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How To Have A Finger Induced Lucid Dream (FILD Lucid Dreaming)
Today I want to share with you a technique that might sound kind of funny at first but that's actually one of the easiest and most effective techniques that I've ever used for inducing lucid dreams. The FILD Lucid Dreaming technique is actually quite similar to the WILD technique (which I recently did a guide on) however unlike the WILD method with FILD you don't how to experience sleep paralysis. And for this reason it makes FILD VERY attractive to beginner lucid dreamers. So how exactly does FILD work? First you simply go to sleep and then wake up after a few hours. You have to make sure that you are still tired and are in a state where you are already drifting back to sleep. You might need to set an alarm for this. Then once you have woken up and are starting to fall back to sleep you should start to perform the finger induced lucid dream technique which involves moving your index and middle finger up and down very slightly in an alternating fashion almost as if you are playing a piano. The key however is to not press your fingers down so hard that they would actually be able to press a piano key down but just enough that it applies pressure. I show an example of the correct way to do this in the video. Then after what feels like about thirty seconds you should perform a reality check. The reality check should be one that's simple and that involves minimal movement. A good one is to hold your fingers over your nose and then try to breathe through your nose. If you can do it then you are dreaming! And when you go to perform this reality check provided that you performed the FILD technique correctly there's a very, very high chance that you will find yourself inside of a full blown lucid dream! Find out more about FILD check out... http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/fild-lucid-dreaming/ Learn to lucid dream in a few easy steps: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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The Dead Simple Guide To MILD Lucid Dreaming!
Lately I’ve been getting a LOT of questions and comments on my channel about MILD lucid dreaming (aka ‘the mnemonic induction of lucid dreams’) and so today I thought I’d put together a short MILD lucid dreaming tutorial that explains exactly what MILD is, how it works and how you can use it to start experiencing better and more regular lucid dreams! The really cool thing about MILD lucid dreaming is that it’s super simple and easy to do but it’s also really effective and it basically just works by repeating some kind of phrase or mantra over and over again inside of our heads as we drift off to sleep. By doing this that MILD phrase will get planted into your sub-conscious and can help to do things like increase the probability of you having a lucid dream, improving your dream recall or preventing you from getting so excited when you become lucid that you wake up. For example if you are still struggling to become lucid you might want to repeat a phrase like ‘tonight I will discover that I am dreaming’ repeatedly inside of your head. Or if you are struggling with your dream recall and are unable to remember your dreams the next day you might use a phrase like ‘tomorrow I will remember my dreams’. Or on the other hand if you are getting so excited when you become lucid that you wake up instantly you could try a phrase like ‘I will remain calm when I discover that I am dreaming’. It really is a simple way though to improve your lucid dreaming abilities though for the best results of course you should be doing MILD alongside other powerful lucid dreaming techniques such as keeping a dream journal and performing regular reality checks (both of which you can learn more about by clicking the link below). Find out more about reality checks: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/mild-lucid-dreaming/ Learn to lucid dream in a few easy steps: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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5 Step WILD Lucid Dreaming Tutorial!
If you want to learn how to have a WILD lucid dream (aka a 'Wake Induced Lucid Dream') then this video is for you. I'm going to show you my simple but effective method for having awesome WILD lucid dreams. The method basically goes like this: #1 - Sleep. So just go to sleep for a few hours (around 3 or 4). Just make sure that you set an alarm so that you don't sleep for TOO long. #2 - Relax. At this point you should just lie down and relax and try to empty your mind. If a thought does enter your mind just acknowledge it and let it pass through but do not interact with it. #3 - The Hypnagogic State. Soon you should enter what is called the hypnagogic state which is a similar to when you wake up half way through the night and are already drifting back to sleep. You may start to see fractals and shapes. #4 - Sleep Paralysis. Eventually you should enter sleep paralysis. In this stage you may start to see things, hear things or to feel things. Just continue to remain calm and relaxed. #5 - Enter Your Dream. Soon you should find yourself beginning to enter your dream. For me it feels like I am being pulled by an invisible force of some kind. Soon everything will evolve into a full blown dream scene and now you are lucid dreaming! But remember that wake induced lucid dreaming is not really a beginner friendly method and it can take quite a bit of practice. However if you are totally new to lucid dreaming then never fear because you can get my super simple (and free!) 3 step guide to having awesome and vivid lucid dreams below: Find out more about WILD lucid dreaming: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/5-steps-amazing-wake-induced-lucid-dream-wild/ Learn to lucid dream in a few easy steps: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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What Is Lucid Dreaming?
What is lucid dreaming exactly? Well I've been lucid dreaming for a long time now and in this short video I'm going to explain to you exactly what lucid dreaming is and how it works. Lucid dreaming is not only a hell of a lot of fun and a way to explore the many incredible worlds that lie within your sub-conscious but it's also an extremely useful tool for learning more about yourself too. The best thing about lucid dreaming however is that it's surprisingly easy to do and just takes a little bit of knowledge to get started. And if you'd like to learn exactly how you can start having incredibly vivid and awe-inspiring lucid dreams you can get your hands on my free lucid dreaming guide that will have you experiencing amazing lucid dreams in no time at all by clicking the link below: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide Dream on!
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4 Powerful Lucid Dreaming Reality Checks!
Reality checks are a super easy and EXTREMELY effective way to start experiencing crazy awesome lucid dreams. They are so powerful in fact that when I first started lucid dreaming many years ago I did so by doing nothing more than regular reality checks! And to explain exactly how to do reality checks as well as give you an idea of the types of reality checks that can be done I’ve put together this super short video that’s going to show you exactly how you can start to use reality checks to experiencing powerful lucid dreams. So basically a reality check is something that you can do to ‘test’ whether you are awake or whether you are dreaming and the idea is that we perform these ‘tests’ often enough during our waking life that we eventually start to perform them too in our dreams. And it’s when we do go to perform these checks in our dreams that we should realize that something is odd and that we are in fact inside of a dream which then allows us to become lucid! Some examples of popular reality checks are: 1) The reading reality check. This is the one I started with and it works extremely well. Simply pick up a pick and read the first sentence from it. Then turn your head away and then back to the book again and read that same sentence again. If the sentence is the same the second time around it means you are awake but if it morphs or changes then you know you are dreaming! Another variation of this reality check is to do it with a clock. So simply check the time, look away, look back and see if the time is the same… if it’s not you’re dreaming! 2) Try to fly. So just jump up into the air and really try to take off and fly into the sky. Obviously if you are awake this won’t be possible but if you are dreaming chances are you will find yourself actually able to fly! 3) Try to push hands through solid surfaces. So walk up to a solid brick wall or object and try really hard to push your hands through that surface. If you manage to do it then guess what… you’re dreaming! All of these reality checks can work well so just pick the one that you like the best and then begin to perform that check multiple times a day until it becomes second nature and you find yourself doing it in your dreams. If you’re struggling to remember to perform these lucid dreaming reality checks then a good idea is to place notes and reminders around the place saying things like ‘are you dreaming?’ or ‘perform a reality check!’ so that you always remember to check. Of course though reality checks are most effective when performed alongside other lucid dreaming techniques and you can learn more about just what they are by clicking the link below! Find out more about reality checks: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/reality-checks/ Learn to lucid dream in a few easy steps: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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Crazy Lucid Dreaming Stories And Experiences
I've been lucid dreaming for a long time now and often people that are completely new to lucid dreaming ask me whether I have any good lucid dreaming stories or experiences that I can share with them that will help them to better understand what a lucid dream is like. And I usually reply to these questions with a story about my very first lucid dreaming experience which at the time was so profound and amazing that it inspired me to become a regular lucid dreaming. And in this video I'm going to share that story with you in the hopes that it'll help other people that are new to the world of lucid dreaming to understand it better and hopefully get inspired to try it out for themselves. If you want to learn more about how you can easily and quickly start to experience AMAZING and AWE-INSPIRING lucid dreams then just click the link below to get my completely free three step guide to lucid dreaming: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide
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6 Simple Steps To Keeping A Dream Journal!
Trying to remember your dreams can be extremely tough. Sure you might be able to remember the dream that you had this morning but it's highly unlikely that you will be able to remember a dream that you had last week, 6 months ago or even years ago. But there is one really simple and easy way to dramatically improve your dream recall so that you can always remember every dream and can re-visit it later and that is of course by keeping a dream journal! Keeping a dream diary is not only really easy but it's a lot of fun too and in today's video I'm going to show you how to keep a dream journal in six simple steps! Tip #1: Get yourself a nice writing journal. You don't need a dream diary that's super expensive or anything like that but it's a good idea to get one that you like the look of and like to write in since you'll be writing in it quite often. Tip #2: Write Your Dream Entries As SOON As You Wake Up. Dreams are often forgotten extremely fast so it's important to get into the habit of keeping your dream journal somewhere that's right by your bed and then writing in it first thing in the morning when you wake up. Tip #3: Add A Title And Date To Each Dream. Tip #4: Write Your Dream Entries In The Present Tense. Writing your dreams in the present tense can help to put you more in the moment. So for example instead of writing 'I was flying through the sky' write 'I AM flying through the sky'! Tip #5: Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar Aren't Important. Don't get too hung up on spelling, punctuation and grammar. So long as you can still read your dreams they are fine. Again the most important thing is to simply get your dream down on paper before you forget it. Tip #6: Add Sketches To Your Dream Diary Entries. As the old saying goes 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and it's SO true when it comes to keeping a dream diary because one sketch or image can instantly bring back tonnes of memories of what would otherwise be a totally lost and forgotten dream. For my full post about keeping a dream journal go here: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/dream-journal/ Learn to lucid dream in a few easy steps: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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The Awesome Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming
There are a hell of a lot of reasons to dream lucidly and in this video I'll go over some of the biggest benefits to lucid dreaming to help you to understand why myself and thousands of others choose to regularly experience lucid dreams. Some of these lucid dreaming benefits include: - They're a hell of a lot of fun. A lot of people dream lucidly simply because it's exciting and fun and a way to go on crazy and wild adventures in your sleep. - They're a great way to learn more about yourself. By getting in touch with your sub-concious you can learn a lot about yourself and even resolve problems or issues that you are having in your real life by working out the root causes of those problems. - They're excellent for preventing nightmares. So if you are prone to scary and frightening dreams then lucid dreams are a phenomenal way to realize that there is in fact no danger making the 'power' that nightmares can have over you disappear. Plus a whole lot more which I go over in this video! Want to learn how you can easily start to lucid dreaming? Get the free guide here: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide
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How To Stop Sleep Paralysis, What Causes It & Lucid Dreaming!
A tonne of people have been leaving comments and questions on my channel about sleep paralysis so I thought it was time for me to do a video that's all about sleep paralysis! In this video I'm going to explain exactly what sleep paralysis is, I'm going to talk about some of the causes of sleep paralysis, I'll be showing you how to stop sleep paralysis and probably coolest of all... I'll show you how to turn sleep paralysis into awesome lucid dreams. In a nutshell though sleep paralysis is actually a perfectly normal phenomenon and it happens every night as we fall asleep. At a certain point every night your body will enter a state of paralysis so that when you do enter a dream that you don't try to act out your dreams in real life (and cause yourself real harm!). The good news though is that sleep paralysis is not dangerous at all and by understanding what sleep paralysis is and how it works you can take the fear out of it too. My best thing about sleep paralysis however is that it means that you are SUPER close to a lucid dream.. as I explain more in this video! For more information about sleep paralysis check here: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/stop-sleep-paralysis-start-lucid-dreaming/ Learn to lucid dream in a few easy steps: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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REM Sleep: What It Is And Why It's Great For Dreaming!
What is REM sleep exactly and what does it have to do with lucid dreaming? Well today I decided to make a short video to explain exactly what rem and non-rem sleep cycles are, how they work and what they have to do with lucid dreaming! So ‘REM’ stands for ‘Rapid Eye Movement’ because whilst we are in REM sleep our eyes will move rapidly. And each night we go in and out of these ‘REM’ sleep cycles around 4-5 times with the REM cycles towards the beginning of your sleep being shorter and then progressively getting longer and longer throughout the night. In total we experience around 90 – 120 minutes of REM sleep every night. And what’s particularly interesting about REM sleep is that whilst in these REM cycles we experience two very distinct things: The first is that we dream. During the REM cycle our brainwaves become massively heightened and polysomnograms even show that our brain activity during REM cycles are similar to those the same activity that we would find when we are awake. And as a result we experience our most vivid dreams during this portion of sleep. The second thing that we go through whilst in REM sleep is something called ‘sleep paralysis’ which means that our bodies are unable to move whilst we are asleep. And the reason we experience ‘sleep paralysis’ whilst we are in REM sleep is so that we don’t do something dangerous or stupid in real life such as going to try to jump off a balcony and fly in our real life when we go to do it in our dreams. Generally during REM sleep people become a lot harder to ‘wake up’ but if they do they will be much more likely to remember every detail of the vivid dream that they just had. Furthermore REM is also the stage in which we can ‘lucid dream’ and take control over our dreams. You can learn more about REM sleep here: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/rem-sleep/ Learn to lucid dream in a few easy steps: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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7 Crazy Lucid Dreaming Facts You Didn't Know!
Whether you are completely new to lucid dreaming or are a seasoned dreamer this video will probably have some facts, statistics and things that you didn't know about lucid dreaming. I've been lucid dreaming for a long time now and these are the seven most surprising and interesting facts about lucid dreaming that I have learned throughout that time. --- --- --- If you don't have time to watch the video here's a quick run down of the lucid dreaming facts that I mention in this video: 1) People who play video games are more likely to have lucid dreams. 2) 20% of people have a lucid dream at least once a month. 3) Lucid Dreaming has been practiced for thousands of years. 4) Around half of all people have had at least one lucid dream in their life. 5) The two most popular lucid dreaming activities are flying and sex. 6) Lucid dreaming is a learnable skill that anybody can do. 7) Lucid Dreaming can be used to overcome problems and fears. --- --- --- New to lucid dreaming? Get the free crash course here: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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Is Lucid Dreaming Scary?
I often get asked the question "is lucid dreaming scary?" by people that are new to lucid dreaming and worried that the whole experience could turn out to be a frightening one. However generally lucid dreaming is not scary at all... in fact it's quite the opposite. Through lucid dreaming you can actually turn scary dreams and nightmares into dreams where you are fearless simply because by being lucid you are able to recognize that since nothing in your dream is actually real then nothing can actually harm you. Anyway to better explain this and to show you why lucid dreaming is not something that you should be scared of I've put this super short video together for you that will explain everything that you need to know. And if you'd like to learn more about exactly how you can start lucid dreaming you can get my completely free guide to lucid dreaming below: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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REMEE Review: Does The REMEE Lucid Dreaming Mask Work!?
I’ve been meaning to do a lucid dreaming mask review for a while so here goes! The REMEE lucid dreaming mask is a product that first hit the market in 2012 and when it originally came out there’s was a lot of hype and excitement around it… but how exactly does the REMEE lucid dreaming mask work and more importantly does it ACTUALLY work? Well I’ve finally got my hands on one and have been playing around with it for the last couple of weeks and today I’ve put together a full and comprehensive REMEE review video to detail both the good and bad things about this product. So basically the whole idea behind the REMEE is that you wear it whilst you are asleep and then when you are dreaming (during REM sleep) it should flash a series of lights at you that is supposed to infiltrate your dream so that when you notice these lights whilst in your dream you can then recognize that something is weird and hopefully become lucid. However although on paper this sounds like a really great idea I did find one major flaw in the fact that since this device actually has no way to tell when you are in REM sleep – it’s basically trying to ‘guess’. And although sometimes it might guess correctly often I’ve found it’ll flash the lights at me at the wrong time. And on top of that even if the REMEE does successfully play the light sequence at the correct time it’s still up to you to actually recognize these lights in your dream to make the connection between them and the fact that you are in a dream – which will take a fair bit of practice. Ultimately though I am glad more people are talking about lucid dreaming and if you would like to pick yourself up a Remee sleeping mask then you can do so by heading to SleepWithRemee.com. For my full REMEE lucid dreaming mask review click here: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/remee-review/ Learn to lucid dream in a few easy steps: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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Is Lucid Dreaming Real?
When a lot of people first hear about the concept of lucid dreaming they think that it sounds so unbelievable and 'out there' that they have to actually ask me 'is lucid dreaming real?'. But the thing is lucid dreaming is extremely real and it's even been practiced by some cultures for thousands of years and is both widely accepted as real by both eastern AND western cultures. So to clear up this issue and to try to convince anyone that is a little bit skeptical I decided to put this video together for everyone to finally address the question 'is lucid dreaming real?' once and for all. And if you enjoy this video and decide that you too would like to start lucid dreaming then be sure to get your hands on my completely free and simple guide to experiencing powerful and awe-inspiring lucid dreams right here: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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How To Have AWESOME Lucid Dream SEX!
You might not be surprised to hear that lucid dreaming sex is actually one of the most popular lucid dreaming activities and it's for good reason! Lucid dreaming sex gives you the freedom to get intimate anybody you like - whether they be Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie or just some cute person that you know from work. However lucid dream sex is not as simple as it might sound initially and a lot of beginner lucid dreamers can really struggle to initiate a sexual experience inside of their lucid dreams finding that the moment they try to get intimate the object of their affections that they either transform into some sort of ugly monster or that they vanish altogether! But never fear because in this super short video I'm not only going to explain how lucid dreaming sex works and compares to regular sex but I'll be showing you the RIGHT way to go about having a sexual experience in your dreams! The trick is basically to not just treat the people and characters that you meet inside of your dreams like ‘sexual objects’ but to instead first focus on becoming close and intimate with them before you then try to have sex. The reason that this approach works MUCH better is because your sub-conscious brain is actually looking for a lot more than just a sexual experience. It’s looking for a REAL connection and relationship and it’s hard wired to seek it out. So the next time you are in a lucid dream and wish to try lucid dreaming sex make sure that instead of just running around trying to screw everyone’s brains out that you first open up to the people in your dreams and get to know them! Find out more about lucid dreaming sex: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/lucid-dream-sex/ Learn to lucid dream in a few easy steps: http://www.iloveluciddreaming.com/guide/
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