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Splinter vs Bebop & Rocksteady 2/2 (TMNT 2012)

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Zachariah Kelley (18 days ago)
I always want to see splinter vs rocksteady
Deined (2 months ago)
Outside of the times he beat Shredder, this is definitely one of Splinter's crowning moments in this show. He beat all of Shredder's lieutenants easily (sans Stockman; I don't think he was even in this adventure) and only Karai _kinda_ got a blow in on him.
Dragonfire Z2 (26 days ago)
@Deined ok i was just wandering if it was the whole series in general chill bro.😕
Deined (1 month ago)
@Dragonfire Z2 It was kinda obvious I was only talking about this episode. >_>
Dragonfire Z2 (1 month ago)
Leo got a hit in as well. But idk if u r talking about the series as a whole or just this episode.
Speedy_Squirrel 15 (1 day ago)
Karai, he is coming... He's--
The Fanatic,Fikrul (2 months ago)
*knocked out*
House M.D (4 months ago)
Splinter just used beepop like a wing Chun.
Jorden Strother (6 months ago)
Well that was short and also first

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