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Leo vs Raph-TMNT (2007)

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BlueAshes (1 day ago)
2007.... 20 year ol guy waiting in line for the movie on his day off...and yet the 5 old year i inner child was hyped as hell!!! and though Ralph has always beenmy favorite.. we know he was aiming to really hurt Leo..and Leo was just to knock him down really hard
Kakashi Hyuga (6 days ago)
Who voices Leo and Raph? They are really good!!!
Vincent Transil (5 days ago)
James Arnold Taylor and Nolan North respectively
tmnt 2003-2012 fan01 (6 days ago)
Good movie
RakHA Setiadi (7 days ago)
MAckAIn 27 (7 days ago)
My favorite movie as a 7 year old kid
Vince Saligue (7 days ago)
Leonardo. Best fighter. Broke his katana tho
Errordemn6 (8 days ago)
Leo is Spiderman voice actor
Cheryl McHugh-Hall (9 days ago)
I loved when leo said "good night dark prince" and " I'm better than you" 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Leo is my favorite now. We love you Leonardo. 😉😉😉😉
Andy Duong (9 days ago)
Kinda reminds me of Naruto vs Sasuke....
Breezy Style (11 days ago)
This one fight is already better than most live action fights we get now
I wouldn’t say all of them
Midnight Vloger (12 days ago)
* Leo: goodnight dark prince* * Raph: grunting and getting up * *me: RAPH OH MY GOD RAPH ARE YOU HURT* * Leo: y...y/n I am so sorry * *me: grabs Raph and walks back to base *
Midnight Vloger (12 days ago)
This is what I don’t get: listen to the fight and you can hear Raph grunting and stuff and Leo can not hear it if he could he would know who it is
Midnight Vloger (1 day ago)
BlueAshes (1 day ago)
maybe as in comments his lines were all in his mind, and the grunt...well a heavy rain, a semi dark roof top and a metal effect from his helmet maybe modified a bit the things..but yeah the shell shaped armour was pretty obvious
Macoladon C (13 days ago)
hydroshock18 (13 days ago)
Ratchet vs Nathan Drake
Katie Jewelcrafter (17 days ago)
This was actually the first time I heard about TMNT. My cousins pulled out this movie for us to watch. Now I'm still a fan, especially since this was one of the best fight scenes I've seen.
brandon wilburn (18 days ago)
Very exciting fight
Roki Smoli (22 days ago)
I understand u Raph...
greato80 (23 days ago)
This scene better than both rebooted movies.
Luc Penfold (24 days ago)
I really feel like Leonardo was holding back in this fight
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (17 days ago)
But he still lost though. No exuses.
Jordan Nantau (29 days ago)
this was one of the best scenes in the whole film. i loved the 2007 film. i don't understand how people hate it.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (17 days ago)
It wasn’t terrible, just a little disappointing in my opinion. We all have opinions. A lot of people liked this
White Knight (29 days ago)
Red eye lol.
White Knight (29 days ago)
Raph is a Badass but Leo is smarter.
Eddie van der Walt (29 days ago)
Leo is way better
Eddie van der Walt he wouldn’t have lost this fight if he really was
Ethan Peterson (24 days ago)
+Eddie van der Walt Fair enough. But Mikey is a better goof - LOL
Eddie van der Walt (24 days ago)
He only won because he broke Leo's swords
Ethan Peterson (24 days ago)
Demiah Perry (30 days ago)
I love the fight scene.
ZBski (1 month ago)
The voice acting here is AMAZING. James Arnold Taylor and Nolan North are just...so...gooooood.
Vexed Castle (1 month ago)
That look on Raph’s face at the end gets me every time. He came so close to killing his brother, someone he loves and cares about despite his initial aggression towards Leo. And you really see that fear and regret.
Best scene in Every TMNT movie ever
BigTexB007 (1 month ago)
Ralph won that fight. No question. And I'm a Leo fan. Ralph's passion takes him to greater heights as a 1v1 fighter than Leo's skill and strategy can in situations just like this. BUT.... there's only one Turtle who could defeat Shredder 1v1.. and that's Leo. Ralph would have been crushed because of his emotion. And, Leo was always meant to bear the burden of leadership... just like Ralph is with being the strongest fighter. Each brother has had their place in regards to the role they fill in the team. Ralph won that fight, and would likely do so more often than not vs. Leo in most situations... that's why he's so valuable to the team. When Ralph wins.. and he realizes what he's doing.. man, the feels! Great scene and perfectly exemplifies the relationship between the two. Don't think we will see anything as good in regard to TMNT for a long time.
BigTexB007 well, in my opinion, raph has plenty of skill & willpower to defeat shredder just like Leo. Leo was just granted the first opportunity to do so. That doesn’t mean raph, or anyone else can’t still defeat shredder
BigTexB007 (4 days ago)
REFLECT GREATNESS_ i appreciate that. But disagree. IMO only Leo has the skill to take Shredder 1v1. Just my humble opinion.
BigTexB007 agreed. they all have there places of being the best, but any of the turtles could still kill shredder, especially raph
Vinnymanvinny1 than why did he still dramatically pull his swords out & fight him? He beat raph without weapons because this version of leo is just a much better hand to hand fighter than this version of raph, but he was clearly at a big disadvantage with weapons, & lost because of it
Vinnymanvinny1 (1 month ago)
Raph was losing the fight until Leo realized it was him. Leo clearly did not want to fight him wants he knew it was him.
Samuel Maturino (1 month ago)
How come Casey can tell that guy is Ralph but Leo can't tell that before?
Mara Mackenzie-Mann (1 month ago)
Raphael will always be my favourite. For some reason I always enjoy the hothead of any team, their characters' are always so fascinating. I love Raphael for his temper and love/annoyed relationship with Leo and this fight is one of my favourite demonstrations. Even when Raph is so utterly furious with Leo he realises what he intends to do before he does it and actually backs away in horror. Ralph's demons are always close to the surface and he constantly struggles with them which is both admirable and relatable in his character. What I especially love, and what was touched on in the 2012 cartoon series, is that if Raph were ever to become a villain he would be utterly ruthless without the barriers he himself has set up to keep his rage under control. I'd really love to see a movie where the others have to fight Raph just to see how their relationships would morph because of that.
Danidu Pathirana (1 month ago)
This movie looks better than the newest movie
Emery Laney (1 month ago)
Sick fight
Eddie Gordillo (1 month ago)
Obi-Wan vs Nathan Drake
Rahid - Playz! (1 month ago)
Ralph only won because he had armor
Rahid - Playz! No, he won because he out-bested his weapons as we just saw
Amir Griffin (1 month ago)
Rahid - Playz! That would’ve slowed him down
Aitanah Daley (1 month ago)
0:25 :0 he put his middle finger up at Raph
Anwar Mapp (1 month ago)
So I think Ralph has the talent to be a better fighter between the two but Leonardo has more discipline
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (15 days ago)
Oh that’s what that is. Well I.... guess that’s a good couple. Not bad
Isaiah Simmons (15 days ago)
+REFLECT GREATNESS_ I take it your not a fan of the Leo and karai shipping
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (16 days ago)
Isaiah Simmons I don’t know what that means..... but I don’t think I want to... lololol
Isaiah Simmons (16 days ago)
+REFLECT GREATNESS_ it was pretty dark and had some good life lessons it also taught me how to read between the lines "cough" leorai
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (16 days ago)
Isaiah Simmons Yeah I feel that. I didn’t though. Wich is kind of a bummer for my childhood lol. 2003 is a great kids show, & arguably the best tmnt kids show
Inés González (1 month ago)
Actually I had never watched this scene in English just in Spanish, and I think both are pretty good, I mean, the emotions are so expressed, I remember a lot watching that movie when I was around 5 years old and it had always hurt me the next scene when Leo is kidnapped, because the scream of both (raph and Leo) are so real... I mean this is actually art, just wonderful!!!
Galaxy Studios 1062 (1 month ago)
this movie brings back good memories from younger me
Marie Bouberlova (1 month ago)
Raph is best😍
Hyena Hammock (1 month ago)
My favorite toy when I was younger was a Nightwatcher action figure
Edge XL (1 month ago)
While I agree that Raph has anger issues, I do not think Leo is entirely in the right here. I find Leo to be a little arrogant and full of himself. I feel that both Raph and Leo have valid points against each other and both of them needed to be knocked off of their respective high horses. It was a frightening moment for Raph when he realized that he had beaten his brother. That moment made Raph question everything he perceived about his world up until this point. Raph would eventually realized that Leo cared for him as much as any other member of the family and Leo would recognize that he needed Raph.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (1 month ago)
Isaiah Simmons leo lost. No excuses
Edge XL (1 month ago)
+Isaiah Simmons Leo got the better of Raph when they were fist fighting but Raph won when using his sais versus Leo's wakazashi. Raph could have killed Leo too but also held back. They weren't trying to kill each other.
Isaiah Simmons (1 month ago)
+Edge XL so when leo best his ass in the fist fight what was that he even begs Raphael not to try and fight him when he says don't do this raph and when that sword came so close to Raphael's head he could have killed him then by simply moving his arm left and sliceing his head off but did he no why because he was holding back
Edge XL (1 month ago)
+Isaiah Simmons we will have to agree to disagree then. I feel Raph genuinely won the fight and that frightened him when he realized it
Isaiah Simmons (1 month ago)
I disagree leo could have won the fight he was holding back for Raphael's sake
Zxc Popov (2 months ago)
i'm done taking orders
Lil Fiksu 69 (2 months ago)
Skul Clan (2 months ago)
The 4th film was good but the last 3 were good
taco stains (2 months ago)
Daaaaamn he kick the shit out my boy Leo 3:17
gibbs615 (2 months ago)
What Leo said at first, I imagine he would've said the same thing to SUPERDICK from Injustice.
JOSEF Gaming (2 months ago)
I'm 17 years old and I was chilling on Instagram till I remembered this scene for no reason that I watched when I was young. It's amazing
FanGirlNation (2 months ago)
Also, is it just me, or was Leo going easy on Raph? If you think about it, when he was giving everything he got, but when he was fighting Raph, he could have easily won, but he didn't. Cause he was trying to show Raph how anger blinds him, and how deadly it can be.
Kaneki Ken (2 months ago)
The only reason why i love raphael than leonardo
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (17 days ago)
Cuz he won? That’s not really much of a big reason
Sonic 1216 (2 months ago)
The original Leo vs Raph before Injustice 2 came to be. Also, Raph being the Bad Guy here works, as Leo is The better Character fighting, morals, smarts, and kindness wise. Leo really does deserve Raph's respect, He has Donnies and Mikeys and Donnie is the 2nd Oldest Behind Leo, and Mikey is The Youngest, With Raph being the 3rd.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (2 months ago)
Lol bruh, what’re you talking about? Raph is second born. There all the same age anyways
A H (2 months ago)
raph held back 1st round while leo wanted to take the vigilante out once round 2 came raph also used his true weapons
Gotham city sirens Jazzy (2 months ago)
Captain America civil war all over again
animefan20 Z (2 months ago)
Why haven't people appreciate this? So many memories
i feel like raph and leo were on equal levels but the main point is the sai is built to counter the sword hense why leo's swords broke I like leo hes my fav turtle but i understand why leo lost in this situation and i don't think leo wanted to fight after he saw it was raph
Candy Star (2 months ago)
I’m not gonna lie... I love this!
Eve Orellana (2 months ago)
Wait it's says Leo left I did not see this where did he go someone please tell me
CryptoZoo Mauler (2 months ago)
He went down to Central/South America to reflect on how to be a better leader. Splinter liked the idea. The other brothers did not think that this was a good plan.
saba gogorikidze (2 months ago)
2019 anyone?
RandomFan Go (2 months ago)
Reminds me of Celestia & Luna. Luna was very jealous and angry of Celestia. Like Raph was with Leo. That Night when Luna turns into Nightmare Moon , The two sisters tried to fight : Luna wanted to kill her. Celestia wanted to banish Luna. Raph almost Killed his own brother out of unintentional anger.
Truth Spoken (2 months ago)
Leonardo let up a lil
Kelsey Graydon (2 months ago)
Does anyone know the music when they start fighting before Raph takes his mask off Also the music when they fight using their weapons
Austin Britt (2 months ago)
Why can't we get like a Netflix series like this but make it a little darker that be cool
Austin Britt (2 months ago)
Yes so true I literally just started reading the idw comics and it's the best shredder looks awesome as well although I don't really like the origins part about reincarnation I would have splinter lie to the turtles saying it was reincarnation but it was seen from his cage and I think that would cause a good little ripple in the whole story of the turtles
FuryanJedi13 (2 months ago)
+Austin Britt I'd have them being dangerous but still a bit idiotic. I think the current IDW comics portray them like that. But yeah, they didn't need to be that fat.
Austin Britt (2 months ago)
I also thought bepop and rocksteady were a little too cartoonish I know there not the brightest but still I wish they were portrayed a little more dangerous than funny also I didn't really like the fact they were fat
Austin Britt (2 months ago)
Yes the injustice look is probably the best looking turtles since the 1990 movie that would be awesome
FuryanJedi13 (2 months ago)
+Austin Britt No argument here. Donatello's pack makes it look like he's wearing another shell on top of his real shell. Very cumbersome. Personally, I'd go for a look similar to how they appear in Injustice 2. Wonder if someone could pitch an idea like that to Netflix? Might be difficult, considering they officially belong to Nickelodeon, but still... worth a thought!
InstaKilll The Wolf (2 months ago)
Ralph:don't push it Leo! U can't expect us to form in line again like ur little soldiers! Ralph 2007
J. K. (3 months ago)
Red Hood vs Nightwing
FuryanJedi13 (2 months ago)
Huh...that's actually a pretty good analogy!
Inferno (3 months ago)
I like how Leo was lecturing him on being a vigalente despite thats what he and his brothers do.
Kasey Combs (2 months ago)
Leo's just saying there's no need for Nightwatcher, since he only draws attention to the turtles.
CryptoZoo Mauler (2 months ago)
If you watch the movie, you'd know that they are supposed to be laying low.
The Officer Friendly (3 months ago)
Naruto vs Sasuke in a nutshell
The Dark Kunoichi (3 months ago)
1:15 that spin kick tho. And the buildup to the music in 3:39!!
Patrick Julien (3 months ago)
Take about sibling rivalry
Sean Campbell (3 months ago)
Imagine if Dark Sonic and Shadow are in this Scenario
Kasey Combs (3 months ago)
For most of my childhood, I grew up with the old 80s cartoon, but this movie forever defines these characters for me. Sure, the plot wasn't anything too special, but the characters were so well developed, especially Leo and Raph.
Demin Zdanovič (3 months ago)
Wow, its like Goku vs Vegeta!
Faruque Ahmad (3 months ago)
0:07 ah red eggs Leo: "Hey nightwatcher ik wat ur doing is heroic and stuff but u cant eat red eggs raph loves em. Raph: *whispers* howde he know that.
Tyler Smith (3 months ago)
Does anyone know what the weapon Raphael is using
joel poinsett (3 months ago)
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (3 months ago)
Twin Sai
AnimeAmimatorMizore (4 months ago)
I know a lot of people don't agree with me, but this TMNT movie is honestly my favorite. Why? It literally picks up from where the original three movies left off. And I loved the fuck outta those corny live-action films. And it's a great follow-up! They really focus on the interpersonal relationships. It's great. (And it is pretty fun that Patrick Stewart is the villain)
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (16 days ago)
Yeah I just realized this is the 4th movie of the other three movies too. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite, but we all got opinions
JafethYT (4 months ago)
Raph has a good cause, and heart, and he is right with respect to Leo, he is a braggart, he gets into the affairs of others and gives sermons that if they knew them, and still presumes that it is better than Rafa, and Rafa he proved the opposite to put it in its place and demonstrate the result of Leo's arrogance.
JafethYT (4 months ago)
Raph tiene una buena causa, y corazón, y tiene razón con respeto a Leo, es todo un presumido, se mete en los asuntos de otros y da sermones que si los conocieran, y aún así le presume que es mejor que Rafa, y Rafa le demostró lo contrario para ponerlo en su lugar y demostrar el resultado de la arrogancia de Leo.
Rorrschach (4 months ago)
Some things to note about this scene: Leo basically saying "You can't stop all the crime in the world, so you should stop trying at all". Leo has no idea who's in that suit. For all he knows, it could be Casey under that helm, or maybe even some sort of government agent sent to contain the monsters, who would then report the existence of humanoid turtles to the authorities. Raph is wearing his Halloween costume PRECISELY BECAUSE he's protecting his identity and thus protecting the family. While Leo walks around completely exposed to the world. Hardly good practice for a ninja.
FuryanJedi13 (4 months ago)
You can almost feel the emotion as Raph runs away at the end. He's not angry anymore; he's actually frightened. Raph is definitely a hothead and he chafes under being told what to do (by anyone, really), but despite all this, he loves his family intensely, including Leo. They may fight and beat each other up, but never with any malice. Their loyalty to each other stays strong, no matter what. That's why Raph ran away at the end; he actually tried to hurt his own brother, and he did so with genuine malice and hatred. This was something he has never done before, and the very thought of it terrifies him to his core.
Kakashi Hyuga (5 days ago)
Raphael maybe a hot head but at least he's a really good Turtle too.
ShiroKage Zeffex (5 days ago)
+REFLECT GREATNESS_ True. I will admit that Raph is the better fighter, since he landed the first blow. But Leo was ordered to find and bring Raph back, not kill him. But in the end, Raph won.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (15 days ago)
ShiroKage Zeffex he still lost though
ShiroKage Zeffex (15 days ago)
I think it was more of a warning, since that could've killed Raph if it hit.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (16 days ago)
Michael_ Vampyre nope
SilvaZilla 88XO (4 months ago)
This movie along with the 2000s cartoon are definitively the Ninja Turtles for me. I love the old movies and cartoons considering the time they came out in, but the 2000s got the grit and lightheartedness just right. Michael Bay’s series on the other hand, that can just disappear for all I care. The new cartoons are pretty good too, trying to replicate the original for the most part with new animation
Derp Sulley (4 months ago)
That moment when you realize Leo's voice actor is James Arnold Taylor, the same guy who did Ratchet.
anthonytroye2 (1 month ago)
Don't forget Obi-Wan Kenobi on Star Wars clone wars and video games!
Alec Bahm (4 months ago)
It’s tidus’s voice
SnowyLicious (2 months ago)
Alec Bahm that’s yuri I think
Raphael the ninga turtle (4 months ago)
Raph has always been my favorite and Raph has always been the best fighter
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (23 days ago)
Knight Sith Master lol yessir. There’s no other logic behind that
White Knight (24 days ago)
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (24 days ago)
Knight Sith Master bro, you haft to use your reasoning. If leo is so much better than raph, he wouldn’t have lost to him at all. He would’ve proved he’s better by winning, but failed to do so. he clearly got overpowered, & defeated. Being the best leader doesn’t mean your gonna be the best muscle too
White Knight (24 days ago)
REFLECT GREATNESS_ Be reasonable you know Leo could easily win if he wanted to he's the leader and has longer swords and raph is slower and leo let his guard down for one second that's why he lost.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (24 days ago)
Knight Sith Master death battle was dumb. & no he wasn’t “going easy”. You don’t say I’m better than you, & than go easy. That’s not how things work. He clearly tried to prove that to raph, but failed to do so, & lost the fight. No exuses.
Stephen Nguyen (4 months ago)
Why did they never make a sequel to this, they still can right now so why don’t they
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (16 days ago)
Stephen Nguyen this is the 4th sequel of the last three 1990 tmnt movies
greato80 (23 days ago)
..cause ending was cheesy..fighting immortal monsters? Nah..but this scene and tone was perfect just like the original movie
Luc Penfold (24 days ago)
Because the movie didn't make nearly enough money
Christopher Humble (1 month ago)
Yha I want to see a sequel for this
Stephen Nguyen the company imagi went out of business years ago
Captain America vs Iron man
C.D Sainvil (4 months ago)
How did Leo not know it was him? THE NIGGA HAD THREE FINGERS AND A SHELL!!!!
frothbyte (4 months ago)
Leo has always been the more skilled fighter, but Raph is physically stronger and more ruthless. This is clearly shown in the match where Leo landed more hits but Raph won the match, not by out-fighting Leo, but by overpowering his weapons and breaking them.
Silent Nightmare (4 months ago)
Raph's older than Leo though.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (1 month ago)
BoTisHerE dabeda he’s actually just seconds years older, literally lol
BoTisHerE dabeda (1 month ago)
leo is 1 year older than the others
Mike John (3 months ago)
+Silent Nightmare rapheal is to arrogant to realize although hes not the leader per se, he is still the glue that holds the team together. And im a leo fan
Silent Nightmare (4 months ago)
+FuryanJedi13 in the original TMNT, Raph was older than Leo, part of the reason why he has so much anger towards Leo is due to Leo being picked leader and not him. In future versions of TMNT, Leo is older than Raph though.
FuryanJedi13 (4 months ago)
I think the order from oldest to youngest is Leo, Raph, Donnie, Mikey.
Jae (4 months ago)
Equivalent to Sasuke and Itachi due to being brothers.
Kawaki no
Kawaki (4 months ago)
Anjae Exactly. Leo let him win.
Melissa D (4 months ago)
I shall defend what seems like a dumb plot point. That being Leo couldn’t see it was Raph under there but Casey figured it out immediately. Leo’s been gone for at least two years and as such is out of touch with his bros. Moreover with the monsters running around Leo could’ve easily thought that the nightwatcher was just one of said monsters or perhaps another mutant. Point is, Out of touch Leo + movie monsters = not recognizing Raph.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (4 months ago)
Well yeah. for a 2007 movie, the graphics & the animation looks really good & I even enjoy a few action scenes in this movie. I’m just damn disappointed in the storyline & the plotting the most
Melissa D (4 months ago)
+REFLECT GREATNESS_ I want to stress that it's not all bad. There's some good lines like Raph calling Leo Splinter Jr earlier in the film. It's just that after all this build up, the pay off is not nearly worth all the build up. There should've been something more. Like Raph getting chewed out for hiding the nightwatcher alter ego from his bros, when I'm sure Mikey and Donnie would've happily helped. Or Leo getting chewed out by someone other than Raph for his attitude in this movie.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (4 months ago)
Yeah the dynamic of there rivalry is just terribly written in this weak movie. I wish the same thing too.
Melissa D (4 months ago)
REFLECT GREATNESS_ honestly 2/3s of this movie is stupid. It’s saving graces are the voice acting, the action, and the Leo and Raph dynamic up until the end of this fight. I don’t think either of them were initially fighting to the death. They’re just both really mad at each other and taking out their anger on each other for different reasons. Both Raph and Leo let anger consume them and lost sight of what was important. Their family. Although the, “I’m better than you,” line makes me root for Raph more than Leo. Like, Raph could take the high ground after that line proved Leo’s training accomplished jack shit and leave, but that would mean listening to Leo, which he does not want to do at that point. I think it could still happen in other versions. The Turtles here are more estranged from each other than ever before. The only other taste of this I’ve seen in the cartoons was in 2003’s Same as it never was where future Raph and Leo almost fight because Raph blames Leo for Splinter’s death. The only reason they don’t is that Donnie stops them. My point is that it can happen. The writers just need to get creative. Be it with a time skip where Leo was sent off to training or a post apocalyptic future. The problem with this movie is that we have this big climactic showdown between the two bros with Raph running away when he realized he let his anger get the better of him and almost severely hurt Leo, that’s it. There is no character arc here. There’s no character arc in the movie period. Just a dumb monster plot designed to sell toys over telling a good story despite a good story about Raph learning to forgive Leo and Leo learning to stop being so full of himself being buried in it. And I know tmnt is just here to sell toys but these advertisements can still have a good story. I just wish this one did. It was such a waste of talent.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (4 months ago)
Melissa D yeah I agree. The ending was just stupid. & it’s honestly not even that big of a deal. Yeah leo kind of ruined everything, & was even being an ignorant buttface about it, but raph is also pretty damn dumb & immature by letting that get to him. Especially by trying to prove that by fighting him to the seemingly death. They have never & never would fight like this in any other tmnt incarnation. I guess this movie just tried to start it off with a different approach. Wich I understand, it just didn’t make sense.
Riley Scott (4 months ago)
Watch the video up to 1:50 then skip to 4:35 😂😂😂
animefan20 Z (2 months ago)
Riley Scott i get it 😂
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (2 months ago)
Riley Scott LoL hilarious
Kylo (2 months ago)
Muslim Mystic no it ain’t
Muslim Mystic (3 months ago)
If this is an original comment, it's fucking way underrated
Riley Scott (4 months ago)
Silvirie The Cat I tried to make it appear as if raph runs away from the fight in shame as soon as leo beats him up and discovers who he is
White Knight (4 months ago)
Leo is smarter but not as strong as Raph and skilled,and cool.
Luke Misaalefua (5 months ago)
Between these Ninja's is: Leonardo is born with courage and strength of leadership, also shows mercy & Raphael is born with fierce, strength, no mercy and always dominant to win a fight
Sebby (5 months ago)
Raph got clapped
Shiki - Kun (4 months ago)
Sebby leo*
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (4 months ago)
If leo is so much better than raph, he wouldn’t of lost to him. Yet he did. No exuses.
Sebby (4 months ago)
REFLECT GREATNESS_ Leo could of easily ended raph so many times but didn’t cause that’s not him. Raph got one little combo but Leo clapped him
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (4 months ago)
No, leo did. 4:05
Justin Reid (5 months ago)
Captain America Civil War in a nutshell
See it or Flick it. (3 months ago)
Or in a half shell.........I'll show my way out.
Kasey Combs (3 months ago)
Even down to the colors
Faithydoodle Studio (4 months ago)
Yea pretty much
Nuura Abdulkadir (5 months ago)
I love Karai 2007 because karai from tmnt 2007 her parents are dead
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (1 month ago)
Nuura Abdulkadir that’s damn sad bruh lol
Tom Mcguire (5 months ago)
This reminds me of that time raphael beat leonardo in smash.
Πουτσα ο λείο
ielya tehrani (5 months ago)
I type regularly fastly but
Iwovcookies cookies (5 months ago)
Don't do this raph raph I'm done taking orders
ielya tehrani (5 months ago)
Raph makes rivalry of leo Because raph makes jealousy splinter sended Leo to Africa because leo was the leader of the team raph makes jealousy of him raph becomes nightwatcher & leads the turtles however Leo didn't know about raph's personality or nightwatcher his identity raph fights with him & learns his mistake
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (5 months ago)
ielya tehrani why in weird hell are you typing like a robot? Lol

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