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TYR - How To Put On Your Tech Suit - Women's

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Ever wonder how to ease into that tech suit without causing rips and tears? We know we have! To prevent damage to your suit here is a step- by- step guide for you to follow.
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Remie Oh73 (12 days ago)
I don't have the tyr avictors i'm broke i have the arena powerskin st 2.0 though
Jesse Davenport (1 month ago)
ok where are her 2 other friends helping her pull and push and squeeze to put it on
Jenna L. (6 months ago)
Zara9722 (6 months ago)
Step 12: do a bunch of squats to get it in place
Daniela Varillas (7 months ago)
Do you keep a swim suit under the tech suit
Pastel Asmr (5 months ago)
no thats for demonstration purposes only
Litty Oof (7 months ago)
Daniela Varillas No, she only had a swimsuit under it for demonstration purposes
knittingdoula (1 year ago)
TYR, you forgot the step where you pray to God that you don't have to suddenly go to the bathroom once the thing is on!!
Remie Oh73 (12 days ago)
Omg yes
Shaq Attack (1 year ago)
+knittingdoula omg so true!!! 😂
Shaq Attack (1 year ago)
If any of you wonder why she put the suit on with ease, its because the suit must be bigger than her fitted size for demonstration purposes. Actual tech suits take FOREVER to just get it below the knee. (because that's wut happened to me) and take the average person about 40 min to put it on. Plus she must've also had many years of experience.
Shaq Attack (1 year ago)
+Nathaniel Pillar I am sepaking English child
Nathaniel Pillar (1 year ago)
English please
teamhedrick1 (1 year ago)
i know! it's such a pain! i just found skin slick that helped soooo much, it only took me a minute to get my techsuit on. you just spray on your skin before
HPYisnotasavage (1 year ago)
Dana Vollmer!

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