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[TMNT] Leonardo x Raphael | Bad Romance | +200 subs!

395 ratings | 41721 views
Whoa! 216 subs! Thanks so much guys! :D Warning: Yaoi (Male x Male Relationship) / Incest (Family Relationship) / Furry (Animal x Animal Relationship) Don´t Like? Leave Now! Music: Bad Romance Artist: Lady Gaga Cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pairing: Leonardo x Raphael Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11 - Wow 216 subs! Gracias chicos! :D Advertencia: Yaoi (Relaciones Hombre x Hombre) / Incesto (Relaciones de familia) / Furry (Relaciones entre animales) No te gusta? No lo veas! Musica: Bad Romance Artista: Lady Gaga Cartoon: Las Tortugas Ninja Pareja: Leonardo x Raphael Programa: Sony Vegas Pro 11
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Text Comments (15)
PatryCia Rodas Olmedo (10 months ago)
me encantó tanto !!!!
Jane Fujoshi - Chan (1 year ago)
De google
Darci Ledoux (1 year ago)
wildpaint 5000 (2 years ago)
I think there straight both have GIRLFRIEND'S !!!!
Cherryblossom ink (2 years ago)
man I wish I could draw this good even the chibi ones are awesome drawings
Felicia Roberts (3 years ago)
raph drunk and blushing
Ezequiel Tixtha-calan (3 years ago)
wtf raphs is drunk
Awesome Ninja (3 years ago)
Awesome Ninja (3 years ago)
I love this song
Lex lazy (3 years ago)
hamato miwa ryuzaki hola
Jayla Williams (3 years ago)
Chat Bleu 047 (1 year ago)
Jayla Williams leo be like "wth"
Erick Kyriuu (4 years ago)
de donde salen las imagenes para el video
japonesa 627 (1 year ago)
Google 😑

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