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Blank Space~Leo & Karai~TMNT MEP
DONE! :D Subcribe to all who joined the mep! They are awesome! :3 Part 1: FlowerVolcano Part 2: HotheadRedRaph Part 3: DonnieTheHottestNinja Part 4: turtle rush Part 5: VvKarai NinjavV (Me) Part 6: Larrisia Jade Part 7: ♥ Miss Animaniac ♥ Part 8: the Turtle Miliyana Part 9: SonamyNummer1 Part 10: SharpBluePencils Part 11: x-love cats-x ENJOY! And thanks for watching! :)
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Tmnt- Taking back my love-60 subs [MV Full]
Omg Thanks very much for 60 subs :D I hope you like my MV :) Please a comentare ^^
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April O'neil~I like it loud~Tmnt MV
I don't like April,she is a bitch -.-,ya i know karai is a bitch too,but karai is a...cool bitch for me :D So i hope you like my MV :))
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The Duff~TMNT Parody Trailer
I will watch the movie on friday xD but now I'm working on my parts :) I hope you like it ;D
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Tmnt Talk dirty to me~Collab with DonnieTheHottestNinja
This is a Collab with my friend madi,DonnieTheHottestNinja, Isn't she awesome? :D here is her channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcUzK6tbzSwdHmhqs293dqA and please don't understand this song wrong xD well,we hope you like it :D
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Tmnt~Leo's Tea Party~ Part 2
Tmnt 2013 Season 2 Episode 7 *Funny Scene* Part 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49iSUCauMp4
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Tmnt- April hates Donnie or...
Season 2,Episode 1 -The Mutation Situation
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I got you - TMNT 2012 MEP [5/17 OPEN]
Hey guys! I'm still alive ;D And I'm sorry I was gone for so long but I'm back and I want to do a new MEP! Also,THANKS FOR 1000 SUBS! I will do a special but probably on new year ^^ So,here are the Rules to join: 1. Only Tmnt 2012 2. Only professional programs [Not WMM or phone programms] 3. Widescreen and HD if possible 4. Don't cut your Part [Scroll down to download your part] 5. No Watermark 6. Just 1 Part [For now] and 1 ship 7. Try to bring in effects and maybe lyrics 8. Have Fun! :3 READ: This is a ship MEP and I want a lot of different ships so thats the thing: If someone already got a part with for example Apriltello,then you can't take Apriltello anymore! Those are the ships you can choose: Leo/Raph, Leo/Donnie, Leo/Mikey, Raph/Donnie, Raph/Mikey, Donnie/Mikey, April/Donnie, April/Leo, April/Raph, April/Mikey, April/Casey, April/Karai, April/Shini, Mikey/Renet, Mikey/Shini, Raph/Mona, Raph/Slash, Karai/Shini, Karai/Donnie, Karai/Raph, Karai/Casey, Casey/Raph, Casey/Donnie. [Sorry but Leorai is mine :D] Intro: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Natalia Hamato - Raph x Leo [Done] Part 5: MIKEY HAMATO/Luna - Dark Leo x Karai [Done] Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: Part 9: EstremoLove - April x Donnie Part 10: MIKEY HAMATO/Luna Part 11: ThatNinjaTurtle Geek - Raph x Mikey Part 12: Part 13: Part 14: Part 15: Part 16: Part 17: [Probably me cuz its the outro,but tell me if you want to do it] Download Parts: https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/YTOIGrHx7TYi65k0KiMeeWrDoFzTSMtX3NmKXcFEWJtE6AwNvF9IQNnmEqggbPSifnfboOt7MELDU6vPRJEisfIfc%2FtX8lS5boHF2PHo%2Bhj%2Bu7JMhzGcCyvU%2BXbkE2GwF384vEqtnis DEADLINE: ???
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Let it go~Karai~Tmnt MV~Frozen Song
I know its not so good but i hope you like it :)) and Merry (Turtle) Christmas :D
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Give it up~Karai and April~Tmnt little MV
I think this video is not so good but i hope you like it and please a comentare :))
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Tmnt~Leo/Karai~Hey Brother,Hey Sister :)
Please a comentare about this video! PLEASEE!! :D Leorai 4ever ;D
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Frozen~Anna becomes Frozen TMNT
Well...ya enjoy :D
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Tmnt- APRIL KISSES DONNIE! ~Apriltello is back ♥
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Tmnt~Leo's Tea Party~ Part 1
Tmnt 2013 Season 2 Episode 7 *Funny Scene* Part 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qm_2FaG5pc&feature=youtu.be
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Frozen-your sister is dead because of you [TMNT]
Rolle:April=Anna,Karai=Elsa,Donnie=Christoph,Leo=Hans I hope you like it :)) [Warning:no effekts]
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Tmnt~April,Casey and Raph~Feeling Myself~100 subs
Well,the scenes are from the new episode :D and i love the episode so much! *-* In this video is april,miley cyrus! Perfect! xD and i will say thank you guys, for the 100 (more than 100) subs :D i hope you like it,enjoy :))
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Karai~Still here~Tmnt short MV
BEST EPISODE EVER!! I FREAKING LOVE THE EPISODE!! LEORAI AND FEELS! but Karai is now in a cage! Damnit! *fangirlscream and crying*
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Raph and Casey~I like it loud~Tmnt 2012
2 Bad boys,in a 1 Video :D enjoy ;)
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Tmnt~I'm a Freak MEP [CLOSED]
My first MEP! so...here are the rules: 1.Please a watermark 2.no steal 3.max. 2 parts 4.have fun! :D All the parts have 22 seconds,I hope you join,please? :D Part 1: My part Part 2:AlisonRicz16 [Done] Part 3:FlowerVolcano [Done] Part 4:FlowerVolcano [Done] Part 5:Ema Hamato Part 6:Ema Hamato Part 7:Paola Yetlanezi Martínez Herrera Part 8:Paola Yetlanezi Martínez Herrera Part 9:Leonardo AJTMNT Part 10:MobianPrincess15
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Tmnt 2014~Fungus Humungous pictures
I LOOOVVEEE THE NEW EPISODE!! and i make a real video with the scenes (with my hero Leo *-*) but now i cant downloding the episode so...now this picture video :D enjoy :)) here is the episode: http://www.livestream.com/panfe/video?clipId=pla_6aac0f6f-d40b-497f-bd81-2f9263be0232&utm_source=lslibrary&utm_medium=ui-thumb
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Tmnt~love you like a love song *new epiosdes spoilers*
The scenes from the new episodes! enjoy :))
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Tmnt~Leo and Karai~Unconditionally Part 4
Happy Valentinesday my Turtles! :D tut mir leid madi das ich das eine bild dass ich in die gruppe geschickt habe nicht hier ist aber dieses bild ist auf dem handy das jz in der reperatur ist aber ich hoffe es ist okay :))
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Karai and Elsa~Undo [Continue?]
[FRIENDSHIP TRIBUTE] I start this video before a few weeks. The Story: Karai and elsa was for years best friends but then Karai wanted to start a war to take revenge on someone but elsa was against it and they started to argue. The friendship between them was shaking and in the end they was captured by someone (like you see in the beginning of the video) and then they have regret everything. should I continue?
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Tmnt~April & Donnie~Love me harder [MV Preview]
So this will be a MV for the new year :3 I know my Preview is not so good but I try my best :) and I will make more effects and overlays. OH! and if I can't finish the MV tomorrow,I wish you all a happy new year! :D
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Tmnt || Leorai || You're in my veins
GUYS THAT EPISODE WAS SO FREAKING AMAZING! :3 I hope you like my short Leorai video :*
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Tmnt~Karai~Dark Horse~ [ft. Leonardo]
Yes! It's finish! :D when you like it,write it in the comments :D enjoy :))
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Karai~Daughter of darkness~Tmnt short MV
I make this video with WMM because my sony vegas 11 (this is my new program) is on my computer and i make this video with the computer from my father but i hope you enjoy :)) thx for watching :D
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Apriltello~If i die young~short MV
I have atcually no idea what song this is xD i just found it in my whatsapp audios,so why not? xD i hope you like it :))
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Elsa and Karai ~I need your love~
Elsa from the movie FROZEN and Karai from TMNT :)) I hope you have enjoy :D
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Tmnt~little bad girl :D
The little bad Girl in season 2 is so cute :D
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Tmnt-Leonardo ThatPower *-*
well i make this video because...I LOVE LEO! sorry. and i love the episode :))) i hope you like it :D sorry its so short :/
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Happy Birthday Katy! :3 TMNT/FROZEN/BH6
something was wrong with my program,I can't make a text on it but anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATY! aka larrisia jade,sub her ;D hope you like my video :3
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Tmnt~Karai and Casey ~DNA~
I'm not a Casey fan but Casey and Karai...I dont know....are a good Team :)) I hope you have enjoy :D
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Tmnt Shell Shocked [MV Preview]
Yush! in a few days a new MV! :D i love this song so much ^-^
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Tmnt MEP Packet ;D
My mep parts :D (i know my "swag it out parts" are to late sorry :/) I hope you like it :))
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Tmnt Collab~Karai and Splinter~Afraid~with Larrisia jade :3
Actually this collab is one week ago but i have a lot of problems with my laptop and now its okay so i upload this awesome collab with my tmnt sis ,,Larrisia jade". Please subcribe her,she make awesome videos :)) her channel:,, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTABzNl5GPi5rC5WBctRKNw " enjoy :3 Part 1: VvKarai NinjavV [Me] Part 2: Larrisia jade
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Tmnt-Donnie:,,Aprils BOYFRIEND?!"
Season 2 Episode 4 *Funny Scene*
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Tmnt Raph *Unbreakable* 'Fanvideo' For Lea :)
This is a Fanvideo for my Whatsapp-Friend Lea. I hope you like it Lea,and the other Raphfangirls ;D
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[T-P] Animal Parts
Omg I'm so sorry about the stoping scene in part 9 but that wasn't me! Something is wrong with my program D: But I really hope you like the rest :/
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[T-P] Another you another way~part 23
Finally! what do ya think? Its my first video with my new program magix,sorry for being late...again. I hope you like :)
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[T-P] Leonardo~Falling in the Black~Halloween MEP part 1
Juhu a halloween mep! I make my part with my (karai's) baby Leo :3 enjoy! :D
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[M-N] Leorai Sweater Weather part 8
I know i'm to late and i'm so sorry! but here is one part from my parts :D I take a lot of Leorai stuff from the new episodes,the most is Vengeance is mine :3 this episode makes me really...WOW! Enjoy :))
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