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Stick'em Up - How to touch up your climbing skins with BD Gold Label glue
Nothing will ruin a good day of ski touring faster than blown out skin glue. ARRRRRG! But, it is easy to fix with a quick coat of BD Gold Label glue, which will last a long time and stick like a mofo.
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Narrated Couloir Skiing
Here are a few of the things I think about when skiing a steep couloir. This video was shot on a line known as the Tomahawk Couloir in SE Alaska and was roughly 4-45 degrees in steepness and 1,800' tall.
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Backcountry Skiing - Change Over from Climb to Ski
A quick video (1:35 minutes) on changing over from skinning to getting ready to go skiing.
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Skiing Solidarity Peak in the Wrangell-St.Elias Mountains, Alaska
A short video of a great run near the Ultima Thule Lodge in Alaska
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Contour kids adapter
The Contour Ski Touring Adapter for kids, which along with a set of skins, allows kids to climb uphill on skis for backcountry skiing. Available through Camp USA.
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Self Belayed Cornice Chop n' Drop
A quick way to give yourself a belay when ski cutting a cornice in the backcountry. Don't try this at home, unless you live on a ridgeline with a lot of cornices.
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Dylan Freed Skis the Sliver & Coalpit Headwall - Utah
Dylan Freed Skis the Sliver & Coalpit Headwall - Utah
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Bomber Tent Anchors in Sloppy Snow
How to make a bomber tent anchor in less than ideal snow conditions.
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Scarpa Rush Review
A quick review of the Scarpa Rush AT boot.
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45 Knot Storm
Enduring a 45 knot storm in SE Alaka during a storm bound ski mountaineering trip.
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Just the Tip - Extended Column Test (ECT) for Snow Stability Testing
Mark Sedon demonstrates how to do a quick ECT test. Location: Gulmarg, Kashmir
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Ripping skins without taking your skis off - Just the Tip
How to rip your climbing skins off of your skis without taking your skis off.
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Revelation Mountains, AK
Skiing in the Revelation Mountains of Alaska with Jim Harris, Noah Howell, Courtney Phillips and Andrew McLean.
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Backcountry.com Nalgene Bottle Review
A tongue-in-cheek review of the 1 liter Backcountry.com Nalgene bottle.
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Mountain Hardwear Thermostatic Jacket Review - Pittak Pass, AK
A goofy review of a not-so-goofy product, the MHW Thermostatic Jacket.
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How to Fix Glopping on Touring Skins
How to remedy snow glopping on your ski touring skins while touring.
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Skiing the Heyburn Couloir, Sawtooth Mtns, Idaho
Danny Walton, Gabe Rogel, Luke Miller, Mike Hattrup and Andrew McLean hiking up and skiing down the Heyburn Couloir in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.
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Fairshare Mug Review
Review of the GSI Fairshare Mug for Backcountry.com
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The Drake Shake
Force 12 on the Drake Passage. Party on!
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Extended Column Test
Dylan Freed demonstrates the Extended Column Test as a mean of evaluating snow stability.
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Skiing the Catcher's Mitt
Backcountry skiing in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.
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Avalanche Science Project
Loading up and releasing a desktop avalanche for a kindergarten science project. No plastic pigs were harmed in the making of this video.
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Skiing the NW Couloir of the Pfiefferhrn - Utah
Dylan Freed skis the NW Couloir of the Pfiefferhorn in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.
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Mountain Hardwear Spearhead Mitt Review
An irreverent review of my all-time favorite glove/mitt for backcountry skiing.
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Sol Mountain Lodge - BC Skiing
Backcountry skiing in Sol Mountain Lodge - BC
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Climbing into a lenticular cloud on Mt. Crossen, AK
Climbing into a lenticular cloud on Mt. Crossen, Alaska
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How to fold an Outback Oven Pot Cozzie
Mark Hobrook shows how to fold up an Outback Oven pot cozzie. This has been one of the greatest mysteries of alpine climbing for the last decade.
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RGX - Ruth Glacier International Airport
"Here to go where no tourist has gone before." The Ruth Glacier, April 2013
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HSMF Ski Mountaineering Camp
Scenes from the 2008 Hans Saari Memorial Fund Ski Mountaineering Camp, Jackson, Wyoming. June 9-13
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November Pow in the Wasatch
Following Lara down a classic Wasatch backcountry run and meeting Noah Howell at the bottom.
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Pfiefferhorn Entrance & Rappel
Rapping into the NW Couloir of the Pfieff.
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Crux Moves on the Central Thumb Route - Lone Peak Cirque
Geoff Tabing floats theough the 5.9 crux moves on the Center Thumb - Lone Peak Cirque, Utah.
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Santa Comes to the Cariboo CMH Lodge
Santa skips the reindeer and arrives in a special coach at the CMH lodge in the Cariboos
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Review of the MSR XGK Stove
My all-time favorite stove, although it is a bit loud...
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Coalpit Rap
skiing, backcountry skiing, wasatch
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Kite Skiing at Strawberry Reservoir, Utah
Kiting on a 12m Ozone Manta II with moderate winds at Strawberry Reservoir, Utah. 3/7/09
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Cornice Belay
A quick and easy way to belay yourself up to the edge of a cornice to inspect the other side or perform avalanche assessment.
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Tyson Bradley discusses the Wasatch Powderbird Guides
Wasatch Powderbird Guide Tyson Bradley discusses how rich, influencial people keep heliskiing alive in the Wasatch Mountains amidst the endless controversy.
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MHW Compressor Jacket
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Mountain Hardwear Wayback Pack
A video review of the Mountain Hardwear Wayback Pack. This was filmed on a windy ridgeline, so the sound needs to be turned up at points.
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Skier Falls into Crevasse - Hangs by one toepiece
Ben Ditto falls into a crevasse in Alaska and is saved by his Dynafit toepiece!
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Just the Tip - Speed Buckle
Buckling up your boots, turning them into ski mode and changing your bindings from touring to skiing all done with only bending over once.
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Backcountry Birthday Run - Feb 24, 2013
With Steve McDonald.
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Suicide Chute
Suicide Chute (aka Country Lane) on Mt. Superior, Utah.
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JTT   Poor Mans Ski Crampon FB
Tyson Bradley shows a quick alternative to the traditional ski crampon.
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Alaska Range Foothills Fly Over
Flying over the foothills of the Alaska Range between the town of Talkeetna and the Kahiltna Glacier in a Beaver aircraft.
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A Windy Day in a Tent on Mt. Foraker, Alaska
Hanging out during some strong winds at 12,000' on the Sultana Ridge of Mt. Foraker.
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Lisa Falls Couloir
Dylan Freed skiing the 5,000' Lisa Falls Couloir in LCC, UT.
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Chututorial 101
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