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Batman vs TMNT | Fight Scene

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Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2019) Movie Info: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9775360/
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Hector Bustamante (1 day ago)
Damn the turtles can dodge laser fire from Dimension X goons and Krang tech but can’t dodge any Batman attacks? Worst can’t land one shot on Batman. That sucks
Erica Moore (1 day ago)
batman destroyed these turtles
Llama Party (1 day ago)
*wait, is that animal abuse?*
TMNT has nothing for a Batman
Maskedgamer 2001 (2 days ago)
I like Batman but I love being a 🐢
He is vengeance he is the night he is an overrated piece of trash in blue and yellow tights. It's! BATMAN!
Master Turtle (3 days ago)
This fight reminds me of the first fight between the Turtles and Usagi in TMNT 2012.
11I00OO1I0O1Il (3 days ago)
Abdega (4 days ago)
3:16 “So that’s what that feels like”
YaSherif Da Gamer (5 days ago)
That was awesome ✅ wish the TMNT go back to the 2003 artistic look 👍🏽
Wats next iron man vs tmnt or captain America vs tmnt
Madd Jason (5 days ago)
Man, the 2003 TMNT would've busted his Batskull open 🤣🤣😎
CBGaming (3 days ago)
Madd Jason no 😂
Ching Chong (5 days ago)
Til this day my mind is still blown that this batman was voiced by troy baker. A perfect replacement for Kevin Conroy once hes done with batman.
Tim Orrall (6 days ago)
This is new to me
LEGOmega102 (6 days ago)
"Whoever you are, you'd better back the hell away from my brothers!" This is why Leo is my favorite turtle, because he's responsible, and still cares about them.
TheTriangle444 (6 days ago)
letsgoracing78 (7 days ago)
Yes batman would win but it shouldn't be these easy the turtles are better then this. They definitely down played their skills a little. Raphael alone should have gotten a couple hits in at lest.
The WerewolfF (5 days ago)
letsgoracing78 the point is the turtles don’t act enough as a team and throw each other off. Later in the movie Leo is shown to be better able to handle his own against batman in a one and one fight because he doesn’t have to deal with his brothers.
TheBlues32 (7 days ago)
The problem was Raphael rushing in to begin with. A coordinated attack would have been more difficult.
JayBoy1987 (7 days ago)
I know another version of the Turtles that would destroy Batman
Injustice 2 be like:
Adjekota Michael (8 days ago)
This movie is going well for me 😉😎
Ganraj Zore (8 days ago)
TMNT got beaten like trash wow this movie was awesome later they unite
Reven (8 days ago)
2:50 AAAAANNNNNDDD there goes his fingers..........
Pink Guy (9 days ago)
And this is the exact reason why I love Batman
Dominator Prime (9 days ago)
Wow Batman vs teenage mutant ninja turtles more like Batman beating up the teenage mutant Ninja turtles XD
Kevin Navarrete (9 days ago)
Mikey: Think fast (jumps behind Batman) Batman: dodges move* Mikey: he thought too fast I love Mikey 😂
Devil543 XC23 (9 days ago)
2:56 Leo did not just swear in a Kid's cartoon!
The WerewolfF (5 days ago)
Devil543 XC23 “Hell” isn’t a swear word. I don’t understand why people think it is. Also this isn’t a kid’s cartoon. There’s blood and Brutal deaths in this movie. Its a teens to adults movie.
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Richard Parker (10 days ago)
Lol the comedy writing in this is excellent.
Amrit Kalsi (10 days ago)
shit like this is ma thang
Ram jatan (10 days ago)
Batman is not able to win the teenage turtoise
Will Moore (11 days ago)
Post the movie
A.S MARVELOUS (12 days ago)
They just had to throw in lesbians. Thumbs down.
Retro 2005 (11 days ago)
First off nothing wrong with that and second they could just be friends eating out
Tyler Brown (12 days ago)
so dc has the power to crossover with the power rangers and the tmnt yet we still don't have a tmnt and power ranger cross cartoon or comic book
Truman Burbank (12 days ago)
Why couldn't they use this animation for Rise of the TMNT 2018???
Mr. Crack (13 days ago)
Cowabunga it is
Hairo Takashi (13 days ago)
Batman can vanish faster
Aiden Pearisaeff (13 days ago)
Batman's so skinny in this why?
Don't Censor (13 days ago)
Lee Namin (13 days ago)
Way to throw some weird lesbian shit in to brainwash kids
Retro 2005 (11 days ago)
Nothing wrong with being lesbian
Uravity Star (14 days ago)
Leo said a bad word I’m shook
William Kerfoot (14 days ago)
So Batman can beat these guys yet he can't beat Shredder?
Yafet Shibeshi (14 days ago)
Why can't the live action adaptation of Batman be this cool
Antoine Turner (15 days ago)
i'm kinda glad i didn't see the movie. animation's great and all, but i didn't like the fight sequence, they could've done better than that
Justin Stein (15 days ago)
I like to be a tmnt series move from Nickelodeon to CBS
Katherine Long (15 days ago)
Ninja turtles take my advice never mess with someone that been fighting crimes way longer than you have.
Nehemiah Worthey (15 days ago)
Man why Batman did my dog michatello toes like that😭😭
KingreX32 (15 days ago)
I was hoping the turtles would put up more of a fight. Especially you Leo. The hell.
loafhero (16 days ago)
I love the Turtles design here. A combination of 2003, 2012 and the IDW comics look.
Noob Artist600 (16 days ago)
A bit of bias in Batmans favour. Without prep time he could certainly not 1 v 4 all the turtles. one to one yes.
Gacha Anastasija (16 days ago)
Omg I love tmnt but why it says "batman Vs tmnt"
Xelocon (16 days ago)
Arguably not the weirdest reptiles Batman has seen.
VPR TECHNICAL (17 days ago)
Good old child hood bat
LetMeBeDatGuy (17 days ago)
congrats batman you beat up a butch of 15 yr olds XDXDXD
triforce13 (17 days ago)
The turtles thought they could square with Batman lmao
mohammed sameer (18 days ago)
Man he wasn’t supposed to beat them with gadgets
Click Clack (18 days ago)
Спишем это на то, что черепахи еще юные и им не хватает опыта. Позор блять.
Diverse 341 (16 days ago)
Как бы они итого только год борятся со Шреддером и со остальными Мутантами, потому не умопомрачительно что у их не достаточно опыта)
Taurus (18 days ago)
He would've looked wayyy better in black rather than that stupid blue
Nic Name (17 days ago)
I didn't mind the classic colors, but I do agree with you
savage pervert (18 days ago)
Damn i love tmnt but that was fucking embarrassing but accurate
michael hamilton (20 days ago)
Ninja Turtles don't realize they're fighting a ninja.
Fortnite Ninija (20 days ago)
Strider (20 days ago)
I mean I get Batman is the smartest man detective kung fu fighting bat around but seriously...The turtles combined don't get one hit on him. Can't say I'm a fan of the balance here. Or should I say bias
Dark Thrashell (16 days ago)
The turtles fight their best as a team, notice how Batman never fights more than 1 turtle at any given time, he separates them and even uses the gadgets to keep them from fighting together, Batman can go toe on toe with shredder and give him the beating of his life but neither of them can take on the turtles when they coordinate but as a 1v1... this is totally accurate.
Kommissar Krownen (20 days ago)
"I think we should see other people" "But I don't like other people" *Cries*
raspar sanchez (20 days ago)
Si tuviera subtítulos sería mucho mejor
DJ Case (20 days ago)
They didn't have a chance
Da'Cedric Moore (21 days ago)
Hell nah the turtles ain’t even hit him once they got my niggas fucked up
degingerked (21 days ago)
Donatello: it’s ninja vanish time Batman and my dad: Hold my beer
Are these turtles from 2003?
Dragon Sword (21 days ago)
This version of both the Turtles and Batman were made for this movie.
alonso villafranco05 (21 days ago)
I would’ve love to see this one in live action, would’ve been way much better.
Partial Bullet (22 days ago)
This fight sucks Where is the teamwork
Grazo_ 101 (22 days ago)
Wait I haven’t seen the Ninja Turtles in a long time Now they cuss Leo: Who ever u are you better back the HELL away from my brothers 2:55
Dragon Sword (21 days ago)
Didn't they cuss in the first live-action movie? In fact, wasn't the first line from a turtle in that movie a cuss word?
Chloe -ω- (22 days ago)
2:42 - pretty sure Batman went for the nips on purpose.. I know you can kick ass, but that was just a dick move -_-
RequiemPoete (22 days ago)
The cross over I didn't know I needed until I saw it existed.
Tanvir Tajwar (22 days ago)
This is the real batman. Not like the one in JL.
Daddy Führer (23 days ago)
Oh shit lesbians
LegacyKnight3000 (23 days ago)
Hard to believe this was after his big fight with Shredder too.
Rayquaza_Is_Da_Boi (23 days ago)
How the hell does Batman throw the turtles around like 20 feet in their air it would be one thing if he out maneuvered them and outmatched them with his fighting prowess alone but he literally overpowered them in strength which is something he should not be able to do
Jaehwa Jeong (23 days ago)
Ya know what's even more crazy than Batman single-handedly beating all 4 turtles? He was injured from his fight with the Shredder right before this!
mrfalzar9 (23 days ago)
They nerfed TMNT here totally..... especially Leo, his reaction speed + movement + attack speed was way slower than in orginals.
Porfirio Mendez (23 days ago)
Me gusta lap película
Atlantic games (23 days ago)
leonardo can beat batman
Shaun Blyth (23 days ago)
When you consider Batman's level of training and his evenly matched fight with Shredder who's been shown to be a serious handful even for all four turtles Batman beating them here makes allot of sense
Shade753 (23 days ago)
Did anyone actually expect the turtals to win?
Lindsey Lovelette (24 days ago)
Batman: Ninja... turtles? Me: No Batman. They're Kung Fu frogs. Anyone get the reference?
Trent Gaines (22 days ago)
I get it!
Black Dawg (24 days ago)
wow leo said hell not shell Splinter is gonna wash his mouth out with soap when he gets home
Mr.13 (24 days ago)
I love that Raph through a garbage can at him. This was made for nerds who know the ins and outs of both franchises.
Whats next (24 days ago)
Next up Batman vs shredder
zirconviper (24 days ago)
What would a Ninja Turtles/Ninja Gaiden crossover be like?
Go Sports (24 days ago)
So what do the token lesbians add to this scene?
darin romano (25 days ago)
Steffon Doyle (25 days ago)
4 turtles getting schooled by 1 bat.
Partner of the Light (25 days ago)
As a fan of both Batman and TMNT, this scene was extremely disappointing to me. If these iterations of turtles were even a quarter as skilled and competent as the ones from the 2003 animated series or the ones from the 2012 animated series, this fight would've been incredible to behold. But instead we got four green weaklings getting beaten up by the Bat-God.
Nanamon66 (25 days ago)
1:41... What were they talking about ;-;
Lynda Phillip (25 days ago)
Jesus Bats is Godmode nowadays
once upon a death (25 days ago)
Green Cm (26 days ago)
That wasn't even worth giving it a "vs".....that was a one-sided ass-whooping.......The real "vs" was Batman vs Shredder.
Better than Batman vs superman. And Superman can only lift 260ids.
Christopher Koester (26 days ago)
Complete and utter trash. Nice fail, WB.
Christopher Koester (21 days ago)
Darth Vader LoL, that’s not how fighting works. Somebody who learns every style has put less time into any one style than someone who mastered one style. MMA fighters blend fighting styles or master one style and learn techniques from another. It’s logic. Further more, Batman beat super man multiple times. It’s ridiculous. Batman will always win, provided Warner bros made the project. Completely biased.
Darth Vader (21 days ago)
Christopher Koester Btw batman has lost to superman aswell.
Darth Vader (21 days ago)
Christopher Koester Batman mastered every fighting style known to man, Thats why he beat the turtles so easy.
Christopher Koester (21 days ago)
Darth Vader also, they made the turtles look like a joke
Christopher Koester (21 days ago)
Darth Vader Warner bros made Batman over powered, as usual. They won’t even let Superman lose to Batman lol 😂
MEMES channel (26 days ago)
Like who think the Batman is best
richie9127 (26 days ago)
They should have made batman dark not blue

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