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Jaime Pressly & Michael Jai White interracial

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Club Master (17 hours ago)
Word on the street Michael Jai White fucked her every night after the set was done.
ودي سعوديه اعمل معها ايلاج
Roger Brown jr (7 days ago)
Love this movie
Chaitanya Dixit (8 days ago)
Really hot
Hace Simborio (9 days ago)
trex550 (14 days ago)
Dear YouTube read the comments, is this not racism??????? im offended as white person
Yolanda Luz (15 days ago)
Here my number 5055932051.
Yolanda Luz (15 days ago)
I want some that
ibmor Joe (18 days ago)
I get alot of becky lookin at me like this. But my stupid ass passed them up for my ungrateful, unhappy, bitter whores
Marky Mark (18 days ago)
This needs to be punishable again...in time 😉
Marky Mark (19 days ago)
Glad that's not my sister or daughter..she would be outcast or put down..she betray her own race and cultural
Marky Mark (19 days ago)
Gross, very disgusting, very unatural.. Hollywood is forcing interracial crap..gross 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Buggsy Love (20 days ago)
Gey those BLACK babies
Buggsy Love (20 days ago)
Saeyd Abdullah (20 days ago)
لاسمحتو رسلون على واتساب هذ رقمم 717466328
Itz Twilight (27 days ago)
Im so sorry god ill never ever gonna watch his ever again so sorry one like to make god forgive you and me ❤🙏
Good Day (29 days ago)
She'll never go back to white dudes, he'll make sure that
Marky Mark (19 days ago)
Whites don't want a nasty trader back..if they stay white they got it right..🤫
JxJxJxJx (27 days ago)
Mike Rolli (1 month ago)
Love to see her gangbanged by black guys
Abg Cute (1 month ago)
How many ppl watched interracial porn after this
Becky Nelson (1 month ago)
perfect couple dude
CimFanatic Christian (1 month ago)
Fascist will kill interracial
Tiger Woods (1 month ago)
So i went to compare comments from sex scenes of black men and white women, and black women and white men . I noticed most of the racist comments came when it comes to black men and white women . Nothing racist was said when it was black women white man . So basically the world is racist towards black men .
Denise Milani (1 month ago)
Hacker hilaryhk422 is on googleMail, She323 Uses364 Whatsapp7770
White bitches are all cheating sluts
Jay James (1 month ago)
Wow, what a bitch!
Paul Hon (1 month ago)
Damn that waistline Priscilla
Uma Boa noite linda mulher bonita demais ❤❤❤😍😍😘
Tandeep Khurana (2 months ago)
7thSection (2 months ago)
Tandeep Khurana it’s a movie stop being so insecure you smelly inbred Indian
Tandeep Khurana (2 months ago)
@JxJxJxJx here's a playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_VTV4-EZt3IrlO2xK3NeNmClHPGzaxlK enjoy it my friend😂
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
@Tandeep Khurana i hope so! but they have lots of babies with them and they are takig all our women!! we cant compete with them!
Tandeep Khurana (2 months ago)
@JxJxJxJx Soon they'll pay the toll😂
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
they always go for the big black men instead of us white guys!!!
tommy wisea (2 months ago)
Nothin wrong with a hot lady wantin some dark chocolate in her life. If she has a thing for brothas then let her. I don't see why people should discriminate when it comes to gettin some action.
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
its so frustrating how all the girls love black guys just because they're bigger and more dominant!! black guys take all our white girls from us!
XVI 47182 (2 months ago)
Link please :'(
Paul Smith (2 months ago)
I feel bad for her dad
Enlightened Man (1 month ago)
Paul Smith I’m sure he would be proud
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
so many white girls are dating black guys now!! they are taking all our white girls!
Tandeep Khurana (2 months ago)
Mudsharks deserve to die
Zombrex Gamer (2 months ago)
All this racial fights in public today .... "in background" this happens 🤣🤣🤣 not only in movies but also in real!
Zombrex Gamer (1 month ago)
@JxJxJxJx hahaha this is ur own fault! White men also act as women to black men! Of course the women come to us blackies.
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
all the girls love black guys just because they're bigger and more dominant!! black guys take all our white girls from us!
DRONE PILEOT (2 months ago)
You are not allowd to kiss Wight people or black people
tommy wisea (3 months ago)
How old was he here?
Magazine Trete (3 months ago)
consequence of using drugs
Genisis Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Omg ewwww gross dare by the way
Gangsta Wolf (3 months ago)
She took it from a real man. You can tell she enjoyed every second of that BBC.
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
all the girls love black guys just because they're bigger and more dominant!! black guys take all our white girls from us!
gabriela (3 months ago)
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
all the girls love black guys just because they're bigger and more dominant!! black guys take all our white girls from us!
What About (4 months ago)
Little to no acting occurred here.
Angela Marquez (4 months ago)
Who wouldn't want a handsome black man in there life...I know I would ..😍
MR. Right (2 months ago)
Angela Marquez abolish white on black rape
MR. Right (2 months ago)
AK D fuck off creep
AK D (3 months ago)
Where are you located?
Nice Master5678 (3 months ago)
kiss Of Life (4 months ago)
he is fineee😍😍😍
debra nyamaropa (4 months ago)
Israelite Reign (4 months ago)
Look at the body language and chemistry between them without even speaking a single word they both new they instantly were sexually attracted to each other and wanted to [email protected] each other i'mmediately!!!!
Jernard Ellis (4 months ago)
I made a baby with a white BITCH cause white girls pussy so good
Приятно было наслаждение получить
LionsAllday DETROIT (4 months ago)
This is real life white dudes....trust me. They love the dark meat...it destroys you but it's true lol...jamie wasn't acting in this one....and black women are mad too...probably calling him "self hating " lol
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
all the girls love black guys just because they're bigger and more dominant!! black guys take all our white girls from us, everyday theres more and more girls with black guys and less and less with us white guys!!!
powerone1 (3 months ago)
I always find it more than a little strange when so-called "black love" supporters always bring up the fact that the black men in interracial relationships have black mothers and sisters, as to say that their relationships are wrong because of that. It is like they are saying that these black men would be better off fucking their own mothers and sisters. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Gangsta Wolf (3 months ago)
lol racist white boys be mad and jealous that black men are getting more pussy than they ever will.
جلول اثقفي (4 months ago)
جميل جداً
J Bro (5 months ago)
Off the subject here but this actress is gonna play Sharon Tate in the upcoming Weeks Tarantino flick about the Charles Manson murders.
royal Rajasthan (5 months ago)
Sarah Dekoning (5 months ago)
I wish that I was that girl. I've never had a huge black guy before, I've had a black guy but not huge. Damn I want it bad.
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
why do you all go for big black guys?? is us other guys being smaller so bad??
Lord aziz M (5 months ago)
This is truly disguisting!! 😷
Zeus (1 day ago)
Lord aziz M it’s beautiful. The white woman enjoying what she loves.
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
@The crap lord Sell of course we are insecure you keep taking our women!! and our girls only seem to want black guys now!!
The crap lord Sell (4 months ago)
Irawati Soeryosuseno yes
Irawati Soeryosuseno (4 months ago)
@The crap lord Sell no
JustDustin O' (5 months ago)
J o n a t h a n (5 months ago)
Being a black guy and the amount of white men asking me to sleep with their wives is just crazy. I find it so racist goes back to slave times in my opinion.
Gangsta Wolf (3 months ago)
lol at least your getting more pussy than they ever will. They must be afraid that they cant satisfy their wife.
Bill May (6 months ago)
Tyrone Bates Libra! (6 months ago)
White man any man if they single would do the same if it were an fine black girl.
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
except all the girls are only doing this to black guys!!!
ONYX-WARRIOR16 (2 months ago)
Tyrone Bates Libra! They've been doing it and will keep doing it
Consigliere (6 months ago)
Consigliere (3 months ago)
The crap lord Sell ey nigga, what is 2+2? Please without google 🤣
The crap lord Sell (4 months ago)
Consigliere stfu trailer trash bitch
arshad anantnag (6 months ago)
I like white girls.... I have crush on white women... They are very hot....
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
stop taking all our women!!
mitsubishidiamante (7 months ago)
I'm Sure they could make Beautiful Bi Racial Babies
Marky Mark (18 days ago)
Gross 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
Fuck you TV (7 months ago)
BBC 😂😂
Angry Shoebill (7 months ago)
Another white boy cucked by a super black man. All white girls (especially blondes) crave that BBC. All you got to do is just get them near one another, and it's guaranteed to happen. Love how she gave zero fucks when her "man" caught her getting it in. She wasn't about to stop!
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
its not good that all these black men take our women just because they're bigger and more sexually successful than white guys!!
Angry Shoebill (6 months ago)
Consigliere (6 months ago)
Angry Shoebill hahahaha, good joke men
Angry Shoebill (6 months ago)
Yes I know. But it's representative of real life. @Consigliere
Consigliere (6 months ago)
Angry Shoebill it’s a film! Fiction stuff. Nothing real. Dream on little boi
Daniel D'angelo (7 months ago)
Devine Truth (8 months ago)
Dirty american caucasoid girls . How do they like these african negroid black skin men......?
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
just because of their big black penises!!
Mission 2019 (8 months ago)
nigga so ugly
xenophile-mike omni (8 months ago)
Yeah ... well as an Aquarian, my feet are in perfect shape. so there! and my arse. Just say'n.
Amol Masure (2 months ago)
xenophile-mike omni
Andray 008 (8 months ago)
Ok tks
Tiger Woods (8 months ago)
Yeah fuck these white bitches
Victoria Burns (8 months ago)
She resembles kendra wilkinson
ص ص (9 months ago)
ابي سمراء حلوه وعطيها حنان احسن منهم
Mhamad Ashkar (1 month ago)
@الحلوههه مرتتت من هووون هاي
Mhamad Ashkar (1 month ago)
@fatimaibtihel 123 هاي
انا سمراء
fatimaibtihel 123 (3 months ago)
بدي ياك
fatimaibtihel 123 (3 months ago)
انا سمراء
Leon S. Kennedy (9 months ago)
Black racist shits keep sayin WHITE BOYS ARE SO JELOUS Ok let's reverse it and see who is more jealous 😒 I JUST DON't fuckin get WHY THE FUCK ALL OF YOU BLACK DUDE HATE YOUR RACE WHYYYYY
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
of course we are jealous when they take all our women!!
abdullaziz ali (9 months ago)
The white sweat will end soon for remembrance only
Malik Mal (9 months ago)
كسها. كسسسسسسسسس
Magnus Wootton (9 months ago)
Magnus Wootton (9 months ago)
علاءالدين يحي (10 months ago)
حلوه شديد فيها حلات نيكه
ي زول
Agastya Kusum (11 months ago)
BBC hungry white gutters and toilets everywhere always open.... 🐕 dogshit 🐖 pigshit
Club Master (11 months ago)
Black men are so lucky. Their big cock and body attracts them the best bitches. And they sure know their way in bed.
Club Master (17 hours ago)
@JxJxJxJx haha tough luck. Not black dudes fault that they are better in bed. I'm sure Asian women still like you.
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
thats not good it means all us white guys are losing our women!!
Cherry Smith (11 months ago)
i love sex with black guys
Asayehegn Asfaw Yohannis (11 months ago)
I never had sex with white woman..now I want it bad
Dave Wilson (3 months ago)
Go for it. Interracial sex is great
orlando emecheta (1 year ago)
Nasty ass white hoes😂
Dollars 48 (1 year ago)
I love white gal
JxJxJxJx (27 days ago)
@Brendan Betts why??
Brendan Betts (28 days ago)
@JxJxJxJx no thanks
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
stop taking all our women!!
paul valle (1 year ago)
He's sexy!!!!! Wow!!!!
Consigliere (6 months ago)
paul valle he??? Excuse me, but you can see it? He’s black! How could that beautiful? 🤮🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Nava Ro (1 year ago)
her Womb need BBC indeed
JxJxJxJx (2 months ago)
thats not good they keep taking all our women!!!
William Elliott (1 year ago)
All those frustrated white boy's seeing their high school crush's with black guy's. How cute.
yd ra (1 year ago)
yd ra (1 year ago)
So so sore😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
yd ra (1 year ago)
One Track Mind (1 year ago)
Why isn't there any sound ?
Edmar Passos (1 year ago)
Loira gostosa.
Sabrina Guerrero (1 year ago)
I'm in an interracial relationship and my man is amazing the most amazing man I've ever been with...I'm Mexican and he's a black man that stole my soul and we're getting married...
Zeus (5 months ago)
Sabrina Guerrero perfect
Selfox Rebel (6 months ago)
@Consigliere fuck you asshole
Consigliere (6 months ago)
Losers meet each other!
Sabrina Guerrero (1 year ago)
Trekkie down under thank u...we haven't actually set the date yet but we are getting things together for the big day
Trekkie New Zealand (1 year ago)
Congrats to the both of you :).
اشرف عبده (1 year ago)
Moha sparo (1 year ago)
what girls want
jr (1 year ago)
I'm glad I ain't a White guy. That happens a lot in the Usa. I heard.
Super RaH NATION (24 days ago)
The crap lord Sell good one
The crap lord Sell (4 months ago)
Consigliere well, this 108 scored black man is going for the hot ones. So fuck off pig
Consigliere (5 months ago)
Only fat bitches do that
Enlightened Man (6 months ago)
jr yes it happens quite often
Consigliere (6 months ago)
paul valle yes, you can have the fat ugly white bitches with IQ under blacks average of, I thing 25-30! A big tank girl, role over you
Umar Hussain (1 year ago)
Who wants to have sex
Eric A Stephenson Jr (1 year ago)
Love is natural Danm I love it
Fair Vue (1 year ago)
ban all inter-racial sex.
vaibhav mandhare (1 year ago)
Dirty idiots
Hartono Hart (1 year ago)
elek cong
Big Bently (1 year ago)
As a white guy, theres nothing hotter than an extra dark bbc destroy a hot blonde hair blue eyed white girl.
IM YOUR DAD (7 months ago)
Get use to it
Enlightened Man (8 months ago)
Young Forever true. The pinnacle of human sexual intercourse is that between a strong black man and a beautiful blonde white woman.
Leon S. Kennedy (9 months ago)
Young Forever you're just a fucking black racist shit pretending to be white so people believe that white genocide is close Shut your fucking ugly mouth up racist shit
Brian l West (1 year ago)
I love asian girls so much with a black boy
Rory Morrison (1 year ago)

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