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Lucid Dream Tonight With The WILD Technique (Best Tutorial)

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The tutorial I should have made long ago about the WILD technique. The WILD technique stands for the Wake induced lucid dream, or the wake initiated lucid dream and it's probably one of the most common techniques for inducing a lucid dream. If you're a beginner, the WILD technique is GREAT. Watch the whole video or a puppy will cry somewhere. ************************************** LUCID DREAM TONIGHT: The easiest way is to follow the 30 day lucid dreaming bootcamp (calendar template) - http://howtolucid.com/30-day-lucid-bootcamp Use 'mind machines' to amplify binaural beats and enter deep trance states just in a few minutes: http://howtolucid.com/best-mind-machines/ ************************************** LUCID DREAMING SUPPLEMENT DISCOUNTS: Claridream PRO: http://howtolucid.com/go/claridream Lucid DreamLeaf: http://howtolucid.com/go/dreamleaf ************************************** Lucid dreaming is the ability to control your dreams and become aware of the fact you're dreaming, WHILE you're still asleep. This lets you decide what to dream about, and what to do. It's pretty incredible. This channel is where you can find tutorials, binaural beats for lucid dreaming, and my personal video responses to peoples questions and problems relating to lucid dreaming and meditation etc. You can leave a comment here and I'll try and make a response, or you can find my social links below: http://instagram.com/howtolucid https://www.facebook.com/howtolucid/ https://twitter.com/howtolucid
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Text Comments (490)
FzyEU (2 days ago)
Do you close your eyes while trying to do this? Please answer 😂
NOAH OD (7 days ago)
Is the falling part also sleep paralyzing?
IvaN DrawS (5 days ago)
I honestly tried last 3 nights nothing happened and after 20 minutes or even more I just fall asleep :P
The Wolfy Noodle (7 days ago)
Last night I think I accidentally did a part of WILD, I was trying to do MILD. I saw the “lights” and a few times my body felt a bit numb
The Wolfy Noodle (4 days ago)
Donkey aight. I’ve been trying to let them grow for a night or two
Donkey (4 days ago)
The Wolfy Noodle mild is quite similar to wild so you actually achieved hypnagogic imagery. If you let those grow you could have lucid dreamed. RIP
GraceBest Tv (8 days ago)
When I talk in my dream I wake up and find myself talking in real life
Matt Doherty (11 days ago)
I accidentally did this before I went to bed by doing the MILD method, so doing MILD makes his much easier
Lucky Snack Creations (11 days ago)
I’ve been at it for a solid week and man my lazy ass self just keeps giving up and going to sleep
Andy's History Lessons (18 days ago)
I did this by complete accident! I had a lucid dream where I was fighting Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson when he played the Scorpion King! 🦂 👑
Daniel Iaralov (1 month ago)
It kinda worked for me, I felt by body even though it was numb and I didn’t really feel like I actually was moving just that my mind was moving but it kinda worked, have a nice lucid dream and woke up after in excitement cause I did some very nice things if you know what I mean. I kinda messed up because when I just entered the state and everything wasn’t “fully loaded in” my friends where telling me to come with them so I did it was nice tho made out with like 20 chicks ;) thanks I’m doing thing again now pce
Daniel Iaralov (1 month ago)
Lasted for like an hour 10 aswell on my first time so that was nice
Eli Ford (1 month ago)
Oh yeah reading the comments to see if it works
Happy bear 5837 (1 month ago)
I did this last night, I felt stiff all through my body and my mind it became brighter and bright as if there was a torch light with shining at my closed eyes. I wasn’t in a dream no objects, no colours just a blurry white view. I kept imagining a strawberry and questioned myself how’d it feel and how’d it taste, and I kept imagining me doing reality checks but nothing seemed to be happening. I could no longer bear my body being stiff so I opened my eyes and woke up :( plz help me
Flightcicle (1 month ago)
Could I just be lucid all night with this method?
Sure :) Well, for the parts of your sleep that involve REM sleep
SUPER spooks (1 month ago)
I just tried this last night and experienced sleep paralysis. Except instead of a heavy weight it was the complete opposite. I felt like I was twisting and falling as if I was on a rollercoaster except I was laying down. I felt like I was flying
Norelquis Cordova (22 days ago)
That’s what it feels like for me too
Olivia Farry (1 month ago)
SUPER spooks omfg I got that too then I kind of just opened my eyes and ruined it but I felt like I was spinning so fast
Brian W (1 month ago)
Really everyone says you can’t do it at the beginning of sleep and trying it at the beginning can lead to insomnia.
LiKeR GaMiNG (1 month ago)
I have a question, how long did it take you to finally have a lucid dream for the first time? I'm asking, because I have been trying this technique for months now without success and I'd like to know if that is normal. When should I start expecting success?
Mikey (2 months ago)
Wow this is an old video Just got the 30 day boot camp guide and want to know how to do the WILD technique Thanks!
Stormzy18 (2 months ago)
I got into sleep paralysis and went out of it, and I've had the shakes for like 5 minutes after. Can someone help me?
Chrille (2 months ago)
1 year ago i could make my body sleep without thinking of anything pretty easy but i was so stupid i didn't even think of anything after i was almost in the lucid dream xd and so i have never had a lucid dream before :)
THE MARIO MAN (2 months ago)
I used to have these **images** pop in at random times really quickly and I would always focus on them, now I know to ignore them after my body doesn't create them as easily anymore, dammit
jainam dedhia (2 months ago)
Binural beats are recommended.. They speed the entire process of putting you closest to REM state of mind.. The only difficulty faced is staying conscious
DJcyberslash (2 months ago)
So in summary: Clear your mind, let things happen, but don't interact or engage. Eventually your dream will start to form. Wait a while for it to solidify, and eventually you'll feel in a full lucid state in which you can then have fun?
Z You are d (2 months ago)
Is lucid first person
Wolf Reviewing (3 months ago)
For step one are u doing this with eyes closed or not???? Like just relax when eyes are closed after I wake up or close them and do it ???
X (3 months ago)
I didnt believe step 3 when I first heard and tried WILD until I experienced it, unfortunately I focused too much and lost it, than fell asleep right before sleep paralysis, it was only like my third or so time doing it,I need to start a dream journal because lucid dreaming is pointless if I dont remember doing it (so maybe I was lucid and just forgot)
Roger McCook (3 months ago)
Could anything be more annoying than the stupid background music?
Pickle (3 months ago)
I got sleep paralysis and my demon was really fat and short
GODZONE YT (3 months ago)
Pickle wtf
FloPro bro (3 months ago)
I tried this method and it nearly worked, i relaxed for like 15 min and then i felt a weird feeling in my whole buddy, i then moved my leg my heart was beating really hard and then it was better. After 10 min I stood up and i felt really weak. I'll tried it again, thanks for the tutorial :)
Adara Relgnel (3 months ago)
I started last night and got to a point where I could feel my body going and going but it became so silent, my heartbeat was POUNDING my body was trembling. My mind was calm, and I just waited it out, but I just went back to just laying there. Nothing happened.
FoxyWeather 123 (3 months ago)
I did my first WILD method this morning! (I've had lucid dreams lots of times) and when I did it I was in the lucid dream and I was controlling it but I could still feel a horrible heavy weight on me even tho I was moving around and controlling the dream 😕😕I wanna know how to get rid of the horrible heavy weight feeling?? 😕😕
Lead Poisoning (3 months ago)
Yay I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night
John Wick (3 months ago)
I tried this and it was really close to working but I kept accidentally twitching because sleep paralysis wasnt fully there. Then it almost worked again but I had to sneeze. It ended up not working that night, but i ended up having a DILD that night anyways. It was awesome! The dream almost dissolved right away, but I stsrted spinning around and fixed it. Then I went about the dream for a little bit and it ended up randomly dissolving anyways. It wasnt even during an exciting part but it was still awesome! Have you ever tried a Wake Induced Lucid Dream and had it not work and then have a DILD?
Mxnuuel (3 months ago)
Should I, when in SP I always see weird geometric shapes and dots in a black background. Should I try to recall a memory. Feel what object felt like etc. and focus on a part of that memory and look in my periferal vision other things. Then keep imaging the scene and will I just enter the lucid dream?
B222006 Gamer (3 months ago)
8:00 So basically I’m gonna see demons I’m gonna see aliens but ima lucid dream so it’s okay.
Liam Downey (4 months ago)
For me entering sleep paralysis is sort of sexually arousing.
Sophia Biondi (4 months ago)
Hahahaha I fucking wheezed at this that's probably not good 😂
Liam Downey (4 months ago)
I like to think of myself as an active dreamer, I don’t have a dream journal or meditate but I dream a good 40 percent of nights and become somewhat lucid on occasion, but every time I realize I am lucid I get easily distracted and forget. This has happened many times and I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to stay focused while lucid dreaming.
War Ninja (4 months ago)
Trying this tonight. I'm going to try right when I usually fall asleep, because it seems better for my schedule.
ShortWhiteNinja (4 months ago)
Did it work
TooEasy (4 months ago)
I can't even get to sleep paralysis
Drag slayer (4 months ago)
I have a really weird question but please take it seriously, So.. the first time that i tried WILD I could feel the weight on my chest after about 10-15minutes of lying down, and the video said that you're supposed to see halogeginc imagery before that? So i just wanna kow whats up with that?
isaiah bennett (4 months ago)
@Drag slayer sleep on your back, and focus on your breathing. Oh and try not to move so much (Don't be afraid when SP happens i've gotten it about 5 times without trying, i can be very scary at first but KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED)
Drag slayer (4 months ago)
Oh yeah also, I can't stop swallowing, no matter how hard I try its litterly impossible. And another thing is that no matter how hard I try the wild technique i simply cant see any images or never really get fully paralysed. Also one of the days i was trying wild and I could hear the sound of something scraching against my bedsheet/pillow right next to my right ear and it totally freaked me out anyone any ideas?
Akirouia Natsuki (4 months ago)
1. 20 min 2 after awhile no body 10 min after no body go into dream focous on distant thing and use parrarifreal vision
Akirouia Natsuki (4 months ago)
Got to the image but i held on and woke up bird cage... Idk y
zeke jedidiah (5 months ago)
Whenever i do this i seem to always fall off the bed in the dream
HBSurf (5 months ago)
Now *_THIS_* is -epic- WILD
Joseph Stapleton (5 months ago)
*I always fall asleep before reaching sleep paralysis.* As I get more and more relaxed and enter a meditative state, *I get quick hypnagogic experiences, but not full scale hypnagogia or sleep paralysis.* I'll see an image of something in the blackness of my closed eyes, or hear someone say something. These experiences last up to a few seconds. The problem is, *when they happen, my mind shuts off completely (I lose consciousness) until I snap out of them and return to my conscious meditative state.* I always just end up falling asleep in the end. It's so frustrating.
ChronicAdex (5 months ago)
Please can someone help me, Can you do wild succsesfully with binaurual beats/guided meditation?
isaiah bennett (4 months ago)
Yerp, ive do it before and let me tell you... it's much easier! :D
Joseph Stapleton (5 months ago)
@ChronicAdex You're welcome. I understand.
ChronicAdex (5 months ago)
@Joseph Stapleton thank you for answering but i need someone to confirm that it works :)
Joseph Stapleton (5 months ago)
I think you can, but haven't done it myself.
Billy Park (5 months ago)
Same i get to the sleep paralysis stage and kind of forget and wake up
Blue Shirt Kid (5 months ago)
Man fuck this technique I ain’t no getting sleep paralysis. Back to wbtb
Blue Shirt Kid (4 months ago)
@isaiah bennett it gives me sleep paralysis
isaiah bennett (4 months ago)
sleep on your back
Tasha (5 months ago)
U cute😛
shaun shoe (5 months ago)
I was doing this method and i was lying there,my eyes were closed but i could see my room and it was spinning in a circle and then i opened my eyes and it stopped
Orange Juice Simpson (4 months ago)
This came out in 2015. How come it says 2018?
NEO (5 months ago)
Help i lay down for like 30 minutes not moving an inch. I think i get sleep paralysis but i dont see anything behind my eyelids
NOT Pollo (5 months ago)
When u said sleep paralysis I was like fuck noo whyy :(
ChronicAdex (5 months ago)
When i close my eyes during this progress do i see through my eyelids when i enter the sleep paralysis
MatrixMushroom (5 months ago)
Freaking ADHD, I can't stay still for twenty minutes.
isaiah bennett (4 months ago)
Same, just count back from 100 and sleep on your back. Also focus on your breathing!
ChronicAdex (5 months ago)
Thats sad
Jon Toro (5 months ago)
My problem is that if i wake up at 4AM i wont go back to sleep so im going to try to do it in my first sleep, and another problem I have is that I get anxious and don’t know how the paralyses feels so i just lay flat until i go to sleep and its a lil wierd
isaiah bennett (4 months ago)
When you get Sleep Paralysis you'll know
Gαtt (6 months ago)
I can't just deal with the fact that there are imaginary demons around me and I can't do anything about it. It's too frightening, I will always shake lol
ExtrapT (2 months ago)
You should try some more :) Don't be afraid of sleep paralysis 'demons.' If you want, you can control them and make them go away. If you are religious do what your religious people would do about a demon. Example: Christians have told me that if they say "In the name of Jesus Christ, leave now!" the demons can disappear. Whatever you feel like protects you, think about it.
Gαtt (5 months ago)
@ChronicAdex I gave up trying to Lucid Dream yesterday :( It's been almost a month of Dream Journal and Reality Checks every hour and I haven't been able to Lucid Dream :/ If you are trying to do it, good luck. I hope you can do it.
ChronicAdex (5 months ago)
Just relax i never had a lucid dream tbh only a stage 2 dream where i wasnt concesness (aware) just have a good mindset if u have a bad one then u might see stuff that ur mind is afraid of but dont let that ruin wild
Lord Chanka (6 months ago)
I always feel the need to swallow and I can’t prevent it no matter how much I try
Lord Chanka (6 months ago)
Gαtt thanks for the tip. I’m pretty new to the WILD method for lucid dreaming having no success with it so far. That being said I have been able to lucid dream before but they have all been really short because I got too exited and woke up. This is why I have been looking up alternative methods to increase my chances of becoming lucid but this one doesn’t seem to work too well for me 🙁
Gαtt (6 months ago)
@Lord Chanka not actually. to be honest, I've never had the lucid dreaming experience before, I started trying 2 days ago by some methods that don't require the sleep paralysis risk. But if I stay still in my bed without moving at all, I can handle my wish to swallow my spit pretty well. you want a tip? when you are trying to recognize the images with eyes closed after waking up in the middle of the night, try focusing on your breath and on the images/colors. Don't think about swallowing your spit, that must make you lose your concentration and focus very much.
Lord Chanka (6 months ago)
Gαtt have you had any trouble with this?
Gαtt (6 months ago)
too bad, because you SHOULDN'T swallow.
Wizardmemes Animations (6 months ago)
Hey please could you check my recent video on the WILD technique thanks :)
GamingDragon (6 months ago)
My sleep demon visited me :0 he was cool not gonna lie! For some reason he didn't attack me instead kept watching! He didn't look threatening
GamingDragon (6 months ago)
I did it a couple days ago I after watching the new bumblebee movie and when I went into a lucid dream I was in the cybertron war! I killed megatron and won the war if you are wondering (who cares if that isn't the true story of transformers :D)
GamingDragon (4 months ago)
ChronicAdex to usually remember your dreams as soon as you wake up note everything down. Make sure u have a notebook near you
ChronicAdex (4 months ago)
@GamingDragon sounds amazing but im always so unsure that im dreaming even when im doing a reality check and i realise im dreaming i still dont know because it feels so real, guess i just have to pratice more :)How do you explain this like yesterday i had a vivid dream like it was so vivid that it was scary but i didnt know that i was dreaming but then it became a nightmare and it was so real that when i woke up i was like wtf that shit was real😂 i think i sleept during rem and thats where it happend (where the dream became vivid) thanks for commenting back
GamingDragon (4 months ago)
ChronicAdex it feels so amazingly real. Never underestimate your brain. Your brain makes the most detailed things ever such as the texture on the walls and floors are so realistic and the hair is so realistic It obeys the laws of physics (unless you control it to do otherwise) and each hair strand is as realistic as any hair in irl and the explosions are amazing. When your aware you have a kinda weird felling (I'm not very good at describing it) and you feell many emotions but be aware DO NOT get to excited or you'll wake up (I got to excited in a dream where I met a friend who's been with me since kindergarten but we were separated not long ago and I was so happy to see them again and I was so excited that everything around me started to disappear and I woke up) and to prevent getting to excited make you spin.
ChronicAdex (5 months ago)
Did it feel real? And how's the feeling being aware that ur dreaming and control? :)
SuperFellow (6 months ago)
I swear to god I’m not even a bit scared of sleep paralysis but can’t even get sleep paralysis usually when trying wild
Jordan Is Tired (1 month ago)
Lucid dreams and sleep paralysis both happen in REM sleep so if you let go of that fear you can make your sleep paralysis monster anything you want it to be
Trax. S Gaming (6 months ago)
Who else cant stop thinking about creepy things while doing that just super creepy u know?
MysticKun (6 months ago)
I tried WILD 2 times and i fell asleep while doing step 1 im getting the hang of relaxing but staying mentally awake is really hard
X (3 months ago)
count your breathing like when mediating, or count backwards from 100, or a technique they use for astral projection is to imagine a rope and you're climbing that rope, (astral projection is just lucid dreaming really) but ye it is really hard staying mentally awake, lose focuses for a second and you could be done for the night, are you keeping a dream journal? if not it could just be you arent remembering the lucid dreams
jdeezy222 (6 months ago)
I lost all feeling in my body, except my feet felt super cold (i was under a blanket) and my closed eyes started hardcore twitching and it felt like I was spinning and i could kinda see (eyes still closed) a checker pattern start spinning. I then heard the house settle and woke up :/. Just fell asleep after trying again.
ChronicAdex (5 months ago)
Did you try to move? I would'nt tho because yeah i dont wanna get scared if i cant move my body because of the sleep paralysis
im good (6 months ago)
Should your eyes be opened or closed during step 1,2 ?
ChronicAdex (5 months ago)
I think your eyes are supposed to be closed the whole time during the progress until after the sleep paralysis imagine the dream
Damien 06 (6 months ago)
My hand felt like it wasn't in my bed but everything else was then I imagined my hand moving around and it was trippy
Cicero gaming (6 months ago)
Is it common to have muscle spasms ?
Logac (4 months ago)
My leg decides it wants to have a seizure when I do this, so I'm going to say yes(?)
Blake Jackson (6 months ago)
Do you dream every time you go into REM sleep? I never recall having any dreams, so does not having dreams prevent you from becoming lucid? Someone pls help.
Julius K (6 months ago)
Actually you are just not remembering your dreams you always dream sat night!
Official VoiD Clan (7 months ago)
Just tried it then took me literally 7 mins to get to sleep paralysis - my breathing was rapid and it was getting hard to breathe, i noticed my body was twitching and my eye lids were almost transparent although they were shut tight, I didn’t manage to see anything though as my mind was racing and I thought about the sleep paralysis demon and woke myself up... I have only had one lucid dream and it was really unexpected and was brief but I’m excited to get into this stuff...
paleodust (7 months ago)
This is probably the best explanation I've ever heard. 👍
Deni Boy (7 months ago)
Can you have a lucid nightmares? That would suck
ChronicAdex (5 months ago)
Yes its all in your mind :) what you think about
Mow Stir (7 months ago)
Going to do it now and if that doesn’t work try 2 hours before I wake up Excuse the idubbbz
lil bjorn (7 months ago)
Guys, if you are experiencing sleep paralysis then if you see any faces or feel any frightening weights pulling you down, just get your inner deeper confidence voice and make the faces feel bad and just be the one on top of everything.
Ben Colman (7 months ago)
Can lucid dreaming also be when you are able to recognise that you are having a nightmare and you are able to wake yourself up from it at any point? I start to blink rapidly in my dreaming state and that allows me to wake up by blinking. Does anybody relate?
Sydney V. (7 months ago)
yeah those are the only times i can become lucid lol
SleekismBoyz (8 months ago)
I try to keep my mind awake but it always falls asleep any help?
SleekismBoyz (6 months ago)
Yeah I tried it for 2 weeks straight but gave up
Trax. S Gaming (6 months ago)
Try to think about a prevous dream so u can imagine it easy i guess I hope i helped too
Vivian Rahul (8 months ago)
3:38 what you came for. You're welcome
Donkey (4 days ago)
Retard. Every step is important. You are never gonna lucid dream
Will Robertson (8 months ago)
Is sleep paralysis a thing while you’re drunk? I’m asking for a friend...
1024 (9 months ago)
2018? Published in 2015?!
-ns Ƙ Ʀ Ø Ꮤ Ɲ - (8 months ago)
-ns Ƙ Ʀ Ø Ꮤ Ɲ - (8 months ago)
Manny Singh (9 months ago)
Hi nice explanation sir Can these steps of wild dream in day time ? In a mediation posture? Thanks
TechnologyKid (9 months ago)
Do I have to keep my eyes closed?
YouTube User (9 months ago)
Uploaded 3 years ago. 2018 in title.
Chrille (2 months ago)
he just changed the titel haha
THE MARIO MAN (2 months ago)
FBI: Get the f*** out here right now
Comment (2 months ago)
YouTube User o no so is it patched
N0Way (2 months ago)
then whatever the fucking word is, i'm not a native english speaker and you perfectly understand what i was meaning. Oh, and why tf would i care that u find this overused? @Torin
Torin (2 months ago)
N0Way Also, I never even said it was funny. Just overused
The FBI (9 months ago)
This method is... _wild_
Żęåûx X (12 days ago)
Distopia tf are you saying dumbass
Żęåûx X (12 days ago)
Scereo Gaming yes idiot
Żęåûx X (12 days ago)
zeke jedidiah yes u dumbass son of a bitch
Scereo Gaming (1 month ago)
Well no but actually yes
xL1miT3 (9 months ago)
great vid (y)
Tuncel Aydin (9 months ago)
So what is the difference between this method of lucid dreaming and an astral projection
Fork (10 months ago)
i had a lucid dream last night but it was an out of the blue one, i was just having a dream about school and i was in the outside part between blocks near the carpark where suddenly i just snapped and went "i'm dreaming?" "i'm fucking lucid dreaming?!?!" and started screaming it as no one could have heard me and then started jumping around the car park as it had like moon gravity and all the cars looked like bumper cars at the bottom but i sort of blacked out then awoke 5 seconds into the jumping, definitely gonna start working on these WILD techniques and such though because those 5 seconds were amazing and jeez even 20 seconds lucid dreaming would be amazing but i know these things can go much longer
Gushy (10 months ago)
Just now I didn't move for half an hour, I couldn't even remember how my body is positioned, nothing happened. I'm bad D:
Haki (10 months ago)
I actually have trouble to fall asleep when I'm not allowed to move :D
Alexander Aparicio (10 months ago)
This is the worst lucid dreaming video I have ever watched the first 3 minutes of. Do better
Henning (10 months ago)
What can I do at the day, to "save" Energy of my Consciousness ? So that I can WILD at normal sleep starting?
Henning (10 months ago)
What can I do at the day, to "save" Energy of my Consciousness ? So that I can WILD at normal sleep starting?
I22ul Mu2akkil (10 months ago)
Can you focus on your breathing?Like counting my breathing.
isaiah bennett (4 months ago)
Enderboy809 (10 months ago)
Is rem just in sleep? So if I wake up at 4ish and I'm in rem can I wait a hour to go to bed? Or does it end while I'm awake.
OnlyAsianNoob - (10 months ago)
I dont get HI ive been trying for a while and i start to fall asleep and my body does and i think ive been in SP Once but nothing ever happens behind my eyes
mary rosato (10 months ago)
Can you speack slowly, please?
Janago White (10 months ago)
I used the wake to sleep tactic last night. Went to sleep, set my alarm for 3 hours later. I heard my alarm going off in a regular dream and woke up. Turned off my alarm and laid still for a moment. I felt it was extremely easy to fall back asleep so I relaxed, closed my eyes and tried to envision the dream I wanted to enter. It took a few minutes but the shapes started to appear along with colors. But the most distinct thing I noticed were sounds and voices that were clear as day. I kept imagining the dream I wanted to enter and eventually I was lucid. My recall of the dream is foggy, but at least I know it worked. I'm going to try the method in this video tonight and I'll repost tomorrow how it went. Also I did experience slight paralysis before falling asleep the first time. But I started feeling extremely tingly in my lower back and I couldn't fall asleep. Could be from the normal back pain I suffer from because of working out. But we shall see how it goes tonight.
Ultra Blade (10 months ago)
I tried staying on the verge of being awake and sleeping soo next thing that happened was sleep paralysis
TMM (10 months ago)
Ill try it out tonight
MarFinitor (10 months ago)
I think Im in sleep paralysis but I can easily break out of it so am I in paralysis or not?
MarFinitor (10 months ago)
Thanks alot!
Иван Стоянов (11 months ago)
Before 2 years i was at school. I really like when the teacher is talking to lay down on my desk with closed eyes. And watch here what happen 1- i was trying not to fall asleep cuz i was at school. 2- at this monent i really didn't know anything about lucid dreaming. 3-after mabye 15-20 minutes. I start seeing one red line. And this line started to form something like carpet or a figure. I was awake so i felt that i am really seen thing lines. But when i focus at the red lines, very scery deamon face jumped in front of me...and this wakes me...but i felt like i wasnt fall asleep 100% Now i have answer what happend :D
Carson L (11 months ago)
jaw in Black (11 months ago)
It didn't worked for me but i won't give up
Aaron M Gloeckler (11 months ago)
He said ignore noises when trying to go into sleep paralysis. Last night some creepy yell or something sounded like it was by my window caused me to pull up my arms which felt like lead and kept me awake. I did see images and scenes on my eyelids however so I’m going to keep trying wild

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