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White Girl ' Star Morgan Saylor | Sexual Content.

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A hard-partying, New York college freshman (Morgan Saylor) tries to get a drug dealer (Brian "Sene" Marc) out of jail. Initial release: 23 January 2016 Director: Elizabeth Wood Language: English Language Box office: 2 lakhs USD Screenplay: Elizabeth Wood Actress : Morgan Saylor Morgan Saylor was born in Chicago and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. The love of acting and storytelling were apparent at an early age. In her early teens, she began performing in local and regional stage productions. In 2009, Morgan was cast as Dana Brody, on Showtime's "Homeland" when she was fifteen years old. The acclaimed television show was ... Born: October 26, 1994 in Chicago, Illinois, USA #WhiteGirl #MorganSaylor #ElizabethWood
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Text Comments (5)
The secret man (10 days ago)
Sexy man ha
Anthony Blakneu (25 days ago)
That is discusting the way that old man raped that girl.
Havock King (7 days ago)
Yh i just did watch it on netflix
Elvyre Tv (16 days ago)
Anthony Blakneu You should watch the whole movie on Netflix
kathir c (1 month ago)

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