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Text Comments (385)
Rae Rae Rocks (6 days ago)
I think the guy that was rlly gettin the girl in black that he wanted to make a baby with her like I swear 😂 😂
Steve Sanders (8 days ago)
whiteboi here luvs to see the BBC with white woman hope i can marry someone like 2:38 3:44 4:44 5:14 7:02 7:24 she luvs the BBC luv to watch and clean for her sex is for BBC
Space Man (14 days ago)
i watch my gf dance like that at the club with other guys. its how we find bbc to bring home
Tamara Richardson (1 month ago)
3:18 getting lit
Tamara Richardson (27 days ago)
I wish I was him
AYORENG (1 month ago)
Candy Cane (1 month ago)
Beautiful yng white girls an black men.Awesome color contrast.l know of a twelve year old white girl who dates grown black men. She's a beautiful school girl cheer leader. She is so hot. When I see her kissing all those black men, it's enough to melt butter. I love the blue eyed, blond haired color contrast of the white girls and the black men. It's very artistic.I am looking forward to seeing more beautiful white girls an black men.
mon Kin (1 month ago)
Black lives matter
All these chicks called rape.😂😂😂
mn nm (2 months ago)
White girls getting HIV in da club lol
Ail Abaas (2 months ago)
America teams foundings
Isemail (3 months ago)
MrDidrxnSr X (3 months ago)
How to get pregnant 101
Conor McKee (3 months ago)
Culture ♥️
H Josh (3 months ago)
RIP bump & Grind. Now its Thrust & pound
Maverick Dead (4 months ago)
2:34 and on watch it Thank me later Or by liking this comment
azha jones (4 months ago)
She is trying wayyy too hard.
Flowery Bunny (5 months ago)
Add more white girls please.
ASMXO 99. (5 months ago)
Look how good they are 😕 Dancers have aids since they born
iiToxic_ Dreamsii (2 months ago)
ASMXO 99. They don’t if they have there clothes on...
Mason Riggs (6 months ago)
Did anyone else 🍆💦
Allie Wilson (7 months ago)
I feel like a just watched a gang bang
Alre Steenkamp (7 months ago)
OMG 😖😖😖
jean dufresne (7 months ago)
Hamsters got nothing on these guys.
hotel40 (7 months ago)
What a filthy mudshark...
rama chema (7 months ago)
she treated girl like shit and she likes it wow
Jéremy Klaxon (8 months ago)
It’s not rape when it’s indoor , with music and without lights
Kamar Madden (8 months ago)
At 3:15 they had sex
Aby 123 Jhon (9 months ago)
White who'res ready gangbag in Jamaica
gil lehrer (10 months ago)
3:48 With or without erection? I would cum twice if I had a hot woman o brush my cock this way... (gilbertoLehrerFROMbrazil)
I am SHAGGY (10 months ago)
galaxy samuri (10 months ago)
Where is this
Kirk Patrick (11 months ago)
Mi cacky rise said time
محمد محمد (1 year ago)
Dharmil Doshi (1 year ago)
How to mine craft
Suzan Mae (1 year ago)
That dude dry humped everyone there that night. Lmao 👀
Adriana Ordonio (1 year ago)
I wanna hump
brian henry (1 year ago)
black guys don't know how to fuck with their 5 inch bbc lol
Mandy Phipps (1 year ago)
Girl at 2:30 is sexy as f
Samar's Gadgets World (1 year ago)
Their parents must be proud
Darragh lecatYT (1 year ago)
I would have to go to the bed not this
Brain Scott (1 year ago)
soooo hott watching these black studz just grab the white bitches and
Brain Scott (1 year ago)
Where are all the white guys?
All Mighty Ass (1 month ago)
At their jobs
Michael Godley (7 months ago)
Brain Scott at home jerking off lol
Toddy Zilla (1 year ago)
Wtf is this?😣😣
Mr J (1 year ago)
Do these idiots even lift bro!!
Anil Kumar (1 year ago)
What's the name of the song played after 'bend over' ?
Nova Moates (1 year ago)
What is going on here????? Looks painful
谭世杰 (1 year ago)
What's the name of the dance?
HeavensGotWifi (1 year ago)
The guy with the hat and white shot now has multiple STD's
profit mermaid (1 year ago)
when slightly sober they can be seen in black lives matter march and anti trump ones too...
vaux_man vv (15 days ago)
Are you Jealous mr incel?
Dewayne White (1 year ago)
sad to see all these negative comments,people are just having fun in their own way.
Darrylyn quick (1 year ago)
why are they throwing the girls around like rag dolls after they dance with them
21 Chavage (2 months ago)
Jaybecrucial 😂
Travis Abbott (7 months ago)
+Jaybecrucial #LEDGEND😂😂
Jaybecrucial (7 months ago)
Charlie quick lol cuz they rag dolls
Jellybean's Beans (1 year ago)
6:14 did that guy piss his pants
godzilla (1 year ago)
Father's must be proud
Xavier Lofters (2 years ago)
hello ladies I have a big black lovely dick for you just what's app me at +18768127504... I born in Jamaica country
Diarrhea Sapian (2 years ago)
.....and we wonder why they go rape hoes.
Nas Aveiro (2 years ago)
where is this, what club
JYoshMusic (2 years ago)
Kid: mummy.. how did you meet daddy? ...
Oyun Krallığı (8 months ago)
JYoshMusic 8
Game TimeWhatever (2 years ago)
I want that👅👅👅
ChuyeGo Mez (2 years ago)
That white devil enjoys fucking your life lol.?
Unfriendly Face (2 years ago)
Let's get pregnant 10 times in 5 minutes and get hiv
Aiman Sam (2 years ago)
is this human or animal?!
Ibraheem Aqeel (4 months ago)
I think animal😂😂😂😂
White Devil (2 years ago)
mud sharks gone wild!
Desiree Michelle (2 years ago)
I don't likeit
Trakplonx Music (2 years ago)
black man suck !
T-Series Manager (2 years ago)
Zane- Kun (2 years ago)
SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!??
lacey davis (2 years ago)
@5:43 Rejected!! Lol
Usuzi (2 years ago)
my ears are bleeding from this horrid nose of a music! you should att Noise warning and tell people to MUTE before start this video.
Michael Harris (2 years ago)
that white Jamaican is fine and sexy..
all I can say is this is what society has devolved into? this "looks like a retard trying to jump a doornob!"
Vitaliy Titika (2 years ago)
Can I visit your YouTube channel
Ghostface Gaming (2 years ago)
not dancing, weirdo
forever young (2 years ago)
I need bleach to wash my eyes tf
illusionTDG (2 years ago)
forever young why bleach? That's old Af
Camden Arnold (2 years ago)
Uh yes smash it baby
Zakaria Khaldi (2 years ago)
trop dar
AutisticMoose_ YT (2 years ago)
All there doing dry humping like crazy but won't really do it
Jay J (2 years ago)
Lol. IF this is what dancing is i am a pro.
Jay 22134 (3 months ago)
+Mildred Serrano Dirty thot
Mildred Serrano (1 year ago)
Jay J same I twerk and grind all the time I can totally do this
Michael Ramos (2 years ago)
Steve J
hesanender (2 years ago)
These girls are making their parents very proud of them.
Sunrise ofHeaven (2 years ago)
omg.... banging everywhere 😂
Basel algahmdi (2 years ago)
Christine Mullings (2 years ago)
that white girl bad lol
Gon _ (2 years ago)
These girls are horny as fuck
ace rolland (2 years ago)
bend ova , bend ova, BBC coming in the white tunnel..lmao
Brett Glasco (2 years ago)
F. R. E. A. K.
wangsantana richard (2 years ago)
if you like sex say yes 😄😄
Isaac Joseph (2 years ago)
kate victoria (2 years ago)
unreal how everyone still bases things on color. this entire world is sick n everyone should be color blind. people forget we are all HUMANS, we all bleed red. interracial friendships or relationships is a beautiful thing.. now to all ghe racist self serving arrogant comments, time to grow up n stop being so butt hurt.
Shup up. This women is bending over and letting more then multiple guys dry hump the shit out of her ass. Ur comment has nothing too do with the video u stupid thot lol
harvey junsurn (6 months ago)
Karl Karg (8 months ago)
kate victoria spoken like a true Thot
Erthal21 (2 years ago)
Game over for you: http://newobserveronline.com/white-americans-remained-shockingly-european-despite-decades-pro-racial-mixing-propaganda-new-dna-study-reveals/
pittsburghpirate58 (2 years ago)
By 2050 there will be 20 million mixed race people. In 2016 over 15% of all US marriages were interracial. In 1990 only 4% were. By 2050 it's projected that at least 40% will be interracial especially since the minority population will be over 51%. Game over.
Tom zxzu (2 years ago)
there is no way that they didn't run a train on her that night
blkpump (2 months ago)
I would have licked her clean if I was her boyfriend or hubby ;)
Joey GT (2 years ago)
Oh yeah....
christopher perea (2 years ago)
POOPYTAM (2 years ago)
cringe they can do shit
F. Mazz. (2 years ago)
Shwety Bawsak (2 years ago)
That girl in the black got pregnant like 5 times in a matter of minutes
james shead (1 year ago)
Ines (2 years ago)
Shwety Bawsak So true xD
Massabamian (2 years ago)
....is this what dancing is now?
Maxime Sossa (2 years ago)
BAT JAQ (2 years ago)
So what does that mean?? Is that a dance or s**?
jesse james (2 years ago)
Why people acting like animals?
Louzim Marke (2 years ago)
Hey can anyone please let me know how the video changed the picture towards the end ? Very cool would love to use it for a project I have ! Thank you !
Akshay Seegoolam (2 years ago)
it does a lot of pain but some people love this dnt know why 😂
Spellcaster86 (2 years ago)
These people must be fine wasting their time doing this instead of going to college. I hope they like working hourly jobs the rest of their lives.
osazuwa ogbeide (2 months ago)
going o college only to put money into the pockets of snowflakes is a bad idea.
Bartxurruka Bar (2 years ago)
WhatDaElf (2 years ago)
Spellcaster86 why exactly did u click this video????
Boi (2 years ago)
Who's said this isn't their spring brake
Bingo (2 years ago)
Or they could clickbait on YouTube
Audio Empire (2 years ago)
if blacks werent too busy getting shot at they would have the perfect amount of fun

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