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Fortnite ACCIDENTALLY BOUGHT THE SOCCER SKIN (new channel - FunRun505)

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Jesse Turner Vlogs (2 months ago)
Everyone, This is a channel that I no longer post on. If you want gaming content subscribe to my gaming channel - FunRun505
Zak Elcheikh (16 days ago)
Jesse Turner Vlogs I have bunny brawler the soccer skin is my fav wanna trade accs
forbro master (20 days ago)
It happend to me for two skins raptor and wild card
MART WAL (1 month ago)
It is kinda rare
MART WAL (1 month ago)
I hope you've grown on to it
Greezlys - (9 hours ago)
It hapenned to me 2
Fiko Rza (18 hours ago)
Well its try hard skin not stupit skin anymore
YOUTUBE ISDUMB (2 days ago)
2:53 Whining person Just contact epic games saying something about you buying a skin you did not want or whatever you say and they would refund it for you and will have your whining vbucks back ..... It's just a skin Like just buy more vbucks anit that hard .....
YOUTUBE ISDUMB (2 days ago)
2:12 That's not the worst one ITS A GOOD SKIN TO And that's why you don't go so fast And your whining about it Like really it's just a skin And if you do have refunds you could just sell it .....
DJSB30120 (2 days ago)
Congratulations, you are now a sweat 😂
Lolnick 21 (3 days ago)
Umm actually your lucky for accidentally buying it because a lot of people want it and it’s way better than bunny brawler and only $10
Zaida Torres (3 days ago)
This is clickbait at 2:48 it said that he did not have the finesse finisher and at 2:51 it said that he had the clinical crosser get exposed :) winky face
Mrtop5. Mrtop5 (3 days ago)
Charles Nicknish (3 days ago)
It happens to me all the time
gamer Boi 42245 (3 days ago)
2:39 same I accidentally bought the waypoint skin 😢
THEREAL_ ALPHA (1 day ago)
At least it ain't too bad
Exunik (4 days ago)
That’s not the worst soccer skin
xd Baptism (5 days ago)
Wanna trade account I got both BUNNYS
Shuffle Rxbxccx (5 days ago)
*He said he bought the worst one, BOI?!*
ToxicSILENTB3ast (5 days ago)
1:37 press zero 😂
Adrian Maddox (6 days ago)
Brady Dunn (6 days ago)
That happened to me but with the worst skin in the game, the Maverick
MorganAshYT 06 (6 days ago)
3:13 he doesn’t have it he has another 1 instead?
luca simonetto (7 days ago)
Clinical crosser is the best
marianna lujan (8 days ago)
I bought the rock paper scissors emot 😥
TheGonix (8 days ago)
1:34 today: YES YES YES
Blizzard (8 days ago)
That’s the best one wdym
OpTIc Dashawn (9 days ago)
I accidentally bought wild card
Shinners (9 days ago)
Atleast he didnt but the dynamic dribbler
Shinners (9 days ago)
“I bought the worst one too” CORRECTION the *BEST* one
Ve Ki (10 days ago)
Kamran Rabeiy (10 days ago)
Once I wanted the juke skin but accidentally bought blitz
Abel Ferreira (12 days ago)
Nathan Barz (13 days ago)
Feels bad man it one happen to me
Shuffle Magic98 (13 days ago)
2.6 mil views
HayyanPro 167 (13 days ago)
But you have the battle pass.....
zaria ROMAN (13 days ago)
Lady's and gentalmen we got em
Eh its a good skin
THE BOYS OF TURKEY (14 days ago)
Why did you guys called Turkey the moon?? 1:10
The football skins are good
Eliot Thurlow (14 days ago)
Does this guy know that there is refunds
ItzAppleJina (14 days ago)
i like that one the best
GrossBape (14 days ago)
i also accidently bought mine but im glad about it
Dominic Dan (14 days ago)
Your stupid
PizzaKing82 (15 days ago)
Forgotten _Killer (15 days ago)
1:37 "circle back push circle hahahahahahahahahahah😂😂😂
sheesh everyone changes the number to 69
Are Boyy (15 days ago)
Same thing happened to me but different skin
Nadia Rehab (15 days ago)
My fav is poised playmaker who else?
Rich YT (15 days ago)
Literally 20 skins in one im buying
Izer Gauwe (15 days ago)
thats the best one
Oh this meme is great (16 days ago)
They should make it so that we get 1 refund a season
SamDoesMine Vlogs (16 days ago)
Cutter Bradshaw (16 days ago)
That's not the worst one
Kenny Kennybourret (16 days ago)
I know how it feels I didn't mean to buy the lil wip season 7
Brooklyn.T .Guy, (17 days ago)
Solid Gold (17 days ago)
This is why people play on pc
Axel Henriquez (17 days ago)
Asiian_ ARMY (18 days ago)
Oh! I want Bunny Brawler too! 😇😇
Baraka 619 (18 days ago)
1:37 zero back press zero press oh
Efrain Ayala (18 days ago)
You wont regret it now lol you a tryhard
u can refund it i know im late and its actually the not the worst its the 2nd or 3rd
savagekid11 (19 days ago)
fortnite accidentally bought the soccer skin Is it i accidentally bought the soccer skin
Error_Ojs (19 days ago)
Why I stoped playing on console
STLN Insanity (19 days ago)
Ihcj Dhufr (19 days ago)
0:57 then click 1:54 ouuuu ughhhh
Ihcj Dhufr (19 days ago)
0:57 then 1:57
Dasavage 17 (20 days ago)
I bought clinical crosser and I don’t regret a thing about it
Nathan Padilla (20 days ago)
1:55 every girl
It’s always the soccer skins.
Johnny-san (20 days ago)
1:54 the sound she makes when you finally in
Ethan ThePotatoGod (20 days ago)
You should be happy I’m broke
REVERTO TAKEDOWN (21 days ago)
Thats the best one
xVorces (21 days ago)
Its only game, why you heff to be mad?
Danny Hernandez (21 days ago)
He leaked his epic Id 😂
Danny Hernandez (21 days ago)
At least he bought the best one(well sweatiest
Pseudo (21 days ago)
Little did he know that was one of the rarest skins
KiaraFTW (21 days ago)
00:30 *Thats what she said*
Dynasty Dontheg /: (21 days ago)
That guy un the background tho 😂
Imagine_Jace c (21 days ago)
Honestly I would have been more mad at the gamertag than accidentally buying a skin
xd Kevin YT (21 days ago)
Bro it's good that you bought it.Its very try hard now
GR7 GAMING (21 days ago)
Pause the video on 2:04 he has “Clinical Crosser Pause the video on 2:12 he don’t have that skin:/ *MIND BLOWING*
Jackson Barnes (12 days ago)
It’s on his favourites of his skins I’m telling u now
Foreign Nuke (16 days ago)
GR7 GAMING right
GR7 GAMING (20 days ago)
Jackson Barnes no he doesn’t have clinical Crosser on locker
Jackson Barnes (20 days ago)
GR7 GAMING on his favourite
Jill Rolleston (21 days ago)
Bruh 2000
MrPotatoHead xD (21 days ago)
Senpai shot (22 days ago)
U need skins I have 110
Gianluca Convertino (22 days ago)
This kid a dum ass
Richie Rich (22 days ago)
It it happened to me on mobile I wanted to look at preview styles I wasn’t looking then I pressed on purchase then boom
I slapped your mom (22 days ago)
Guess what I have bunny brawler and got it on Easter take the L
Rhiad Harris (22 days ago)
Who else noticed it said he bought clinical crosser even the he bought another one
Drf_Marouane 2006 (22 days ago)
He has a try hard skin
Kaiden Collins (23 days ago)
I feel your pain:(
Level91Shoe (23 days ago)
Live now trying to grow! come hang with me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kc7ILjywcU
Mad Zac (23 days ago)
whats the moon one i lmao its Pakistan
CookingQuest Somov (23 days ago)
You could just refund
máàthéeo (23 days ago)
Still Chill (23 days ago)
I wish i was this guy
Epic.Games 8397103 (24 days ago)
Buddy this item can be refunded Sorry if your sad but i will manage to refund so you will not be able to play for 20 minutes bud🤑 you will be able to get your vbucks back call me on your mobile phone and my number is(745-638-631)*i will remove raven and burnout next week?(on thursday)👕and you will get skull trooper💀⛏[email protected] 💀
Youre Maddtt (24 days ago)
Does anyone see it says he has clinical crosser but he has finnese finisher
Andrew Vidz (24 days ago)
I mean not really bad it’s like the second sweat soccer skin.
ESTHelp (24 days ago)
You know u can refund it
ReAliZe Clan (25 days ago)
1:54 those moans
Mars Gaming (25 days ago)
It's the second best
BOS_DarkiYT (25 days ago)
Bruhh 1:54
Nightthot (25 days ago)
legend has it: he never was responded to by epic
Bru (3 days ago)
its done on purpose so that you feel you need to charge money again. Epic is a greedy company
Anthony Baer (25 days ago)
A out of vbuck he earn 👇

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