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My Experience with Loose Skin & Compression Clothing

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Text Comments (7724)
Rhonda M (1 day ago)
I can see how much it helps. Wow! Thanks for sharing
Jorge Andres (4 days ago)
Congrants man!
Gay Emoji (5 days ago)
My guy, you are an absolute legend 🔥🔥👏 Thanks for inspiring us
Araceli Gallegos (6 days ago)
LEXICON DEVIL (9 days ago)
Sorry guys but there's nothing that can make me feel okay with loose skin. Let this video motivate us fat asses to not rush and to make sure we have the proper diet and work out plan.
Roof with josh CM (10 days ago)
How you lose weight
J. Smithson (10 days ago)
Thanks! Two months into my journey and 40 pounds down. You inspire me.
lisa corimbi (12 days ago)
call doc Now, the one who has the clinic in houston. i' m sure he can remove your skin. c' on
Sage Garden (14 days ago)
Great job my friend but why not just get the extra Skin removed  ? So many people do it. I hope you do .
Easton A21 (15 days ago)
its american tom holan
Tiffany Johnson (15 days ago)
Man boobs, thighs rubbing? This man understands me as a woman❤
Amr0d (15 days ago)
Will the go back after some time or will it stay this way?
Timothy Thomas (17 days ago)
Just came across tho his video, how much did you wind how much did you lose
YehBoiFausto626 (20 days ago)
DAmm bro thanks for the video bro
Keny For You (23 days ago)
You are a hero boy.
PeaceLoveAndRico (23 days ago)
Let's face it... you're ripped. I bet you could sell out in a heartbeat and model for compression clothing. You make it look💯🔥🔥🔥
Margaret Oloroso (23 days ago)
Nice.. 👏👏🖒good inspires..
dawn haynes (23 days ago)
Seriously 🤤
Your body is disgusting dude
Dale Frank (24 days ago)
Thank you. You have a beautiful body.
You are actually really handsome and have a lot of muscle
Chris Maggs (24 days ago)
great video! so inspiring, thank you!
ingrid ugarteche (24 days ago)
Omg...! You look amazing!! You are so brave to share!! Thank you so much! Does skin shrinks or what happens? Just curious because I'm lossing weight and I'm starting to see loose skin!! So happy for you!!
Stevie Darling (25 days ago)
Get the surgery if you can. It’s worth the money & recovery only sucks for a month. Save up & do it—it’ll change your life.
Remulac 66 (25 days ago)
💕💕💕 you look wonderful, blessings
husain shaikh (25 days ago)
Hi friend i am sameer from India...
Ivonne Suarez (25 days ago)
He's such a cute kid!
Franky Rod (25 days ago)
Mad respect! Very insightful.
Pangi Liba (25 days ago)
You're awesome dude .and you're very sexy and hot .
Charles Kerry (25 days ago)
Under all that skin you are muscular and tone. I don't know the history of your weight lost, but you obviously lost a'lot . Good job on weight lost.
David Fenton (25 days ago)
I luv this guy
Pat D (25 days ago)
are u tucking!? cause i can't see a dick in theyre
eljuli1003 (25 days ago)
how do you make cardio to burn fat without losing your muscles?
eljuli1003 (25 days ago)
you are my idol, man. My new inspiration.
Ronald Shaw (25 days ago)
Wow stud
Hazed Highlights (25 days ago)
He’s kinda like a bootleg Tom Holland
revaz surmanidze (26 days ago)
ремень сошей
Rick Walker (26 days ago)
Its incredibly admiral that your willing to put up with loose skin. I think its the content of your character the transparency and honesty that makes you the man you are today. any one who meets you would be honored to be your friend.
kamal Routewal (26 days ago)
Bro, you are champion
KJ The Beast (26 days ago)
You know you wouldn't need compression clothing if you was healthy & fit from a young age.
Yesss Just Smile Boo (26 days ago)
Love the video 😍
bigboy (26 days ago)
You cool
Lydia Tambini (26 days ago)
Try having boobs
Lara Stone (26 days ago)
Hey, just want to give you a shout out and say great job! I am a mom and have had a lot of issues with weight off and on over the years. I also do Crossfit and have a stomach that also has a little lose skin and ripped ab muscles that are slowly healing back together. Compression is an awesome thing. Also, if you are not allergic to coconut oil, you can wear some straight organic coconut oil to bed (Shower in the am) and it helps the skin slowly tighten over time. If you are allergice to things like that they also have skin firming lotions (I know, what guy wants to be all lotiony lol) Awesome videos and hoping to continue seeing them as you share your journey!
sou sou (26 days ago)
Quiero entender y no puedo 😭que sad😕
Remulac 66 (25 days ago)
Oh Lord
oh lala (27 days ago)
Can't you undergo for surgery to remove your excess skin? I think u already have great body
Jay (27 days ago)
The self confidence of this man
John Doe (27 days ago)
Congratulations brother.
Rhaine E. Daize (27 days ago)
One Rep, Two Rep, Three Reps More. I have no clue what the rest of your shirt said.. I just ad libbed. 😁
Salokhiddin Zukhurov (27 days ago)
Respect dude!
Ladonna Caldwell (1 month ago)
Inga Carlson (1 month ago)
Hi. I don't relate directly with your content but I do want to say that I really appreciate your content because I feel that not only does it provide information that might be otherwise difficult to find but also helps people see that they are not the only ones going through the things that they are. I love that you are relatable your audience.
sissy girl (1 month ago)
You can correct your loosen skin by wearing a full body second skin suit made with spandex, I've been wearing one for many years from a lower back injury and it controls my weight and the compression I need to walk again.
Justine Spink (1 month ago)
Wow. How one of the few people I've seen who claim to have loose skin and actually just have the loose skin. Typically there is a lot of subcutaneous fat as well. When i it is only skin, it's very thin, in the manner yours is. This is my first video of yours I've seen. How amazing that you changed your body so completely!
Welcome to having breasts, guys....
K&A Films (1 month ago)
To this day still don’t get your intro lol
Cheryl Taylor (1 month ago)
Welcome to the world of exercise with breasts. A problem for women, regardless of weight.
John Wayne Pettimore (1 month ago)
Thanks this worked for me! I was literally considering buying a bra before watching this video!
eternal promise (1 month ago)
Thanks for your bravery
Richard Miles (1 month ago)
Wow!...I didn't expect this kind of video...This channel looks interested...Let me subscribe to you now...
anthony means (1 month ago)
will the skin ever adjust to your new size?
anthony means (1 month ago)
+*Razzy can you donate it to burn victims or something like that?
*Razzy (1 month ago)
It can only adjust so much if you've stretched it out for a long time
Sara Mathous (1 month ago)
You're fucking adorable 😍
Samantha Ferguson (1 month ago)
Is it possible to tighten if you get loose skin or is it perminent?
Bcott Studios (1 month ago)
so your skin won't tightin up as time goes on?
Yvonne Kelly (1 month ago)
Try dry fasting
Chauncey Burgett (1 month ago)
I truly appreciate you, I’m still 300 pounds right now, I was 210 all muscle and skin. I’m built like a shit brick house but I can’t drop fat now, I’ve gotten old.
Wharton Builders Inc (1 month ago)
Bro you have a rockin' body. Skin is an organ it does it's thing. Your musculoskeletal structure is beautiful. Keep getting those gains!
linda parker (1 month ago)
Thank you for sharing.
digital furry (1 month ago)
Dx ahhhhhhhhh
Tony Robertson (1 month ago)
Fasting will help tighten that loose skin.
Tudo Bem Ser Diferente (1 month ago)
He is hot.
Alfonso Torres (1 month ago)
Will ur skin tight eventually?
Marco Rodriguez (1 month ago)
In my opinion i dont think his skin is that loose
rdesignsaustralia (1 month ago)
I love you
111111 1111111 (1 month ago)
To all overweight person Start losing weight before it’s too late. You don’t want that loose skin.
E-41 Cor (1 month ago)
You're a beast man! Everytime I hike or get on the stairmaster I think of you going beast on the machine and push harder.
DesoKPB (1 month ago)
This just reminds me of those assholes who bully people with loose skin. Those people need their ass beat.
Eugenio Tapia (1 month ago)
How much would skin removal surgery cost ? Also what weight did you start at and where are you at now ?
Neo Jeo (1 month ago)
Nice work man. I'm going to lose 60lbs and this is what im worried about. I guess it is what it is... Anything I can do as I lose weight to help with the extra skin? Creams? Pills?
Vixen Dais (2 months ago)
I wonder why 3.1k people disliked
Dentysta Statysta (2 months ago)
Heather Cortes (2 months ago)
Do you know if they make women's talls in compression gear? I usually have to buy men's stuff. I just lost 45lbs and have about that much to go. It was that or double knee replacement and hip surgery. Thanks but no thanks to that. I have noticed that I have weight loss everywhere even with no exercise. I am still too sick for that, but I'm getting better. You have more wiggle but in less places than me I think. Most if it doesn't bother me much. They make bras and tight jeans for girls. The biggest difference is the hanging skin on the stomach that I can't hide any more. Some is from weight loss, but most of it is probably from six pregnancies. Any suggestions? Keep in mind that I'm six feet tall. 99% of the girl stuff out there is too short for me. I usually end up dragging out the sewing machine. A dress that hits most girls' knees is a shirt on me. I wouldn't ask except I can't find anything. Plus that shirt you have (which is awesome) would smash my boobs which are fairly large.
Dylan Wheeler19 (2 months ago)
Who else thinks of him as an older Peter Parker.
magic_pelayo (2 months ago)
Man, lose skin is injustice, you have a very good body that is not a problem for u
Greys (2 months ago)
I think that's the same reason women wear bras.............. right?? to keep their breasts from moving up and down so much? no?
TONY KGB (2 months ago)
How do the longer pants feel on the twig and giggleberries? Comfy?
Harleylover14 (2 months ago)
Your gorgeous and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!
Frederick Vesseur (2 months ago)
Great video, thank you, great information.
Osu Osu (2 months ago)
How old are you when you start working out and how long did it take?
Green Ranger (2 months ago)
Hr Bert (2 months ago)
life ist fuckin unfair in a way... so nice to see when someone finds stuff or hacks which work for them and are game changing! thanks for sharing. sure you help a lot humans
Shadoufaia (2 months ago)
Why you don’t do an addominoplastic intervent?
Shadoufaia (2 months ago)
You jump too Much...you should jump less, i’m italian and i hope i wrote well
zamira kay (2 months ago)
Thank you 😊
Jaime Rios (2 months ago)
Dang bro! You have real self confidence. I have been trying to loose weight my whole life. I wheighed in at 250+ lbs at 5'6" tall. I got down tp 178 in my mid 20s. Now im 32 and 225lbs. I needed fuel for the battle ahead of me. Im attempting loosing weight hoping to come out victorious. Your channel is loaded with motivation. I just subscribd and hope to gain some real life knowledge on the ObesetoBeast journey! Mayor props on that ellen intervie homie!
Gabrielle Sink (2 months ago)
You are amazing 👍🏻
Thouxband Corey (2 months ago)
Ok Tom Holland
Joe Martoni (2 months ago)
You are absolutely amazing!
J cat C (2 months ago)
dam , you are still sexy though
I'm Watching You (2 months ago)
Oh my God, don't wanna to loose my fat body no more!

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