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2019 Big Booty White Girls Twerk Compilation part 2

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Text Comments (328)
BAE DIS (12 hours ago)
Leslie Thompson (23 hours ago)
So sexy i want you im a girl and im 39
1:56 😏😏😏😏🍆🍑😏😏😏😏💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💧🤫
Luis Lopez (2 days ago)
i like number #1
Jacob Ingram (3 days ago)
the first one and at 6:10 got me 🤤
m0StWanted SaVvy (3 days ago)
2:05 is the best
NuGg3t 456 (4 days ago)
clem in sicko mode (4 days ago)
Jay Leezy (4 days ago)
That first chick can get her salad tossed
Victor Ortega (4 days ago)
Try not to get a boner 😂
cutie sushii (7 days ago)
1:56 is that malu's mom?
Love Cool (8 days ago)
I love
Ana Alibawan (8 days ago)
Who is the girl at the first part?
onix wu tang (9 days ago)
STRIKER 70869 (10 days ago)
This Is So Sexy OMG 🤤😍😉👏👏👏👏👏👏
Elias Venegaz (10 days ago)
Amir Hodges (10 days ago)
White women are evolving.
Kadiatou Sko (11 days ago)
Vous twerke bien vous c est tous belle
Kadiatou Sko (11 days ago)
avec des gros bisous est des gros faice
Kadiatou Sko (11 days ago)
je m'appelle cheick
CarlosGamer 614-ALV (12 days ago)
What’s her insta @2:53
Peter Skarpiass (12 days ago)
WTF 2:45 is my step mom
MR_BONNALACK Lopez (13 days ago)
Ricardo Rubio (15 days ago)
3:32 she is a man am I wrong😕
beastboy06 lit (16 days ago)
All my life I've been with 1 white girl now I gotta find one with a ass🤔
Therry Charles (17 days ago)
I like that ass girl
Mario Teran (18 days ago)
Just do this 👉👌
shazam billy (19 days ago)
I'm gonna be fucking all of them
Brayden Chase (19 days ago)
Wish 9:08 was my wife
LTGRAY6 Gaming (20 days ago)
Terry Pattler (20 days ago)
Can I Bite That BigAss
Terry Pattler (20 days ago)
Nice big ass
Joshua Romero (23 days ago)
Dj Pitts (29 days ago)
Fizzle 2 (29 days ago)
Dick so hard the metal detector going off
A M (30 days ago)
I would like to tongue punch you’re prolapsed buttholes
Jerry Novak (30 days ago)
White girls with cake is life. 😍😍😍😍
Michael Roblo xmichael (30 days ago)
Sex right now
Jermaine Latimer (1 month ago)
Very nice.
K a l i a h ? (1 month ago)
Omg 6:25
K a l i a h ? (28 days ago)
Hi-Top Idk lol
SH4Y0N (28 days ago)
I saw your vids 😂😂😂😂
SH4Y0N (28 days ago)
K a l i a h ? Why are you watching this you kid! 😂😂
war dogs (1 month ago)
0:10. i wish i could fuck that big ass
Lia Masriah (1 month ago)
My dick 😘
Enver Fatihoğlu (1 month ago)
First women name pls
Dragons120 Beast (1 month ago)
Id enjoy my dick in that ass getting clapped.
Damin Mance (1 month ago)
This is why I love white women they are way cooler
Raul reese (1 month ago)
This site caught my attention they can move them beautiful booties
Raul reese (1 month ago)
Hot and sexy talented
Hype Kid (1 month ago)
3:33 8=================D 👉👌😰
Hpk (1 month ago)
Hpk (1 month ago)
8:30 name pls???
Mazen Walid (1 month ago)
Paola skye
supermario XD (1 month ago)
One like to fuck all of them
random clips (1 month ago)
Kajsiab Xyooj (1 month ago)
Nicole Tingey (1 month ago)
Mmmmmmm id motor boat every ass in this video
Tucker Hill (1 month ago)
1:27 her booty look pink as hell
Tyy Prest (1 month ago)
Weird Al Yancey (1 month ago)
DOUGLAS SALGUERO (1 month ago)
DOUGLAS SALGUERO (1 month ago)
Damm heyy 957 ... Oh brother
Cece K (1 month ago)
WOW I.....😐
staykami (1 month ago)
I lasted till 3:24
VaypraGaming (1 month ago)
Brandon Kingcade (1 month ago)
2:00 to the end to sexy
Craig king (2 months ago)
Her name at 4:06
乁dragon違 (1 month ago)
Same fr she seems valuable af
МИХАИЛ (2 months ago)
All nice.
baakkoo G (2 months ago)
Fabio Faz (2 months ago)
AGE 5+
chris cowan (2 months ago)
I all so like big booty white girls black girls I don't just like white girls y'all
chris cowan (2 months ago)
omg booty in 2019 bro like big booty white girls y'all
LivingL3gendz (2 months ago)
One hand holding my phone and another on a big black hard coverd bible because I'm a Christian
Phatom RG (2 months ago)
00:00 through 10:11 is the best
Brayden Chase (19 days ago)
I know right
Brayden Chase (19 days ago)
That’s all of themm
Solo Dolo (2 months ago)
Love my white girls with bodies like this that can take big dick like its nothing
Shaon Jones m (2 months ago)
I have no ass and I can’t do this yet I can twerk my chest 😂
Extrodinary Cucomber (29 days ago)
Lol where is your proof?
funny ent (2 months ago)
I will always love my snow bunnies
funny ent Redd Jones their not yours stay with your own kind. I’m tired of you black men being racist as hell to us white guys if we just try to be nice to you but you want to fuck white women. Good thing when their in their 30”s most of them grow Brains and leave you guys to marry a white guy because they no were what’s best. And you calling them snow bunnies is racist and they wouldn’t like you saying that their yours like you own them. No white girl wants to be talked to like she’s own. I bet you only get the fat ugly white women if any at all. You wouldn’t get these white women look at you. I should have no problem approaching any white women I want if they go for you I’m more better looking than you.
Sherquatta Burroughs (2 months ago)
Amalia Sandor (2 months ago)
Evan Tomlinson (2 months ago)
Omari Pratt (2 months ago)
White girl booty is delicious asf
K Guye (2 months ago)
They look caked
K Guye (2 months ago)
K Guye (2 months ago)
Dem lips tho
Robert Brown (2 months ago)
Nice booty REAL HOT TWERKING girls
Blake Williams (2 months ago)
What's the name of the beat ill pay
For The Culture (2 months ago)
30 dollars and i got you
Jaquecia Rooks (2 months ago)
I can smell her through this video ugh
Tyy Prest (2 months ago)
Tyy Prest (2 months ago)
Gosh im in LOVE with the blonde babi with. The tattoo on her big PRETTY ass😍😍🔥🍴🔒🍴👋😋👋😋
Ja' Vill Milliner (2 months ago)
That big booty
Matheus Henrique (2 months ago)
Love blond
Kurby Setay (2 months ago)
God can forgive us this a part of boys life
KICKED CHEESE (2 months ago)
dat ass 9:08
Tyy Prest (2 months ago)
3:02 Whats her name
Oscar Martinez (2 months ago)
2:10 🙌🙌🙌👅👅👍👍🌷🌷🌷
Tyy Prest (2 months ago)
Tyy Prest (2 months ago)
5:17 BOUNCING👍🔥🔥🔥🔥
LTGRAY6 Gaming (20 days ago)
She a porn star stassi rossi
Zach Montgomery (2 months ago)
pOuDiI wicked (2 months ago)
Aye this off topic but what is the instrmental playing in the background
Salv Flores (2 months ago)
look white or black women is the cutes n sexiest creation of god
Ian Mitcham (2 months ago)
You better not type in something lovu allot always Mizz booti gay ass butt- nutz
Eman Norris (2 months ago)
4:42 what's her name
Kendonian lord (2 months ago)
Eman Norris mandy kay
Donny Sandley (2 months ago)
Pretty damn good until the obese asses get in there 😬 ugh 😲
Jashun Brown (2 months ago)
Cummed twice

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