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Leo vs Raph-TMNT (2007)

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Wayne Gajadhar (4 hours ago)
Im getting sonic vs knuckles vibes
thinicer (4 hours ago)
3:47.....Leo would have won if he had the intent to kill, but he didn’t even want to fight. Raph won because he took things too far and that’s why he ran away sobbing - scared with himself.
Gega (20 hours ago)
Being stronger than someone in strength doesn't mean you're better fighter, Raph won cuz of his brute strength and power, he trapped Leo's swords, then brake them which is f.. logic in real life, Leo need to buy some good and solid katans and it was his mistake.. But to mention Leo could've easily sliced his neck or face at 3:47 because if you look at this scene Raph was standing stiff while he dodged the sword.. Leo just didn't do that. Raph has always been the strongest turtle but not the best fighter, Leo is.
T i r e d (2 days ago)
I love how no matter what happens. This will be one of the most, if not most iconic fight scenes involving the turtles in TMNT history. Just the fact it's really the only time wesee Leonardo and Rapheal truly fight. And we even almost see a winner. Its so iconic.
Leo got arrogant and Ralph was like "nah you ain't shit" and no wonder Ralph kicked his ass...
Issy Manissy (7 days ago)
Me and my brother be like...
Midget Vision (10 days ago)
Better than Batman V Superman.
Raccoon Shoes (12 days ago)
Childhood anyone?
Mj Mejias (12 days ago)
deadpoolinthehouse (14 days ago)
Loves Raph's voice actor in this.
WaYloR 99 (15 days ago)
sai master (15 days ago)
Raph would beat Leo and for 2 reasons only, strength wise and weapon wise sai can snap katanas anyday
Brittany Howard (18 days ago)
I want more scenes like THIS in future TMNT Movies (If we ever get any.) It shows the Turtle Brothers as, what they should always be portrayed as, Brothers. They bicker and argue and say some real deep shit about each other. Leo makes valied points to Raph being hot-temped and impatience, how his actions could risk the very lives of their family. While Raph fires back saying that Leo is smug and how they should go back to what they had. ("You think the world revolves around you; You cant just leave home and then come back, expecting us to all fall back in line, Like your little soldiers") The other movies (Excluding the Michael Bay ones) had something similar to this, but they went as deep and full of emotion as this one was. I really hope they do this with the other brothers in the future movies. A fan can dream.
Seany P (20 days ago)
All the kids who liked Ralph a lot are in prison now. I haven't been caught yet.
Miles Lane (21 days ago)
You aren’t ready You’re impatient And hot-tempered And more importantly, I’m better than you Chills every time 🙌
Hunter Hoehn (21 days ago)
I loved this movie when it came out, still do
Cupcake Swirl2233 (27 days ago)
Can we take a minute to thank the artist for this??!!
NachoParadise (28 days ago)
3:46 Are we going to ignore the fact that Leo tried to stab Raph right in the neck? Other than that I love this scene
It was an all out fight. They were both mad at each other. Even though Raph won the fight, he didn’t win any point of the fight.
Dai_Do93 (27 days ago)
He wasn't actually trying to. Leo is a master of his swords, he could actually do real damage to people if he wanted to. He purposely held back to make a point to raph.
Usama Nain (28 days ago)
Just coming back to relive my childhood :)
Akua Adomako (29 days ago)
At the end Raph didnt finish it because he realised he was being an asshole
Nneoma Nnanna (1 month ago)
This movie is too serious That's what makes it boring
FennekinLover 2000 (1 month ago)
"I was training to be a better leader, for YOU! Why do you hate me for that?!" Holy crap, that line was delivered perfectly! Honestly, the voice acting in this scene is so powerful!
Alexandria Riegle (1 month ago)
I love u Leonardo
No Approval Needed (1 month ago)
The fight everybody wanted to see at the time. Trust me when I tell you this, there is a reason Leo is the leader..because hes the most balanced. People can argue about if he is the best "fighter" skill wise compared to Raph's intensity with this scene but that's why Raph isn't the leader. Leo understands the importance of their bonds both with Splinter and Don and Mikey, Raph altho is being the anti-authoritarian here tends to show his selfishness by risking the well being of their lifestyle for the sake of his own path. I love TMNT and all their personality traits. In a sense you can't blame Raph because he is the only turtle that expresses his feelings of alienation and the fact their outcasts, the difference is Leo deals with it more responsibly.
Vegan Life Change (1 month ago)
I wanna see Leo just whoop Raph. Also, they should have just continued this. Giant TMNT was dumb.
Eric Nino (1 month ago)
Vegan Life Change not gonna happen. Ralph is the better fighter
King3lite (1 month ago)
The voice acting....is flames
Cherish Brown (1 month ago)
Leo don't known it Ralph
BB Rules (1 month ago)
Not gonna lie I've always hated how Leo got involved with Raphs business. This fight wouldn't have happened if Leo stayed out of it. Say whatever you want
TundraLad (1 month ago)
''I'm done taking Orders...''
Jfal23 (1 month ago)
TundraLad cuz he a jealous lil bitch
John Charles (1 month ago)
He seriously couldn't tell that was Raph before knocking the helmet off? Look at the size and height of him in the nightwatcher outfit, it's super obvious. Plus, look at the hands of the outfit, those are clearly big mutant turtle hands with only three fingers and Leo couldn't even deduce that it's Raph?
Pan Makser (1 month ago)
I totally love this scene, forget how many times I've watched this
Molz 333 (1 month ago)
Anybody else keep thinking of Superboy from Young justice when watching this iconic masterpiece? Just me? Ok then 😂
potatis hero (1 month ago)
I remember this
Dagameplayer (1 month ago)
They should have turned this into a TV series.
SuperFan MusicMaker (1 month ago)
All this arguing about logic regarding the fight, yet no one points out the fact Leo doesn't notice the Nightwatcher has only three fingers and a large shell-shaped armour on his back. Or as Casey said earlier, he looks like "a giant metal turtle". Coupled with the fact that he does notice the Nightwatcher's temper, seeing Raph under the mask should not have been a surprise.
Lippester Lippester (1 month ago)
I use to have this toy hea my fav character fav outfit to my teacher took it and I'm pretty sure gave it to her kid
Red Hoovy (1 month ago)
I was 1 years old when this was made
Kevin Hernandez (1 month ago)
When you finally stand up to your older brother to respect you lol get these hands Leo literally
Chief Queef (1 month ago)
God this scene had me so emotional as a kid. Still puts me on an emotional rollercoaster now
Kimberly B. (1 month ago)
Reminds me of Thor and Loki tbh lol
Rax The Artic Wolf (1 month ago)
2:00 - 3:03 The tension this leads up to is insane! Absolutely amazing.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (1 month ago)
People just won’t stop arguing about this fight. & a lot people are still getting this whole scene all wrong. Especially with this “Leo holding back” piece of nonsense. They were both obviously & specifically mad & frustrated at each other, & they both fought for real. The damn script & even the writers themselves has even stated that this was an all fight a long time ago. So there most of you salty Leo fans go. Overall, it doesn’t matter who won the dumb fight (even though Raphael obviously won the FIGHT fight), at the end of the day..... they both lost. & they both lost because they thought they could prove a point if either of them win this fight, but the truth was, there was no point in fighting each other to begin with. so they both lost. That’s what this whole scene was trying to prove. This whole movie was about getting the band back together. & realizing that fighting with each other is so much better than fighting against. & Leo & Raph ultimately learn that after this fight. They both did wrong here. Leo shouldn’t of ignorantly attacked Raphael with discouragement & disrespect. Especially when he said “I’m better than you.” & Raph shouldn’t of took it so serious to the point where he would want to end this “once & for all.” In the end though, they apologized to each other, forgave, & fought with each other like true brothers. “THE END.........”
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (1 month ago)
Jfal23 well goddamn. who the fuck pissed in your mouth?
Jfal23 (1 month ago)
REFLECT GREATNESS_ lmao shut up raph is weak asf compared to Leo. You want me to call raph so you can keep sucking on how fucking amazing he is and how he is the best fighter in the world? Huh? Thats what I thought
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (1 month ago)
silver 9spartan actually, there extremely hard. Raphael’s weapons are just incredibly powerful & he also has superhuman strength
silver 9spartan (1 month ago)
@REFLECT GREATNESS_ yea I get it but kitana are easy to break like that
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (1 month ago)
silver 9spartan exacly. & Raph did that out of skill & strength. But it doesn’t matter, the whole point in this scene was for them (especially Raph) to realize that this was wrong
spencer mason (1 month ago)
Basically Leo is the better fighter he only lost because he cares for Ralph just look at how lopsided the fight was before Leo figured out it was raph
If he’s so much better than Raph, he wouldn’t of lost to him. Yet, he did.
Christopher Lewis (1 month ago)
This whole scene is what makes this movie awesome. The rain and thunder, Leo and Raph expressing their feelings and emotions: It's like their own therapy.
matthew mann (1 month ago)
Leos heart was not really in it.
hmmm what?? (1 month ago)
this is the my first time seeing this fight and I have to say I'm disappointed as a leonardo fan to see this leo he is cocky arrogant and bratty this is not how leo would act this is how raph would act there few of his quotes that are good but leo won't tell raph that he is better than him or fight raph while raph is in this state it is clear he was trying to beat raph rather than help him over all the writers didn't know who leo is
Kellena Kroeckel (1 month ago)
I know right?!
BlueBlur17 (1 month ago)
Best tmnt movie
Jay W (1 month ago)
Leo always has the qualities of a leader but he never really wanted to carry that burden it was just his calling I relate to him the most. Always thoughtful of other even though he was so into bettering himself. Best ninja turtle
shadovex28 (1 month ago)
3:47 the fight is over, Leo wins. Leo was sparing, Raph was trying to hurt. If Leo was trying to hurt Raph that sword would have went right through his head.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (1 month ago)
Leo still lost. No excuses
Smokey Dawg (1 month ago)
I swear I don’t remember this film being entirely animated
Johnny Test vs Deadpool lol
cosmic-sarcasm 18 (1 month ago)
“I was training, training to be a better leader, for you...why do you hate me for that?” My favorite line in this movie
Carson Wade (1 month ago)
Al Rey (1 month ago)
Okay, so I just read the comments and I have to say......... Raph won the fight and Leo didn't " _hold back_ " Cuz why would you hold back when you're on defensive mode? He wasn't trying to attack Raph offensively anyway, but he did fail to defend against Raph's attacks so according to fight rules... he loses.
Al Rey (15 days ago)
@Claude Makelele ...if he didn't fail then how come he got punched and knocked over?
Claude Makelele (16 days ago)
He failed to defend against Ralph's attacks? Really? Watch the video again
Al Rey (1 month ago)
This was the moment I've been waiting for in the entire tmnt universe. And this movie finally gave it to me. The tension and rivalry between Raph and Leo was finally addressed directly here. The conversation I've been waiting for. The inevitable fight I've been longing for \(︶▽︶)/
MP ConZ (1 month ago)
Al Rey Highly agree
Duan3 (2 months ago)
In my opinion I this is the best tmnt movie ever I rlly wish they had a sequel to it to pay off the ending with Karai talking about the shredder
Mr Lakiro (2 months ago)
lol lol (2 months ago)
3:47 leo would kill Ralph right here. His sword is on ralph’s shoulder.
76e (2 months ago)
What was the game for this again?
Draft Party (2 months ago)
Dont make me cry now
Afro Samurai (2 months ago)
For everyone saying Raph won this fight, pause the video at 3:38 seconds. If Leo had been fighting anyone else that would have been a death blow, but because it’s his brother he just scrapes his armor.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (2 months ago)
For everyone saying Raph won are pausing at this 4:03 & this 4:09. It’s not at all hard to notice raph won lol
JonnyCashh (2 months ago)
U gotta hold back against ur brother
Master MoJo (2 months ago)
Leo isn't a defensive fighter that's why he loss
kaenan_alchem 565 (2 months ago)
I remember when Deadpool used to be a turtle
Gman Gardner (2 months ago)
Not gonna lie I’d gave the win to Leo overall technique ....but Ralph was weighed down a bit by his armor...but he didn’t use the armor to his advantage in my opinion
DDLC Protagonist (2 months ago)
You leo fans are just as much blinded by your fanboyness as ralph is rage lmao, Leo clearly said before the fight that he was better than Ralph, why would he say that and hold back?, He would give it his all to beat him and show him who's better, but he didn't and there is also proof from the writers themselves so yanno.
Katherine Cullens (2 months ago)
This movie was one of the best TMNT movies EVER,
super sayian blue goku (2 months ago)
So Leo can be the most savage turtle and then lose to hi younger brother repeatedly.............................................................................................................................. GREAT LOGIC
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (2 months ago)
super sayian blue goku 2003 versions, same age. 2012 versions, same age. 1980s & 90s versions, same age. 2014-2016 versions, same age. Mirage versions, same age. IDW version is confusing. When they were humans, they were probably days, weeks, months, or possibly even a year apart from each other, but when there new life occurred, they were all rebirthed as turtles.... at the same age. All tmnt incarnations are 15+ years old at the same age
super sayian blue goku (2 months ago)
@REFLECT GREATNESS_ it sort of depends witch tmnt turtles you are referring
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (2 months ago)
super sayian blue goku well the point is, they did. So that they can make things more sensible
super sayian blue goku (2 months ago)
@REFLECT GREATNESS_ dude but this us science fiction they don't need to apply to regular logic
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (2 months ago)
super sayian blue goku all turtles lay multiple eggs on the same day. They don’t just hatch on the next day, or week, sometimes even months. They’ve already proved that they were all born on the same day
GODSPEED (2 months ago)
Me and my brother lmao
Trench1 (2 months ago)
Leonardo yelling in the background, hey Raph where you goin I know where you live!
Kawaki (2 months ago)
This film gets a lot of hate because Leo lost.
StarGazing _freak (2 months ago)
" *I'm better than you* " "What the---"
Kellena Kroeckel (2 months ago)
I’m just gonna say it now: there’s too many times they pointed fingers.
Just a Regular Guy (2 months ago)
This movie was actually really good
Joey the viking (2 months ago)
This movie is cool but it would've been better if we actually knew why they quit fighting crime which would result in this scene making more sense and elaborating more on why Leo went to central America. It honestly feels like their could've been another movie before they made this one. In this one they don't really explain things well.
Indomitable confidence (2 months ago)
Raph is the best fighter
Frenie Newbear (2 months ago)
I remember when I first watched this, I didn't quite understand what was happening because I was just getting into TMNT. I did remember who the turtles were and that Leo was my favorite. Good times.
Yophi Smith (2 months ago)
For those arguing over who is a better fighter. We are missing the importance of this scene in context with the entire movie. It’s so awesome and we are arguing over who wins the fight or who is a better fighter. In truth, it doesn’t matter. It’s what this means. Leonardo HAD to lose this fight and he knew he would. His first mission was to stop the vigilante from taking a path fueled by vengeance and he was easily beating Ralph. You can say the armor and the helmet; you’re missing the point. Leonardo returned and was trying to be a better leader by NOT having others become like them. In order to do that, the vigilante had to lose and Leo best him. Once Leo saw that it was Raph under the helmet, the mission changed. Now it was a mending of the relationship and showing Raph that he’s not on the right path. Ralph’s anger is what fueled this fight and Leo’s line of “I’m better than you” had NOTHING to do with fighting skills. We are missing out on how great the writers were with the dynamic between these two brothers. If Leonardo continued and defeated Raphael, it would only fuel his anger more. ALL of the vigilantism Raph was doing wasn’t to protect anyone. He didn’t care about saving lives. He wanted to prove he was better than Leonardo. So even though Leo got some good hits, when it came down to the strike, Leo CLEARLY SAW that Raph was going to break his weapons but didn’t even try to stop him but instead tries his strength against Raph when he KNOWS Raph is stronger than he is physically? Raph had to finally win and be better than Leo in order to see...he’s NOT better. In all of Ralph’s anger, he was willing to kill his own brother. Once he did that, he snapped back to reality and immediately felt the guilt of all he’d done. Leo did this on purpose because he’s a leader. It didn’t hurt his pride one bit to lose this fight because he gained his brother back. Such a brilliant scene and many are missing its depth to argue over who is better. We all have our opinions about who we LIKE but it’s shown here by the writers that Raph was hot headed and jealous and his anger turned to bitterness and he took it out on people in the streets. Leo wasn’t a leader because he didn’t know how to unify his brothers or help them deal with their issues. Both of them were lost and this climax scene gave tremendous growth to BOTH characters and unified the turtles because Raph went to his brothers to HELP Leo and acknowledged him thus dropping the feud. Leo had to lose...that’s why he stopped being angry with Raph and LET Raph break his swords. At THAT point, Leo FINALLY learned his lesson. As soon as he learned his, he let Raph be better so Raph could learn his! Together, the four turtles are unbeatable. Leo had to learn that and at the end of the movie, they were a unit again. Such great writing. Shame they dropped it and made no sequel. I
Yophi Smith (2 months ago)
@B0SSMxN305 Nice to meet you Mr. James
B0SSMxN305 (2 months ago)
@Yophi Smithif you're an english teacher I'm LeBron James
Yophi Smith (2 months ago)
@B0SSMxN305 Sorry bro, I'm an English teacher ;-)
B0SSMxN305 (2 months ago)
Calm down bro this isnt english class
Yophi Smith (2 months ago)
Every time the Turtles go dark, they never follow through. Such a great movie and great scene here
Cristienssen Chali (2 months ago)
This is just like captain america vs iron man.
BlueAshes (2 months ago)
2007.... 20 year ol guy waiting in line for the movie on his day off...and yet the 5 old year i inner child was hyped as hell!!! and though Ralph has always beenmy favorite.. we know he was aiming to really hurt Leo..and Leo was just to knock him down really hard
Elias Reed LoL (2 months ago)
Good movie
RakHA Setiadi (2 months ago)
Vince Saligue (2 months ago)
Leonardo. Best fighter. Broke his katana tho
Errordemn6 (2 months ago)
Leo is Spiderman voice actor
Cheryl McHugh-Hall (3 months ago)
I loved when leo said "good night dark prince" and " I'm better than you" 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Leo is my favorite now. We love you Leonardo. 😉😉😉😉
Andy Duong (3 months ago)
Kinda reminds me of Naruto vs Sasuke....
Breezy Style (3 months ago)
This one fight is already better than most live action fights we get now
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (2 months ago)
I wouldn’t say all of them
Midnight Vloger (3 months ago)
* Leo: goodnight dark prince* * Raph: grunting and getting up * *me: RAPH OH MY GOD RAPH ARE YOU HURT* * Leo: y...y/n I am so sorry * *me: grabs Raph and walks back to base *
Hunter Avants (1 month ago)
Midnight Vloger (3 months ago)
This is what I don’t get: listen to the fight and you can hear Raph grunting and stuff and Leo can not hear it if he could he would know who it is
Midnight Vloger (2 months ago)
BlueAshes (2 months ago)
maybe as in comments his lines were all in his mind, and the grunt...well a heavy rain, a semi dark roof top and a metal effect from his helmet maybe modified a bit the things..but yeah the shell shaped armour was pretty obvious
Macoladon C (3 months ago)
hydroshock18 (3 months ago)
Ratchet vs Nathan Drake
Katie Jewelcrafter (3 months ago)
This was actually the first time I heard about TMNT. My cousins pulled out this movie for us to watch. Now I'm still a fan, especially since this was one of the best fight scenes I've seen.
brandon wilburn (3 months ago)
Very exciting fight
Stefan Savić (3 months ago)
I understand u Raph...
greato80 (3 months ago)
This scene better than both rebooted movies.
Luc Penfold (3 months ago)
I really feel like Leonardo was holding back in this fight
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (3 months ago)
But he still lost though. No exuses.
Ocelotl Yoatl (3 months ago)
I love how confused he gets when he breaks his katanas, like he looks down at them with a "what the fuck?" Look on his face
Jordan Nantau (3 months ago)
this was one of the best scenes in the whole film. i loved the 2007 film. i don't understand how people hate it.
REFLECT GREATNESS_ (3 months ago)
It wasn’t terrible, just a little disappointing in my opinion. We all have opinions. A lot of people liked this

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