cool
MonKilo Gaming (3 years ago)
Can u put a fan while u doing the lucid dream because when i did it yesterday i was ode sweating
Anonymous Gay (3 years ago)
do you stay in the roll over position as you get sleep paralysis?
Adam Corbin (3 years ago)
Great content but the music was very distracting, at least for me.
Armond Aponte (3 years ago)
I'm a little confused, so you go to sleep normally and then wake up to an alarm at 3am, and proceed to do the stop drop and roll technique?
Armond Aponte (3 years ago)
Thats what I thought because I saw someone else explain the WILD technique without the 3am wake up, I also wondered if the swallowing reflex was considered to break the body paralysis and mess everything up.
Dominic the Defiant (3 years ago)
You dont necessarily have to but it's good to help relax to the state to do wild. You don't have to set an alarm either just as long as you're very tired and comfortable.
Kevin Hatley (3 years ago)
The two camera angles makes me think he's schizophrenic...
Jinig (3 years ago)
Gothic Horror Story- Giz edition :P
RetroWell (3 years ago)
I tried this, but i fell into the pull of the roll over surge.... DAMNIT!
RetroWell (2 years ago)
@Retaliation Gaming Deluxe No problem! Good luck.
RetaliationGuy (2 years ago)
alright then, thanks for the information, i will let you know if i did get lucid or not
RetroWell (2 years ago)
@Retaliation Gaming Deluxe Yeah, somewhere around 3pm
RetaliationGuy (2 years ago)
what time, somewhere around 3:00 PM? and also tooked a nap and i have done my first dreaming journal. I couldn't controlled it.
RetroWell (2 years ago)
@Retaliation Gaming Deluxe There is a good guide, basically wake up really eraly, get back to sleep while counting ''1, i am lucid dreaming'' till around 100
SwiftDavid1489 (3 years ago)
How do you not fall back to sleep when just lying there waiting for the paralysis to happen? And continue to stay conscious while waiting for the hypnagogic imagery and hallucinations?
Kakashi Hatake (3 years ago)
just think about something imagine if you don't think yo will drop to sleep
Watefuta (3 years ago)
+SwiftDavid1489 Hey, Some people count everytime they breathe to do something and not fall asleep. I personaly prefer to count upwards to 10 and then back to 0 and then again back to 10 and so on, because that way you don´t worry about time passing.
Hello Hi (3 years ago)
How long does it take from waking up to being in a dream?
Vertilla Spiries (8 months ago)
Hello Hi (3 years ago)
I have never understood reality checks. After I feel like I am asleep, do I try to do them myself after a while of it, or do I need to wait till I get visual hallucinations? I've tried other methods that do not give me the hallucinations (they haven't worked.....)
Hello Hi (3 years ago)
+The Bus Driver I haven't done it much but if it works for other people, by all mean try it
The Bus Driver (3 years ago)
+Hello Hi did it work
Hello Hi (3 years ago)
@Watefuta -Chan Thanks lol, I did that today and some people asked why I did it when I walked through the door and I blamed it on my OCD... thanks though I hope this helps me go lucid again without having to do these laborious techniques... :)
Watefuta (3 years ago)
+Hello Hi Hey, Just do them every time you walk through a door. For example: you are at home, and everytime you walk through a door you hold you nose and try to breathe through your nose. If you are awake you obviously can´t breath, but if you are asleep you can. By doing them everytime you walk through a door you develop a routine or "reflex" to do them. That way you might do them in your dreams when you walk through doors. Hope it helps!

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